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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
June 7, 1922 $3,000 Gift to Cover Period of Ten Years News Senoir Class Endows Library with Gift 
June 7, 1922 Robert R. Brown, Rev. J. D. Williams of St. Paul News Christian Alliance Conference at Wheaton  
June 7, 1922 Fourth Floor Conservatory News Men's Glee Club Concert 
June 7, 1922 Celts Celebrate fiftieth Anniversary Belt Banquet Most Successful in Years News Various Society Banquets Crown the Social Season 
June 7, 1922 Elizabeth Conley, Margerite Mortenson Sports Net Teams are Active in Past Few Weeks 
June 7, 1922 Beat Dekalb 8 to 1 Sports Team Splits Even in Last Two Games  
June 7, 1922 Halter, Thomas, Harper Sports Game Goes to Northwestern 11-1 
June 7, 1922 Parting Thoughts, Consistency Article Wheaton College Record 
June 7, 1922 The Sunday School Times, The Kings' Business Article Campus Christianity  
June 7, 1922 John the Baptist News Well, What of it?  
June 7, 1922 Uncle Sam Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
June 7, 1922 The University of Southern California  News Inter-Collegiate 
June 7, 1922 Concordia, Lawson Field News Bulletin 
June 7, 1922 John Sawyer, Willard Jones News Alumni Notes 
June 7, 1922 Doc Hill, Doug Carvel News Locals 
June 14, 1922 The heidelberg Catechism, Augsburg Confession, The Episcopal Prayer Book News Dr. Munhall Gives Baccalaureate Sermon 
June 14, 1922 Season Review Sports 1922 Baseball Seaon Passes into History  
June 14, 1922 Seniors in Chapel News Class Day Exercises Held on the Campus 
June 14, 1922 Hold Banquet in Evening News Acadmy Graduates Large Senior Class  
June 14, 1922 The Glory of the Bible News Large Audience Hears Stirring Address  
June 14, 1922 A Farewell Message Article Wheaton College Record 
June 14, 1922 Sad for the Class of '22 Short Comment  Farewell Message From Senior Class President  
June 14, 1922 Some Questions for All of Us Opnion Campus Christianity  
June 14, 1922 A Sonnet: Temptation, Service Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill 
June 14, 1922 Alumni '70, Prof. John W. Lloyd News Alumni Banquet is Largest in Years 
June 14, 1922 Josephine Peterson News Debate is Feature of Last Open Meeting 
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