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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
September 28, 1921 Howell G. Evans, Henry O. Tweed, Paul Stough, Richard Ruddeck, Harry Stam, Herbert Ludgate News Celt Informal a Big Success 
September 28, 1921 "The last shall be first and the first last." News Chapel Seating System Changed  
September 28, 1921 All Departments Active News Y Cabinet Rushes Campaign 
September 28, 1921 L.E. King, Woodruff Ludgate, Gale L. T., Dille Bennett, L.G. Axelson Evans Sports Varsity Defeats the College A.E.F. Team: score 16-0 
September 28, 1921 Rachel Winsor, Kathleen Sears News Phils Entertain Frosh Girls  
September 28, 1921 Mrs. McShane News Frosh Get First Spanking 
September 28, 1921 Roberta Neighbour, Florence Watts, Jean Lutz, Martina Benson, Ruth Maculey Short Comment Fired at Random  
September 28, 1921 Twixtwaters Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
September 28, 1921 Mrs. Shapleigh, Dr. A. L. Shapleigh Story Co-Ed Corner 
September 28, 1921 Darien Austine Straw Article College Mirror 
September 28, 1921 Academy, Beltionian News Departmental  
September 28, 1921 Minnie Grage Rechenour, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Rockafeller, Mrs. Paul Ahrens News Alumnals, Rally of the Beltionians, Athletic-Squibs, Locals 
October 5, 1921 Miss Dow, Miss Julia Blanchard, Miss Barrow, Miss Isermann, Miss Recht News Aels Entertain the New Girls: Trustees to Contraol Y.M.C.A. Property 
October 5, 1921 High Class Program a Special Feature, First Conservatory Recital Thursday News Belts Give Informal Reception 
October 5, 1921 Prepare for Crane and Lake Forest, Library is Started, Win First Game 40-6 News Wheaton Brings Home Elmhurst Bacon 
September 28, 1921 RECORD: Our Fourth Plank Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
October 5, 1921 Faculty Advisors, Our Gridiron Scholars News Wheaton College Record 
October 5, 1921 A Good Time, I Dare Say News Fired at Random 
October 5, 1921 My Ideal College Man by a College Woman Literature Co-Ed Corner 
October 5, 1921 Anna E. Sperry, Editor Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 5, 1921 Professor Elsie Storrs Dow Article College Mirror 
October 5, 1921 John B. Nelson, Mary Park, Mrs. Thomas G. Corlett News Alumnals  
October 12, 1921 Eddie Coray, Harry Stam, Rensallaer Barrows News Y.M. is going Strong: Cabinet is Active 
October 12, 1921 Prof. Straw News Logic Seminar Has Started 
October 12, 1921 Wallace B. Graham, Bruce Hunt, George Bradfield, William E. Bowyer News Men's Glee Club Organizes 
October 12, 1921 Coach Woodruff Writes, Huge Bonfire Friday Night, Win From Crane 5-0 Sports Wheaton Preparing For Lake Forest 
October 12, 1921 Miss Hammord, Miss Erickson, Miss Watt, Dr. Kuntze News Recital is a Success: Student Artists Appear, Sophs Meet Frosh as Freinds 
October 12, 1921 What Has 1925? Conversation and Topics,  News Wheaton College Record 
October 12, 1921 Purely Personal, Beat Lake Forest! Short Comments Fired at Random 
October 12, 1921 Columbus Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 12, 1921 Prof. Harriet G. Blaine Article College Mirror 
October 12, 1921 Hazel Rogers, Betty Fischer, Bob Ekvall News Alumnais 
October 12, 1921 Mr. Christopherson News Nimutes of Student Council September 19, 1921 
October 12, 1921 Martha Recht, Secretary News Minutes of Academy Student Commitee: Meeting of Sept. 22, 1921, October 3, 1921 
October 12, 1921 George Sagen, Otis Fuller News Academy News 
October 26, 1921 YMCA, Clayton Steiner, Ross Harris, Albert Sanders News Y To Have Closer Relationship with Nat'L Organization 
October 26, 1921 George Sagar Sports Three Mile Cross Country Run Nov. 12 
October 26, 1921 E.H. Oelke, Coach Woodruff News Results of Physical Exams Are Given 
October 26, 1921 Lake Forest football Sports Orange and Blue Before "Y" Attack 
October 26, 1921 Goldberg, Record News Should Wheaton Have an Annual This Year? 
October 26, 1921 Wheaton High School football News High School Team Plays at Toledo, Ohio 
October 26, 1921 Mary A. Wolfe, President Blanchard News Special Meetings to End This Week; Deep Interest Is Shown 
October 26, 1921 sports Short Comment We Are Justly Proud 
October 26, 1921 hypocrisy Short Comment Does Bluffing Pay? 
October 26, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Story Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 26, 1921 Jim Wolstenholm, Margaret Mortenson, Rachel Stough News Locals 
October 26, 1921 school spirit Sports Athletic Squibs 
October 26, 1921 C. D. Garlough, math News College Mirror 
October 26, 1921 E. H. Scott, Ella N. Bissell, Stephen Higginson News Alumnals 
October 26, 1921 Aelioian, Philalethian, Beltonian, Excelsior, Intercollegiate News Departmental 
October 26, 1921 October 21, 1921, Wheaton Academy, Miss Garlough, Mr. Vining, Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Jensen News Minutes of Academy Student Committee Meeting 
October 26, 1921 advice to freshman Short Comment Fired at Random 
November 2, 1921 football, Chet Dille Sports Varsity Rests for One Week 
November 2, 1921 Jean Lutz, Clarence Mason News Athletic Asso. Ratifies Constitution  
November 2, 1921 Robert Little, Charles Schlegel, Charles Bole, Paul Bradfield Sports Academy Basketball Tourney Commences 
November 2, 1921 Wheaton High School, Toledo, football Sports High School vs. Scott 
November 2, 1921 Glee Club News Conservatory Development Gratifying 
November 2, 1921 evangelization conference News College Pastor Appreciates Student Support 
November 2, 1921 Debating Union, Cobb and Straw News Interclass Debates Commence Nov. 26 
November 2, 1921 Arnold Pent, Jo Hammond, Eddie Coray News Local Happenings in Brief 
November 2, 1921 McShane Howe, Tommy Edison News Non-Dorm Masqueraders Frolick 
November 2, 1921 Harlan G. Metcalf Short Comment A Prayer 
November 2, 1921 Hiatt, Rudduck Sports Start Thinking Basketball 
November 2, 1921 Park Stylus, Eddy Torr Short Comment Fired at Random 
November 2, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 2, 1921 Garlough, St. Procopius News Athletic Squibs 
November 2, 1921 S. J. Bole, exhortation Article College Mirror 
November 2, 1921 excelsior, philalethean, aelioian, beltionian, intercollegiate News Departmental 
November 2, 1921 Arthur Nichols, Roy J. Snell, Carlos Daniels, Sophie Meebold, Philip J. Eckhoff News Alumnals 
November 9, 1921 Start Athletic Publicity Fund for Record News Programs a Feature at Elmhurst Game 
November 9, 1921 Specialist from Northwestern University News Dr. Davis Lectures on Physiologic Psychology  
November 9, 1921 Hunt, Dyrness, Perry, N. Cox, Richmond, Sagar Sports Cross Country Run at Northwestern Saturday  
November 9, 1921 Misses Beebee, Wibergh, Hanmond, Inman, Durning, Josephine Rice News Progress Shown at Second Recital of Conservatory  
November 9, 1921 Juniors Solicit Subscriptions  News 1923 Tower Campaign is Started  
November 9, 1921 Overconfidence and Lack of Punch Reason for Small Score -- Losers Fight Well  Sports Listless Grid Affair at MT. Morris 7-6 Victory 
November 9, 1921 Annual Conference of Chicago Union Convenes Here Nov. 11-13 -- Many Speakers News 200 Volunteer Delegates will Visit Wheaton 
November 9, 1921 Sunday Clothes and Stiff Collars, To Alumni Readers Short comment Wheaton College Record 
November 9, 1921 A wise man, Which of The Evanses, All Set For the Tilt, At 7:45, Sympathy, What Did she Mean? Aqueeze-inns Reorganize Short Comment  Fired at Random  
November 9, 1921 Armistice Day Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 9, 1921 Mt. Morris News Athletic Squibs 
November 9, 1921 Marguerite Larson, Ruth Disette, The "Tower" Staff News Local Happenings  
November 9, 1921 Professor Earl A. Winsor Article College Mirror 
November 9, 1921 Excelsior, Aelioian, Philalethean, Beltionian, Academy, Minutes of Student Council October 17, 1921, Intercollegiate News Departmental  
November 16, 1921 Miss B. Segsworth, John Elder, Dr. Miles of Africa, Dr. Denyes of the South Sea, Dr. Corbin of China, Mlle. Bibgrain of FRance, Dr. Lessmann of the Chicago Training School. News 265 Volunteer Elegates at Conference  
November 16, 1921 Hon. S. L. Rathje News Hon. S. L. Rathje Armistice Speaker 
November 16, 1921 Howell G. Evans Sports News Evans Plays Last Year of Football  
November 16, 1921 Stockton Sports Varsity Defeats Elmhurst College  
November 16, 1921 O. Ruth Spencer News Fresh Air Fans Organize 
November 16, 1921 DeKalb News Novel Pep Meet Friday 
November 16, 1921 Wheaton Cross Country Team Sports Wheaton Harriers Lose to N. W. C.  
November 16, 1921 Rhena Brokaw, Eliz Cossum, Anna Sperry, Eleanor Triplett, Otto Keller News Registrar Issues Reports of Six Weeks Averages 
November 16, 1921 Phil-Ael Basketball Game Sports Phils Meet Aels Tonight To Decide B.B. Prestige  
November 16, 1921 We must better our scholarship Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
November 16, 1921 Yell-o Drama, Comfort Indeed for Fools Short Comment Fired at Random  
November 16, 1921 Eating with the King Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 16, 1921 Louise Stotts, Rosetta Murray, Harry Ludgate, Jeannie Geddes News Alumnals  
November 16, 1921 Amherst College, Indiana University, the Southern Methodist University, the University of Ohio, the University of Kansas, the University of California, New Hampshire College News Intercollegiate  
November 16, 1921 Miss Edith A. Smith Article College Mirror 
November 16, 1921 Y.M.C.A., Academy, Academy Student Committee Meeting Nov. 7, 1921, Minutes of Student Council Oct. 31, 1921 News Departmental  
November 16, 1921 Stockton News Athletic Squibs  
November 23, 1921 The 1923 Tower Campaign News Tower Staff is 400 Bucks Short 
November 23, 1921 Sagar and Jim Wolstenholm News Dormitory Girls Entertain Royally 
November 23, 1921 Rev. Talbot, 1 Cor. 6:19-20 News Rev. Talbot Speaks at T. M. Bible Class 
November 23, 1921 Mr. Mrs. Stockton, Coach Woodruff News Varsity Banquested by Capt. Stockton 
November 23, 1921 The Interclass Basketball Tournament  News Interclass Tourney Starts Nov. 30th 
November 23, 1921 Wolstenholm, Ludgate News A Pair of Wheaton Tackles 
November 23, 1921 Mesdames Quartelinous  Sports Aels Vanquish Phils in Game of Touch Me Not Basketball by 1 to 0 Score 
November 23, 1921 Stockton's Sixty Yard Run, DeKalb Scores News Vining's Toe Wins in Game of Mud 
November 23, 1921 The Football Season and Thanksgiving, Paragraphics Short Comment  Wheaton College Record 
November 23, 1921 At Last There's Relief, Girls Only Admitted, Don't Crowd, Girls! Short Comment Fired at Random 
November 23, 1921 The Magic Web, Football Shakespeariana  Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 23, 1921 The Pacific Intercollegiate Press Association, The Sun Dodge, Vassar College News Intercollegiate 
November 23, 1921 Catherine Lindsay News Local Happenings 
November 23, 1921 Coray, DeKalb News Athletic Squibs 
November 23, 1921 Rev. Dr. Frank Lovejoy Johnston News Alumnals  
November 23, 1921 Academy, Phil-Ael Meeting, Beltionian, Excelsior News Departmental  
November 30, 1921 The Dark Outlook, Win First Three Games News Grid Season is Reviewed  
November 30, 1921 Vivian Vining News Vining Played Thru Brilliant Season 
November 30, 1921 Harris, Tollefson News Fire Routs "Y" House Dwellers 
November 30, 1921 Interesting Facts about Foreign Students News Freash Air Fans Reash Chicago 
November 30, 1921 I. R. Lines News British Officer Speaks in Chapel 
November 30, 1921 Mr. E. J. Oace of the Moody Bible Institue News Rev. E. J. Pace to be at Bible Class 
November 30, 1921 Is Football Worth the Cost? Anent European Students Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
November 30, 1921 Hear Ye! Hear Ye!, As We Read It, Ode To The Scrub, Heroism Short Comment Fired at Random 
November 30, 1921 The Student Situation in Europe (Extracts from "Impressions Regarding the Student Situation in Europe" by Ben M. Cherrington Article Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 30, 1921 Minutes of Student Council Nov. 7, 1921 News Reserves Deserve Great Credit  
November 30, 1921 Milton of Wisconsin, Bethany of Kansas News Big Things in View for Debating  
November 30, 1921 Harold Tollefson, Dr. E. J. Pace, Mildred Maxwell News Local Happenings  
November 30, 1921 Minutes of Academy Student Committe Nov. 21, 1921 News Departmental  
November 30, 1921 Ruth Base, Helena Waterman, Fred E. Johnson News Alumnals  
December 7, 1921 Mr. Tillis, Miss Buck, Miss. Warburton, Henry Tweed, Pent and Howell Evans News Juniors Win First Interclass Debate 
December 7, 1921 Captain H. Ludgate News Ludgate Elected '22 Captain by Varsity 
December 7, 1921 Edward Coray News Coray Will Captain This Year's Quintet 
December 7, 1921 Sophs Win, Frosh Again On Top, Cox Almost Defeats Sophs Single Handed, Sophomores Win Championship, Senirs Lose to Juniors News Sophs Win Basketball Tourney Frosh Are Runners-up 
December 7, 1921 "God is the author of two books; the Book of Nature and the Book which we call the Bible." News Dr. Pace Gives Famous Lecture 
December 7, 1921 Capt. O. Stockton, A. Gale, W. Gale, A. E. Christopherson, H. Hill, L. Quartel, H. Steck, V. Vining, H. Evans, E. Coray, C. Mason, J. Wolstenholme, H. Ludgate News Thirteen Men Receive Letters 
December 7, 1921 What's Ahead of 1925? Out Introduction Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
December 7, 1921 Watch Him at the Dorm, On the C. & N. W., Record Qiestionaires Short Comment Fired at Random 
December 7, 1921 The Freshmen, Freshmen Article Slants from a Goose Quill  
December 7, 1921 Academy News: Here's to the Coach! News Departmental  
December 7, 1921 Pro. J. W. Doolittle Article  College Mirror 
December 7, 1921 Prof. Straw, Mr. Robbins,  News Local Happenings  
December 14, 1921 Christopherson, Pro. Winsor News Football Banquet by Junior Girls 
December 14, 1921 Capt. McGill, Fuller, Bradfield, Sagen, Sauerwein, Kwan and Newquist News Academy Five Loses to Alumni Veterns 
December 14, 1921 Lombard, St. Viators Sports State Championship Refused to Lombard 
December 14, 1921 Donald Napper News Hatchet is Buried at Belt-Celt Meeting 
December 14, 1921 Burkelike Carvell News Fresh Girls and Soph Men Win Debate 
December 14, 1921 Coach Woodruff News Football Review to be Published 
December 14, 1921 Coach Woodruff News Indignant Protest at Faculty Ruling 
December 14, 1921 The Oratorio Society News "The Messiah" to be given by oratorio 
December 14, 1921 Burying the Past, World Conditions and Christmas Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
December 14, 1921 Give him air, Bold Plogiarisms, Marion and Doug, A Case of Sighs Short Comment Fired at Random 
December 14, 1921 How familiar are you with literature about Christmas? Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
December 14, 1921 Mr. Mrs. John Nelson News Alumnals 
December 14, 1921 Christian Calendar, Gifts Article Christian Activities  
December 14, 1921 Prof. H. A. Fischer Article College Mirror 
December 14, 1921 The First Inter-class Debate News Academy News 
December 14, 1921 Hope Montanus News Aelioian 
December 14, 1921 Ada Stearns News Minutes of Student Council Nov. 21 
December 14, 1921 Florence Watts, Alex Gale News Local Happenings 
December 14, 1921 "Morality Test" Article Intercollegiate  
January 11, 1922 President Blanchard, Minnie Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Clara Nelso, Slew Ludgate News Local Happenings  
January 11, 1922 Practical Christianity  Article Christian Activities 
January 11, 1922 St. Louis University, The Davidsonian News Intercollegiate 
January 11, 1922 Wheaton Streets in 1850 Article Slants from a Goose Quill 
January 11, 1922 Virginia Keefer, Grace Howard, Mr. J. W. Skerry, Martha Mills News Alumnals  
January 11, 1922 Famous Wooden Derelicts, The Truth, Harmonious Relationships Short Comment Fired at Random  
January 11, 1922 The Student Conference, Let's Name Ourselves Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
January 11, 1922 Fred Leach Elected Representative News Parsons College First Debate Opponent  
January 11, 1922 Mount Morris Sports Tigers Win First Indtrmural Game 
January 11, 1922 Special Gatherings for Girls on Sunday Afternoon News Y. W. Spondors Sunday Vesper Meetings 
January 11, 1922 The American School of Osteopathy at Kirksville Sports Drop First Game to A. S. O.--21-7 
January 11, 1922 Phoebe Rice News Tower Staff Calls for Snaps 
January 11, 1922 Eddie Corray Sports Sixteen Games Scheduled for '22 Season 
January 11, 1922 Harry Stam, Bob Evans, Arnold Pent, Charles King News Gospel Team Active During Xmas Recess 
January 11, 1922 The Fourth Congregational Church of Oak Park News Second Conference has Fine Spirit 
January 18, 1922 Miss Green, Misses Watts and Hammond News Girl's Glee Club Gives Great Concert 
January 18, 1922 Florence Watts, Elizabeth Green News Annual Y. W. Service Next Sunday 
January 18, 1922 The Faculty and Student Council News Women May Form Separate A. A.  
January 18, 1922 Prexy Leaves Again on Friday, Prof. Doolittle Faculty Advisor, Amy Winsor and John Nelson on Council News Final Interclass Debate Jan. 24 
January 18, 1922 Merriam Conley Sports Two Games Before Varsity This Week 
January 18, 1922 Muiriel Fuller News Tower Staff Needs Literary Products  
January 18, 1922 M. Morris Sports Basket Men Lose to MT. Morris 
January 18, 1922 What do you want?  Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
January 18, 1922 Ascendancy, To Those Galoshes, Galosh Regulations Short Comment Fired at Random 
January 18, 1922 Newberry Cox News Minutes of Student Council Dec. 5 
January 18, 1922 Main Stree Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
January 18, 1922 A Fundamental of Christian Living Article Christian Activities  
January 18, 1922 Coach Woodruff, Jim Wolstenholm, Holt Steck, Doc Hill News Local Happenings  
January 18, 1922 Aelioian, Excelsior, Philalethean, Beltionian, Academy News News Departmental  
January 18, 1922 A. A. Constitution Changes News Intercollegiate  
January 25, 1922 Julia Blanchard News Y. W. Recongnition Service was Inspiring and Beautiful  
January 25, 1922 Mer Conley, Itch Fischer Sports Rejuvenated Team Wins from Alumni But Loses to Northwestern 
January 25, 1922 R. A. Torrey News Dr. R. A. Torrey Visits Wheaton 
January 25, 1922 Kalamazoo, Chicago School of Physical Education Sports The Next Two Games 
January 25, 1922 debate, Philippines independence News Final Interclass Devated Postponed 
January 25, 1922 Coach Woodruff, Bill Gale Sports Hold Northwestern in Opening Minutes But Lose 31-9 
January 25, 1922 Business Law, Christian Evidences News Number of New Courses Given Second Semester 
January 25, 1922 Aolioian Association, Elizabeth Evans, Phlora Nowling, Alice Friend, Margaret Ingles News Elizabeth Evans to Lead Aols 
January 25, 1922 President Blanchard, Presbyterian News Prexy in Pittsburgh 
January 25, 1922 Art Bolt, college spirit Short Comment A Remonstrances 
January 25, 1922 politics Short Comment Who Does It Next Year? 
January 22, 1925 Flora, Adonia, Patience, The Sage, Weekly Riddle Short Comment Fired at Random 
January 25, 1922 Vassar College, University of Pennsylvania, Glen Thistlewaite Short Comment Intercollegiate 
January 25, 1922 Harriet Monroe Poem Contentment 
January 25, 1922 Main Street, Realism, Fred Leach Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
January 25, 1922 Temptation, Athletes and Brains Article Christian Acitivies 
January 25, 1922 Lillian Connell, Marriette and Nullie Gifford, Macrus Cheng, Rev. Morris News Local Happenings 
January 25, 1922 C. C. Brooks, Amy Winsor, Glenn Ogden News Alumnals 
January 25, 1922 National Student Committee for the Limitation of Armaments, Fred Leach News Minutes of Student Council, January 9, 1922 
January 25, 1922 Exchange Poem Elegy in a College Class Room 
February 1, 1922 football Sports Valparaiso Met Last Night Full Week Ahead 
February 1, 1922 American School of Physical Education Sports Wheatonian Squad Loses to Chicago School 
February 1, 1922 Anna Sperry, Paul Adolph, Faith Scull, John Crofts News Registrar Publishes Scholastic Averages 
February 1, 1922 Excelsior Association News Belt-Celt Elections Tonigh; Outcomes Doubtful 
February 1, 1922 Athlete Association News A. A. Votes Fund for Invitation meet 
February 1, 1922 Jean Lutz, Eleanor Trplett, Esther Richmond, Florence Massey, Anna Hough, Rhena Brokaw News Frosh Girls and Soph Win Debate Finals 
February 1, 1922 Dorothea Buck, Marion Downey, Eleanor Triplett News Dorothea Buck is Phil President 
February 1, 1922 Peter Wall, Geo Sagen, Homiletics News Otto Keller Is Ministerial Association President 
February 1, 1922 Presbyterian News President Returns from Pittsburgh 
February 1, 1922 Fred Leach, Geo Smith, Armaments News Arms Conference Resolution Goes to Washington 
February 1, 1922 Arnold Pent, Edward Coray, Ludgate, Wolstenholm, Sauerwien, Howell Evans News Washington Banquet After-Dinner Wits Chosen 
February 1, 1922 Disarmament Conference Short Comment How the World Regards Us 
February 1, 1922 Goucher Weekly, The Weaker Sex, Eddy Torr Short Comment Fired At Random 
February 1, 1922 YMCA, R. Burrows, J. Allison, W. Jones News Y. M. Cabinet Fills Vacancies 
February 1, 1922 Philosophy classes News Philosophy Department Grows 
February 1, 1922 Mary Wright Plummer, "The Seven Joys of Reading" Literature Slants From a Goose Quill 
February 1, 1922 football season Sports 1922 Football Schedule 
February 1, 1922 college basketball Sports Week-End Basketball Scores 
February 1, 1922 A. E. S. Poem Idle Dreaming 
February 1, 1922 What is Faith Article Christian Activities 
February 1, 1922 Mingon Rittenhouse, Dot Mason, Trum Howard, Alice Howard, Phil Pent News Local Happenings 
Feburary 1, 1922 Minnie Grage Richtnour, Ella Gernhardt, Belle Petrie Brown News Alumnals 
February 1, 1922 college enrollment, statistics News Registrar Reports 213 in College 
February 1, 1922 Wheaton Academy News, Aelioian News Departmental  
February 1, 1922 Princeton freshman News Intercollegiate 
February 1, 1922 Student Council Constitution News Managers of Glee Clubs and Athletic Teams Take Notice 
February 8, 1922 Misses Buck, Triplett, Massey, Evans, Mackenzie, Brokaw, Murray, Richmond News Varsity Debate Teams Picked Soon 
February 8, 1922 The American College of Physical Education News A.C.P.E. Met Last Night Elgin and Lewis Next 
February 8, 1922 Philalethean, beltionian, Excelsior News Lit. Society Elections Upset Dope 
February 8, 1922 Christopherson, Christwell, Dora Winsor News Committee Appointed to Investiage Other Schools 
February 8, 1922 John Sexton & Co., Eversharp Pencil Co., D. I. A. C., Moody Bible Institute NEws Tower Managers Plead for Your Support 
February 8, 1922 Miss Muiriel Fuller News  Ho, Ye Scribes, Get Ye Yo Your Quils and Ink Pots 
February 8, 1922 The Student Lincoln and The Student of Today, A Separate A. A. Women Short Comment Wheaton College Record  
February 8, 1922 A Last, Fond Farewell, Excellent Recital Held on Feb. 2, Academy Loses to Harvard Short Comment Fired at Random  
February 8, 1922 The Middle Way Literature Slants form a Goose Quill 
February 8, 1922 Northwestern Chronicle Sports Sports 
February 8, 1922 What Can Satisfy?  Article Christian Activities  
February 8, 1922 Mary Park, Jennie Ludgate, Claire Loveless, Ray Robinson, Maurice King News Alumnals  
February 8, 1922 Harvard, Princeton, Wellesley, Bryn Mawr News Intercollegiate  
February 15, 1922 Play Northwestern College Next Saturday News Wheaton's Cagers Trim Elgin But Lose To Lewis 13-12 
February 15, 1922 Leslie Blasius, John Fletcher, Donald Napper News Glee Men will Sing at Home Next Monday 
February 15, 1922 President Blanchard News President Blanchard Spends Full Week in Colorado 
February 15, 1922 Women are Urged to Discuss All Phases News Proposed Constitution for W. A. A. Goes to Vote Soon 
February 15, 1922 The Record Board News Short Story Contest Finals on March 24 
February 15, 1922 The election to fill the vacancy News Evans Resigns from Excelsior Presidency 
February 15, 1922 The W. A. A., Banquet Partners and Flowers Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
February 15, 1922 Eddy Torr Short Comment Fired at Random  
February 15, 1922 Howell G. Evans, Praetorian Guard Literature  Slants form a Goose Quill  
February 15, 1922 Plenty of Time Article Christian Activities 
February 15, 1922 Hope Montanus News Academy News 
February 15, 1922 Amy Winsor News Minutes of Student Council January 16, 1922 
February 22, 1922 Mrs. L. B. Wood News Washington Banquet to Shadow Past Triumphs 
February 22, 1922 VanDyck Sports Mt. Morris Wins Again Lewis Here Tomorrow 
February 22, 1922 Wallace Graham News Wallace Graham Elected Celt President  
February 22, 1922 The Record Editors News Silver Cups Offered for Short Story 
February 22, 1922 The Fillipinos News Women Debaters vs. Parsons Sat. Night 
February 22, 1922 Ruth Macauley News Large Audience Hears Glee Men 
February 22, 1922 Morgan Park Military Academy, North-Western College  Sports Win From Rivals in Season's Fastest Game 
February 22, 1922 To Go Or Not To Go Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
February 22, 1922 Sweet Sixteen Short Comment Fired at Random 
February 22, 1922 Rules Observed in the Library News Intercollegiate 
February 22, 1922 The China Man Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 22, 1922 William McCarrel, J. C. O'Hair, Paul Riley Allen, Fred G. Taylor News Christian Activities  
February 22, 1922 Fundamentals of orthodox Christian faith News Y. M. C. A. Adopts New Constitution  
March 1, 1922 After-Dinner Wits Make Evening a Mirthful One News Washington Banquet Best in Years 
March 1, 1922 Rhena Brokaw, Viola Olive, Otto Keller, Paul E. Adolph News Registrar Announces Final Semester Grades  
March 1, 1922 Strong Rebuttal Saves the Season's First Tilt News Debaters Defeat Parsons College 2-1 
March 1, 1922 Chicago Heights, the Baptist church News Girl's Glee Club will sing at Chicago Heights 
March 1, 1922 Come Back and Win 16-15 in Return Game Sports Cagers Beat Lewis in Overtime Game 
March 1, 1922 The Choice of Colleges with Whom the Committee is in Correspondence. News Student Council at Work on Point System 
March 1, 1922 Carry Stipends of $100; May Be Held Four Years News For Ex-Service Men and Descendants  
March 1, 1922 Pro. Rice, Head of the department in Wheaton News  Education Stidents Attend Chicago Conference  
March 1, 1922 What the Point System will Do for Wheaton, The Happy Habit Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
March 1, 1922 Emerson Short Comment Fired at Random 
March 1, 1922 Julius Philips, Herbert E. Palmquist, B. Allen Read, John L. Park News Alumnals  
March 1, 1922 Longing Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 1, 1922 Miss L. Barrows, Ella Burgerson, Prof. Rice News Academy 
March 1, 1922 Obedience  Article Christian Activities  
March 1, 1922 Prof. Garlough, Paul Stough News Minutes of Student Council Feb. 6, 1922 
March 1, 1922 The University of North Dakota News Intercollegiate 
March 1, 1922 Wallace B. Graham, Bruce Hunt, Senior and Soph Cheerleaders News Mysteries Preceed Washington Banquet  
March 8, 1922 DeKalb Sports Basketball Seaon Ends With Four Hard Games  
March 8, 1922 Jean Lutz, Adrienne Jones, Elizabeth Pinkney News Council Passes W. A. A. Constitution  
March 8, 1922 The Democratic Ticket News Prof. Dow Runs for co. Supt.  
March 8, 1922 Clarabelle Hiney News Glee Women Entertain at Chicago Heights 
March 8, 1922 Editors of Record and Tower, Presidents of Y. M. and Y. W. News "Point System" will Require Student Vote 
March 8, 1922 The Y. M. C. A. Cabinet News Refer Petitions for Conflicting Dates to Faculty Committee 
March 8, 1922 Carvell, Carlson, Welsh News Non-Decision Debate Attempted with N. W. C.  
March 8, 1922 Robins Chriswell, Hunt, Fuller, Jones  News Literary Societies Have Busy Week End 
March 8, 1922 The Thielersi n. Short Comment  Wheaton College Record 
March 8, 1922 The Prettiest Campus in the Vicinity Opinion Help Make the Campus Beautiful  
March 8, 1922 The Jazz Artists  Short Comment Fired at Random 
March 8, 1922 Maple Leaves  Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 8, 1922 Harvard Hight School Boys with Lemons Brown News Academy  
March 8, 1922 Ted Dixon, Mrs. Minnie Grage Reitenour, Judge Carter Visits Wheaton News Alumnals 
March 8, 1922 Mrs. Mortenson, Bills Harper, Gale, Clara Nelson News Local Happenings  
March 8, 1922 Centre College News Intercollegiate 
March 8, 1922 J. Orland Stockton, Lillian Wightman, Howell G. Evans Short comment Inquisitive Reporter 
March 15, 1922 Gospel Teams Have Especially Been Active and Well Supported News Christian Activities have Fruitful Year 
March 15, 1922 Anna Sperry, Kitty Mackenzie News Literary Societies Prepare for Short Story Finals  
March 15, 1922 Coach Woodruff Deserves Great Credit for Final showing of Squad Sports Basket Ball Team Development was Sure 
March 15, 1922 Stereopticon Slides Add Much to Interesting Addresses News President and Prof. Bule Give lectures on Evolution 
March 15, 1922 The Fastest Game for the Season Sports Academy defeats North Park College 30-28 
March 15, 1922 Prospects for Baseball and Tennis Look Bright Many Stars Back News Claude Thomas Elected to Captain Baseball Squad 
March 15, 1922 Marguerite Stark, Evelyn Erickson News Jean Lutz Elected First W. A. A. President  
March 15, 1922 The Baseball Season, First Trials Satisfactory, Honor the Cheer Leaders Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
March 15, 1922 A Psalm at Life, The Worst We've Heard Short Comment Fired at Random 
March 15, 1922 The Nebraska State Normal School, The Student Council of Prenceton, Harvard News Intercollegiate  
March 15, 1922 Success, Hope Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 15, 1922 Esther Richmond, Marie Neighbour, Margaret Andreasen News Local Happenings 
March 15, 1922 Should the Office of Literary Society President Be Included in the "Point" System as Outlined Last Week? Opinions Inquisitive Reporter 
March 15, 1922 Mrs. Fred Harmon, Gordon Burril, Paul G. Roberts News Alumnals  
March 22, 1922 The Beltionian Association, Arny Pent News Belts Defeat Celts in Annual Classic 
March 22, 1922 Evolution, Zoology, Geology News Prof. Bole's Classes Visit Field Museum 
March 22, 1922 C. Thomas, H. Stam, Steiner, MacLeod News Cabinets Are Chosen for Coming Year 
March 22, 1922 Jensen, Schlegel, R. Graham, E. Anderson News Academy Will Debate Pleasant View College 
March 22, 1922 Saint Patrick's Day News Novelty Features in Weekend Society Programs  
March 22, 1922 Billie Jones, Babe Stark,  Sports Frosh Lead Girls in Basketball Tourney 
March 22, 1922 Friday, March 31 News All Societies Ready for Short Story Finals 
March 22, 1922 Capt. Coray, Pent, Stockton, Mason, Ludgate, Gale, Pinkney Sports Seven Men Win "Ws" Ten Win Numerals 
March 22, 1922 Basket Ball, Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, Track Sports W. A. A. Apportions Points for Teams and Sports 
March 22, 1922 Orthodoxy to Arms Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
March 22, 1922 "Hear the Liddle Birdies Hub!" Short Comment Fired at Random 
March 22, 1922 Love, Just Two Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 22, 1922 G. Holt Steck News Academy 
March 22, 1922 Ladies' Hosiery News Intercollegiate 
March 22, 1922 Feelings Article The Student Preacher 
March 22, 1922 George Anderson News Minutes of Student Council  
March 29, 1922 Close Contest Anticipated Music by Conservatory News Northwest'rn Judges Short Story Finals  
March 29, 1922 Say It Was Too Lax; Council Presents Another News Faculty Rejects Original Point System 
March 29, 1922 Inclement Weather Causes Discontent, Restlessness News 25 Men Infected with Baseball Fever 
March 29, 1922 Celts are Enthuslastic Over Hall Improvements News All Literary Societies Work Diligently 
March 29, 1922 Traveling Team Comes Here During Spring Recess News Debaters Meet Milton College April 11 
March 29, 1922 Defeat All Classes. Sophs are Runers-Up Sports Freshettes Win Girls' Basketball Tournament  
March 29, 1922 Remainder of Staff Will Be Elected at Next Session News New Record Staff Headed by Thomas 
March 29, 1922 No Lawlessness or Fancy Costumes Till 1 p.m. News Council Decress an Orderly Spirl First  
March 29, 1922 A Senior's Musings, Bryan and Revolution, Pep Up the Y. W.  Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
March 29, 1922 Prof. Bole to Biology Class  Short Comment  Fired at Random 
March 29, 1922 A College Legend Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 29, 1922 Academy Debate at Pleasant View College News Academy  
March 29, 1922 Do Thou For Me, Economics Class Visiting Federal Reserve Bank Short Comment The Student Preacher  
March 29, 1922 The Question: "Should Student Council Members be Elected Permanently or for a term of One Year?" Opinions Inquisitive Reporter  
March 29, 1922 Mr. Christopherson News Minutes of Student Council: Meeting of March 6, 1922 
March 29, 1922 Carnegie Tech, Princeton News Intercollegiate  
March 29, 1922 Lucille Jeffers, Rev. Frank Norris News Local Happenings 
March 29, 1922 President King Oberlin, John Antisdel  News Alumnals  
April 5, 1922 Bruce Hunt, Irving Chriswell News Story Contest Won by Florence Massey 
April 5, 1922 Holt Steck, Coach Woodruff News Positions Filled by Council 
April 5, 1922 Margaret Mortenson Sports Classes Elect Baseball Captains 
April 5, 1922 Claude Thomas, Newberry Cox News Record Goes to New Staff Next Issue 
April 5, 1922 Lawson Field Sports Baseball Squad Hard Hit by Poor Weather 
April 5, 1922 President Blanchard News National Leaders Favor Wheaton 
April 5, 1922 Prof. Earl Winsor News Closer Alumni Organization Planned 
April 5, 1922 Lois McShane, Lillian Norris Sports Phils Defeat Aels in Return Game 
April 5, 1922 Prof. Rice Comment "Don't Laugh at Victims of Spring and Dan Cupid," Says Prof. Rice 
April 5, 1922 Adieu, Thanking the Staff Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
April 5, 1922 What's in a Name? Just Look! Short Comment Fired at Random 
April 5, 1922 Song, Spring Song, My Prayer Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
April 5, 1922 Frances Lyster, Miss Stearns News Y. W. Cabinets Hold Joint Banquet 
April 5, 1922 Perhaps To-Day! Article The Student Preacher 
April 5, 1922 McShane Sports Fresh Men Entertain Girls' Basketball Team 
April 5, 1922 W. A. A. Hiking Rules, The "Tower" Goes to Press News Local Happenings 
April 5, 1922 Question: "Should the Record Board Hole a Beauty Contest?" Short Comment Inquisitive Reporter 
April 5, 1922 Edwin and Carol Hammond News Alumnals 
April 26, 1922 Batteries: Myers, Christianson, Edgren, Kainlow; Thomas Sports College Drops First Game; Academy Wins 
April 26, 1922 Milton College News Dbaters Defeat Milton College 2 to 1  
April 26, 1922 George Anderson News Banquet Inaugurates New Record Staff 
April 26, 1922 Captain Ludgate News Grid Men Commence Spring Training 
April 26, 1922 Speaks to Large Crowd on "The World's Greatest Need" News W. J. Bryan Visits Wheaton  
April 26, 1922 Progress, Vacation House-Party Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
April 26, 1922 The Next Thing, Tigers Celebrate with Banquet Articles Campus Christianity  
April 26, 1922 Beauty: Kittie L. Mackenzie  Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
April 26, 1922 Mrs. Fred Olive, Bill Pinckney, Bill Harper News Local Happenings  
April 26, 1922 K. Lindsey, Alice Rhinehart, Sarena Dunton, Esther Rice Information A Little Speed, Please!!! 
April 26, 1922 Kalamazoo College, North-Western College, Georgia Tech News Intercollegiate  
May 3, 1922 Arnold Pent, Bruce Hunt, Ezra Devereaux News Campus Improvement Day Success  
May 3, 1922 Rev. John D. Nutting News Mormonism Exposed by Dr. Nutting 
May 3, 1922 Meets Crane on Lawson Field Sports Support Needed in Coming Ball Games 
May 3, 1922 "The Fairy Thorne" News Girl's Glee Club to Give Second Concert 
May 3, 1922 New Arrangement for all the books in the Library Information Library Notes 
May 3, 1922 Two Runs in Eighth Put an End to Stirring Pitchers Battle Sports Lose to Northwestern, 3 to 0 
May 3, 1922 Fischer, Mason Sports Concordia Beaten in Tennis Tourney 
May 3, 1922 Eleanor Triplett, Florence Massey News Literary Societies  
May 3, 1922 Christianity-What is it?  Short Comment  Wheaton College Record 
May 3, 1922 Victory Article  Campus Christianity 
May 3, 1922 Eddie Robert Opinion Well, What of it?  
May 3, 1922 Human Limitations: Paul E. Adolph  Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
May 3, 1922 Eddie Coray, Doug Carvell, Coach Edward Atheanton Coray News Locals and Squibs  
May 3, 1922 The Senior Council and President Hibben of Princeton News Intercollegiate  
May 3, 1922 Mr. Gowman News China Needs Men 
May 3, 1922 Virg Keefer, Mr. Nutting, the Student Volunteers News Alumnals  
May 10, 1922 Informality is Keynote of Procedure News New Discussion Club is Well Under way 
May 10, 1922 Meeting Held Every Week News Y.W.C.A. is Now Live Organization  
May 10, 1922 Lose to DeKalb in Overtime Battle-Whitewashed by Valparaiso in Loose Game Yesterday News Extra-Valparaiso Beats Wheaton  
May 10, 1922 Excellent Program Planned News Artist's Concert Tomorrow Night 
May 10, 1922 Beltionian, President Returns News Society Notes 
May 10, 1922 Final Appearance of Miss Rippe as Director News Girls' Glee Club in Year's Final Concert 
May 10, 1922 Kissling Speaks to The Injured, Horse Shoe Tournament News Wheaton is Represented in Aurora 
May 10, 1922 The Moral Sag Short Comment Wheaton College Record 
May 10, 1922 The Three Prayers News Campus Christianity 
May 10, 1922 MiSwatts Short Comment Well, What of It?  
May 10, 1922 Mother, The Story of a Soul Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 10, 1922 May Carothers Llewellyn News Alumnals  
May 10, 1922 Muskingum College, Occidental College News Intercollegiate 
May 17, 1922 Opposing Pitcher is Wild and Result is Victory for Wheaton Sports Wheaton Wins from Crane 7-5 
May 17, 1922 Hayden's "Creation" News Second Oratorio to be Given Monday Night 
May 17, 1922 Mrs. Ford News Y.W.C.A. Meetings Proving Popular 
May 17, 1922 Landscape Gardening Lectures News Artist's Recital is Approved by Audience 
May 17, 1922 Student Government News Eventful Year Closes for Student Council  
May 17, 1922 Profitableness Article Wheaton College Record 
May 17, 1922 Love Article Campus Christianity  
May 17, 1922 Arthur E. Christopherson, Douglass J. Carvell, Otis Fuller Short Comment Well, What of it?  
May 17, 1922 In the Secret of His Presence, The Violet Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 17, 1922 Al Kissling, Mrs. Dunton News Local Happenings  
May 17, 1922 Mr. Mrs. Harold Mackenzie News Alumnals  
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