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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
February 2, 1921 Tiger-Janitor Sports Intramural Basketball Has New Impetus at Wheaton: Missionary Home Tigers Scrouge Janitors 13-2 
February 2, 1921 Alice Howard, Harry Evans News Rev. Montgomery Officiates at Aels  
February 2, 1921 Keller and Sander, The Administaration's Swan Song Article Beltionians End First Half Year in Superb Form: First Semester Administration Sings Its Swan Song 
February 2, 1921 The Student Volunteer Band  News Volunteers Go Visiting  
February 2, 1921 Monmouth College  News Orange and Blue to Meet Monmouth Tomorrow Night: Fast Game Expected Come and Help the Team Win 
February 2, 1921 United Evangelical Church News Pres. Blanchard has Many Engagement  
February 2, 1921 Paul Bradfield  News Celts have Snappy Meeting  
February 2, 1921 The Crane team with Wolfe Sports Wheaton Cagemen Nose Out Crane College Quintet: Overcome Visitors in Hardest Fought Game of Season, Score 20-14 
February 2, 1921 Esther Lindley, Marie Neighbor, Ada Stearns News Phils Elect Officers  
February 2, 1921 Baldwin Sears and John Sawyer  Articles Seniors Give Novel Essays  
February 2, 1921 A Cosmopolitan Student Body News 23 States Represented at Wheaton 
February 9, 1921 A Student Conference News Faculty Approves Student Council  
February 9, 1921 John L. Sawyer, John Antisdel News Washington Banquet Next Week 
February 9, 1921  Superintendent R. R. Brown  News C. & M. A. Meeting 
February 9, 1921 Weakened by Loss of Vining and Hicks: Score 36-15 Sports Wheaton Falls under Monmouth Attack: Battle Gamely but Lack Vistors' Experience and Strength 
February 9, 1921 The American College of Physical Education  News Wheaton Plays AM. College of Phy. ED. Here Saturday 
February 9, 1921 Mrs. Harriet Christie, President of Albany Bible School News President of Albany Bible School Speaks 
February 9, 1921 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Worrell News Two Alumni Wed 
February 9, 1921 Abraham Lincoln Article Editorial  
February 9, 1921 University of Missouri, Wellesley College, Valparaiso University News Exchange News 
February 9, 1921 Jack Conley Article A Has been Reflects  
February 9, 1921 Aldinger, Cox and Dixon News Celts Elect New Officers 
February 9, 1921 Lillian Whiting, Chas Wagner, Edward Everett Hale News Y. W. C. A.  
February 16, 1921 The Gary Memorial Methodist Church News McCormick Glee-Men Here Tomorrow Night  
February 16, 1921 Funds thru membership fees News Y. W. C. A. Has Drive 
February 16, 1921 The D. I. A. and The Missionary Tigers  Sports Missionary Tigers Down Daddy's Invincible A. C.  
February 16, 1921 Muiriel Fuller News Aels Have Lincoln Program 
February 16, 1921 Government is from God Article College Management: President Blanchard 
February 16, 1921 Dave Polk Sports Wheaton Basketeers get Another Win Saturday 
February 16, 1921 Basketball Games, Literary Societies, Glee Club Concerts Article Editorial: Balanced  
February 16, 1921 Barr, Lewis, Elliott News Specimen Meeting of Student Council  
February 16, 1921 Miss Marian B. Fisher, Miss Bonnie Crawford News Alumni Notes  
February 16, 1921 Teufelsdrockh Jr.  Article Substance and Shadow: In Which Diogenes Teufelsdrockh Jr. Introduces Himself 
February 16, 1921 Lilith Weber, Edward Coray News Local Happenings  
February 16, 1921 Prof. Russell, Bob Ekvall, "Mer" Conley and Ray King  News Celts Hold Pow-Wow with Old Members  
February 16, 1921 Dyrness and Evans, Affirmative; Harris and Thomas, Negative  Article Beltionians Install Officers with Inpressive Ceremony: Discuss Many Plans and Constitutional Revisions  
February 16, 1921 New England  News Phils Enjoy Winter Frolic  
February 16, 1921 California, "big Tree," Cambridge  Short Comments Exchanges  
February 16, 1921 Fred Moore News Michigan S Have Supper 
February 16, 1921 Allison and George Bradfield  News Celts Have Patriotic Program 
February 16, 1921 Ruth Macauley News French Evening at Phils  
February 16, 1921 Mrs. Garlough  News McCormick Glee Club Concert 
February 16, 1921 Mr. Ira L. King Article Alumnus Addresses Belt Meeting: Ira L. King Compares Last Century Belt Annals with Present  
February 16, 1921 Kitty MacKenzie Article Interesting Literature of France  
February 16, 1921 The World's Student Christian Federation  News Universal Day of Prayer for Students: Its Observance next Sunday Morning  
February 16, 1921 Miss Martha Park Article Freshmen Give Sophs Rousing Reception  
February 16, 1921 Board and Lodging  Article Editorial: Other than Gold 
February 16, 1921 Miyo Kohashi News Intercollegiate News 
February 16, 1921 Delphi Citizen Times News Exchanges  
February 16, 1921 The Rochester Campus, The Evergreen Excerpts  Contemporaneous Collegiate Press: do you read the Saturday evening post?  
February 16, 1921 Budapest Fifteen Hundred Jewish Students Article Hardships of Students in Europe: Hoover Makes an Appeal 
February 16, 1921 Discontentment  Article Substance and Shadow: In Which Diogenes Teufels-Drockh Jr, Speaks of Two Discontents 
February 16, 1921 Lucile Anders, News of President  News Local Happenings  
March 2, 1921 The Drug Traffic in China and the Economic Problem of China News Celts give Oriental Program: Sophs and Frosh have Chin Music 
March 2, 1921 Frances Paul News Phils have Varied Program 
March 2, 1921 Dr. William Kuntze, Dean of the Conservatory  News Conservatory Notes 
March 2, 1921 Rev. Chris Eicher of India; Rev. C. M. Polk of Ecuador, S. A; Dr. Glover, Foreign Secretary, New York City; Rev, Luke Rader, Dr. Paul Filey Allen, Rev. John Wesley Lee, and Rev. R. R. Brown News Christian Alliance Conference here March 23-27: Speakers Announced  
March 2, 1921 The Washington Banquet  Article Our Relgious Atmosphere  
March 2, 1921 W. Hancock and Ranselaer Barrows  News Next Senior Lecture on "Palestine"  
March 2, 1921 Elizabeth Savage, Margaret Miller News Washington Night at Aels 
March 2, 1921 The State Championship Meet News Track Forecast: Coach Gary gives Tentative Schedule 
March 2, 1921 Mr. Mau, John Sawyer News Thursday Eve Witnesses Brilliant Banquet 
March 2, 1921 Rudolph Kennedy News Belts Hold Noisy Session: Only Thirteen Members Present 
March 2, 1921 The School Room, the Books, the Lessons Short Comments  Editorail: Use Your Possessions  
March 2, 1921 Mr. Holub, The Rev. R. A. Belsham, The Men's Glee Club News Local Happenings  
March 2, 1921 Diogenes Junior Article Substance and Shadow: In Which Diogenes Teufelsdrokckh Jr. Speaks of the Mysterious Nexus of Football 
March 2, 1921 Priscilla Angelina Wilhemina Whitaker Literature Leaves from a School Teachers Diary: Frances Paul  
March 9, 1921 Basketball Sports Lake Forest Wrests Score from Wheaton: Local Five Plays a Whirlwind Game Score 27 to 25 
March 9, 1921 The Klondike region and along the Yukon River News J. Watt Reber gives Lecture Tomorrow Evening: His Subject "Northing to Alaska's Midnight Sun" 
March 9, 1921 Mr. Trumbull Howard News George T. B. Davis Cisits College: International Secretary of the Pocket Testament League Addresses Students  
March 9, 1921 The High School Alumni Independents  Sports Independents and Invincibles Play 
March 9, 1921 Philalethean, Excelsior, Aelioian, Beltionian  News Literary Societies hold Short Story Preliminaries: Record's Annual Contest to be Held Nest Week Friday Evening in College Chapel  
March 9, 1921 Ugly Cow-paths Editorial  Beautifying the Campus 
March 9, 1921 Mr. Green, Mr. Holub, Messars, Hancock, Barrows News Local Happenings  
March 9, 1921 The Alma Mater, Christo et Regno Ejus Student Opinion Column How About It? Union vs. Division  
March 9, 1921 Miami Student of Miami University Exchanges Miami, Beloit, California, Cornell, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio-Indiana  
March 9, 1921 Flase Security  Intercollegiate News (Excerpts) In Soft-Beware  
March 9, 1921 Proscilla Angelina Wilhemina Whitaker Literature Leaves from a School Teachers Diary: Frances Paul- part 2 
March 9, 1921 Miss Amy Winsor News Y. W. C. A., "Squeeze Inn" Organized Monday 
March 16, 1921 Ala Mater, Payson Articles: Annual Alumni Edition of the Record- 1921 President Blanchard's Message, Dr. J. G. Brokks, '93, Writes from Payson, ILL.  
March 16, 1921 The University of Virginia Articles: Annual Alumni Edition of the Record-1921 A Birthday Suggestion: Harold L. Alde, '12 Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia, Otis Rockwood, '18 Council Hall, Oberlin, Ohio, False Proverbs: By Dr. Walter L. Ferris, '79 
March 16, 1921 The Georgia State College of Agriculture, Athens, Ga Articles: Annual Alumni Edition of the Record-1921 Harlow W. Harvey, Academy '99: Professor of Horticulture in University of Georgia- Residence 149 Waddell St. Athens, Ga, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Longley: American Baptist Telugu Mission Telugu Baptist Theological Seminary, Ramapatam, Nellore District, India, Rev. C. E. Peterson, '13 Central Lake Mich., Two Alumnae Meet in India, Elmer R. Enlow, Professor of Physics and Electricity, Technological, High School, Atlanta- Residence 52 Clifton St. So, Kirkwood. Ga.  
March 16, 1921 Patrick Henry, Ellen A. Kellogg Articles: Annual Alumni Edition of the Record-1921 Looking Backward-Forward & By Charles R. Hunt--Class of '81, Mr. &Mrs. Leonard B. King, '03 375 So. Ave. A, Canton, ILL, Professor John S. Congdon '00 Fort Collins, Colo.  
March 23, 1921 Dodge, Tollefson and King Sports Belts Defeated by Strong Celt Team 
March 23, 1921 Misses Frances Lyster, Lucile Campbell, and Messrs. Christopherson, Fletcher and Cox News Athletic Association Hols Meeting: Base Ball Season Started with Enthusiasm 
March 23, 1921 "The Student Council of Wheaton College" News Propsed Constitution of the Student Council 
March 23, 1921 Arthur Christopherson, Muiriel Fuller, Anna Sperry, Frances Paul, Miss Sperry, Elizabeth Murray, Charles King, Howell Evans, Herbert Ludgate News Belt-Ael Victorious in Short Story Contest: Phil Has Third Place-Close Contest 
March 23, 1921 "The Boys are marching." Literature  Ode to the Ladies  
March 23, 1921 Mary Hunter, Clara Dunning News Academy Breezes 
March 23, 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGill, Marguerite Larson, Claude Thomas News Local Happenings 
March 23, 1921 Miss Blaine News Y.W.C.A. 
March 23, 1921 Mr. Longfellow Literature  Juniora's Building  
March 23, 1921  Prospects Bright If All Available Material Is Utilized  Short Comment Call for Baseball Men 
March 23, 1921 Love, Admire, Hate, Delight  Axiom  Three Things 
March 23, 1921 Elizabeth Van Tyle News Aels Have Shakespearean Program 
March 23, 1921 Esther Lindley News "County School" at Phils  
March 23, 1921 Rev. O. S. Grinnell, W. I. Phillips, W. R. Hench, Hugh Cork, Dr. Ferris, President Blanchard, Judge S. L. Rathje, Bertram Rathje, R. L. Park, John Nelson, Charles Farnham News Grandpa Belts Hold Homecoming  
March 23, 1921 Richmond Gives Spinning Wheel Demonstration  News "Ye Old Times" Featured by Excelsior Society  
March 30, 1921 The Girls Glee News Girls Glee Club in Final Concert 
March 30, 1921 The Purchases of the Cork and Nutting Properties News College Authorities Purchase Property: Room shortage to be Relieved 
March 30, 1921 Penn State, Denver University Notification Attention! 
March 30, 1921 The Chicago District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance News Christian and Missionary Alliance Hold Conference At Wheaton: Over $2,000 Raised for Missions  
March 30, 1921 Exchange Editor, Colgate Maroon Article Contemporaneous Collegiate Press: College Idleness, Disinterestedness 
March 30, 1921 The morning of April Fool's Day Article Plans for Apirl Fools Hobo Parade Submitted  
March 30, 1921 Baseball Sports Tentative Baseball Schedule 
March 30, 1921 Mark Hanna and Murphy Short Comment  Editorial: the Student Council Constitution  
March 30, 1921 William Ballou, Marguerite Larson, Mr. R. V. Miller News Local Happenings 
March 30, 1921 Princeton, Colonel Watterson, The Iowa State College News Exchanges 
April 6, 1921 The Big Famine: Florence Murray Teheran, Persia, A Message from Tehchow, Rev. Leonard J. Larson, '20: Kingchow, Hupeh, China, Miss Ethel Foust '19: Wuchow, S. China News The Missionary Number 
April 6, 1921 Carlos F. Daniels, Miss Grace Davis, Mrs. Sophia Meebold, Rev. W. C. Cooper, Mrs. Maud Hunt Rogers Short Comment Editorial  
April 6, 1921 Miss Blaine, a bird lecture Short comment Y.W.C.A. 
April 20, 1921 Mr. Philip E. Howard News Presient of Sunday School Times Co. Here 
April 20, 1921 Dr. Pettingall and Dr. Griffith-Thomas News Pres. Blanchard's Itinerary: Coach Gary Improving Rapidly, Syracuse Adopts Golf 
April 20, 1921 Luxuries vs. Education, Preps Fail News The "Tower" in Hands of Printers 
April 20, 1921 Student Government in America  News Baseball Season Opens Saturday at Elmhurst 
April 20, 1921 Dr. W. H. Griffith-Thomas, Dean James M. Gary, Missionary Tigers Growl News Volunteers Attend Annual Banquet in Chicago 
April 20, 1921 The Record Board Members Short Comment Editorial: what's in it?  
April 27, 1921    
April 27, 1921 Belts Ratify Council Constitution: Banquest Speakers Announced News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Record Board Candidates News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Richie Addresses Students: Lt. Brooks Speaks for Near East Relief News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Y.W.C.A. Council Meeting News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Elmhurst Wins First Game 9 to 5 News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 The "Tower" to Have Many Pictures: Final Proof Goes to Printer May 2nd News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Plan for Interclass Tennis is Given: Entirely New Feature to be Tried News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Commom Sense and Justice: From Chapel Talk by J. E. Robbins News Under New Management  
April 27, 1921 Phils, Crawl Out of Your Skin, Celts have Variety Program, Student Council Consitution Ratified  Short Comment Editorial  
April 27, 1921 Pure Milk- Cream-Butter Natomalac &Buttermilk, Be Happy, Academy Pep, Locals, Academy Alumni, Ministers Reorganize News Natoma Dairy 
May 4, 1921 Claude Thomas Sports Wheaton Loses to Y.M.C.A. 
May 4, 1921 Cross Bats Today With Concordia. Crane Here on Saturday  News Baseball Squad has Two Hard Games This Week 
May 4, 1921 Dixon and Tweed Represent Celts in Open Meeting News Barney Oldfielf and Henry Ford Introduced to Celts  
May 4, 1921 Best Concert of Season Given Before Large Audience  News Gleemen Sing at Summit 
May 4, 1921 Ezra Devereaux Heads New Cabinet News Y.M. Elects New Officers, Y.W. Holds Election 
May 4, 1921 The Minutes Published in Detail, Minutes of the Council Meeting, Monday, May 1 News Student Council Holds Its First Session 
May 4, 1921 Christopherson, Evans and Howard Head the Board News Record Staff Elected for 1921-1922 
May 4, 1921 Issue Challenge to Celts for Baseball Game and Tennis Tournament News Belts Have Busy Session 
May 4, 1921 Locals, Academy Junior Senior Party, Student Council Holds its First Session, Phils Study American's Great Men, Aels Comment Editorial 
May 11, 1921 Coach Gary Witnesses Game: Final Score 9-8 Sports Wheaton Meets Crane and Concordia 
May 11, 1921 Stam Elected President News Student Volunteers Announce Sesults of Spring Elections 
May 11, 1921 Entertain at Moody and 4th Presbyterian Churches, "Lest We Forget" News Girl's Glee Club Sings in Chicago  
May 11, 1921 $1,000 Already Pledged by Students News Campaign on for Y.M.C.A. Rooming House 
May 11, 1921 Four Lectures to be given Thrusday Evenings begining May Twelfth News Prof. Bole to Lecture on Evolution 
May 11, 1921 Ninth Inning Break Makes Score 11-4 Sports Thomas and Carlson Star 
May 11, 1921 The Record's Platform for a Better Wheaton: Our Platform, Editorial Comment, Celts Condemn Jazz Music in Lively Debate, Contemporaneous Press, Batchelor Taxation, Co-Eds told Word "Soup" Makes Lips Too Kissable News Wheaton College Record  
May 11, 1921 Informally, Intercollegiate News, a Message from the President of the Y.W.C.A. to the Women of Wheaton, Academy Enters into Oratorical Contest News Athletic Squibs 
May 11, 1921 Mrs. H. W. Stough, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., Miss Marguerite Brown News Local Happenings  
May 18, 1921 Newberry Cox News Student Council Holds Second Session 
May 18, 1921 Sophs wins Interclass Tennis News Tennis Tournament Arouses Much Interest on Campus 
May 18, 1921 First Home Appearance Since 1918 News Mens Glee Club Give Home Concert 
May 18, 1921 Helen Protheroe Axtell, Soprano Lucy J. Hartman, Contralto Walter Boydston, Tenor William B. Morse, Baritone  News Oratorio Holds Joint Rehearsel in Preparation for Concert 
May 18, 1921 Merry-Makers Out-Wit Weather Man, Marvelous Memory of Child Astonished Diners at Dormitory News Fresh-Soph Party Big Success 
May 18, 1921 New Staff Promises to Keep Faith News Old Record Board Sings Swan Song at Annul Banquet  
May 18, 1921 Professor Bole Gives First Lecture News Darwin's Theory of Evolution Attacked  
May 18, 1921 Getting the Big Value, Unconscious Influence, Prof. Boles Classes Take Day Off Short Comment Editorial  
May 18, 1921 Anna E. Sperry, Editor Article Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 11, 1921 Anna E. Sperry, The Dilettantes Article Slants from a Goose Quill  
May 18, 1921 Carlson, Stagg Field (U. of C.), Coach Gary News Athletic Squibs 
May 18, 1921 Fired at Random by Eddy Torr, Wake Up, Prof. A Co-ed's Prayer, Letters from the Students Literature Fired at Random by Eddy Torr 
May 18, 1921 Academy, Belt Announcement, Ministerial Association, Ael Orchestra Created, Noyes Popular with Phils, Celts send Devereaus Post Cards News Departmental  
May 25, 1921 Recital Considered Best of the Season, Faculty Nine has Stiff Work Out, Presenting Captian Hiatt News Music Conservatory Graduation Delights Audience  
May 25, 1921 Rickman, Stockton, Buck, Dixon, Prof. Garlough, Prof. G. N. Smith Sports Belts Dwon Celts in Closely Contested Track Meet: Final Score 64-62 
May 25, 1921 Achille Leonardis Famous Paining Presented, "Lest we Forget," Ruddock to Manage Basketball  News Stuart R. Murray Memorial Given by Mrs. Helen Taylor  
May 25, 1921 Orange and Blue Break in Seventh Inning Sports Y Nine Beats Wheaton in A Clean Game 
May 25, 1921 Jottings from Hickory Corners, Bell Wright, Kit O'Ryrie Literature  Fired at Random by Eddy Torr 
May 25, 1921 Otto Keller '24, A Dillettante (Chicago Daily News) Article Slants from a Goose Quill: Night, Paddy, the Next Best Thing 
May 25, 1921 Mr. Lester Quatel News Athletic Squibs 
May 25, 1921 Phils, Beltionian, Aels, Graham Makes Yap Question Clear, Academy Lines: St. Albans Wins Oratorical Contest, Y.W.C.A.  News Departmental  
June 1, 1921  Judge O. N. Carter, President W. J. Rathje of the Mid City Savings and Trust Bank of Chicago News Nineteenth Annual Belt Banquest to be Best Ever: Distinguished Guests to be Present 
June 1, 1921  Professor Garlough Stars News Theologs Squash Faculty in Wierd Batting Bee 
June 1, 1921  Bussell Brooks, Willis Cork News Wheaton College Honors Her Heroes: Memorial Tablet Unveiled in Chapel 
June 1, 1921  The Tower magazine  News The Towe to be Delivered Soon: 1922 Staff Dedicates the Issue to Pres. Blanchard 
June 1, 1921  Stough, Graham, Ludgate, H. Evans, J. White, G. Bradfield News Baptist Church Parlors to be Scene of Celt Banquet: Judge C. G. Clar, Old Celt Alumnus, To Act as Toastmaster  
June 1, 1921  Wagner of Lake Forest Sports Orange and Blue Outplayed by Lake Forest. Regain Prestige at DeKalb 
June 1, 1921  Wheaton Men and Women A Short Comment Wheatonian Pride 
June 1, 1921  A Few Serious Words Literature Fired at Random by Eddy Torr 
June 1, 1921  A String of chinese Peachstones Literature  Slants From a Goose Quill  
June 1, 1921  E. Murray New Ael President, Rachel Winsor New Phil President, Letter from Students News Departmental  
June 8, 1921  Reunion will likely be a permanent annual affair, Baseball and tennis letters to be presented News Athletes to Banquest in Glen Ellyn 
June 8, 1921  Alice Howard and Edward Coray Represent Frosh and Sophs News New Council Representatives Chosen 
June 8, 1921  Council to Award Insignia on Recommendation of Coach News Eleven Men Win Baseball Letters  
June 8, 1921  Candidates for Rooms Must Report Early News Y. M. House Committee Rushes Campaign 
June 8, 1921  Orange and Blue Lose to Concordia Nine Sports Tennis Men Swamp Lutherans 
June 8, 1921  Societies Set Goal, Toast Past and Future News Lots of Action at Belt-Celt Banquets  
June 8, 1921  Whimsical, Our Task, A Life Lesson Literature  Fired at Random by Eddy Torr 
June 8, 1921  Anna E. Sperry, Editor Article Slants from a Goose Quill 
June 8, 1921  Academic News News Departmental  
June 15, 1921  Trustees Award Two Honorary Degrees News Wheaton's Commencement Most Impressive in History 
June 15, 1921  Pres. Blanchard's Prtrait will be Painted  News Senior to Present Unique Gift to College 
June 15, 1921  Miriam Giles, Elizabeth Green  News Closing Conservatory Recital  
June 15, 1921  1921 Casts Mantle on 1922 as Final Ceremony News Many Novel Stunts Feature Class Day 
June 15, 1921  Belt-Ael Team Wins Debate News Open Meeting Success 
June 15, 1921  Old-Timers Hold Reunion at Ladies Hall News Alumni Association Holds Sixtieth Annual Banquet 
June 15, 1921  Warren C. Vining, Miss Elizabeth Murray, Miss Marguerite Richardson, John Zhiburtovich, George Assink News Tenth Academy Alumni Banquet 
June 15, 1921  Mr. Mrs. Farloes, Joe Davies, Bruce Bingham, Mrs. Charles Prior and Miss Frances Kellogg, Mr. Wesley Horrup News Many Alumni Visit Campus 
June 15, 1921  Amost Beat Patched Varsity Sports Alumni Lose in Close Ball Game 
June 15, 1921  First Annual Gathering Held June 8th Sports Wheaton Men Organize "W" Club 
June 15, 1921  Program in Charge of the "W' Club Sports "W's" Awarded by President Nelson 
June 15, 1921  Coray Elected Baseball Captain: Sagar to Head Tennis for 1922 Sports Review of Athletics Show Successful Year 
June 15, 1921  Win from Concordia: Lose to Northwestern Sports Wheaton Tennis Men Close Season 
June 15, 1921  Jeannie Geddes Article Slants from a Goose Quill 
June 15, 1921  Eddy Torr's Finale Literature Fired at Random by Eddy Torr 
June 15, 1921  Conservatory, Academy Items News Departmental  
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