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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1993 December 10 Academics Front page Faculty committee considers reducing gen-ed requirements 
1993 December 10 Sudent Government Front page SG is offering shuttle services to airports 
1993 December 10 Student life Front page Campus Catholics have different experiences and perspectives 
1993 December 10 Student conference News Urbana impacts the life of a Wheaton alumna 
1993 December 10 Parking Letters Record should not print names of parking offenders 
1993 December 10 Doctrinal statement Letters Statement of Faith 
1993 December 10 Dining Hall Letters SAGA is not the real name 
1993 December 10 Christmas Opinion The importance of receiving during the season of giving 
1993 December 10 Basketball, Swimming and Wrestling Sports Victorious week for winter sports 
1993 December 10 Movie review Arts Clint Eastwood directs and acts in A Perfect World 
1993 December 3 Nathan Hatch Front page Wheaton trustee claims in print that evangelical institutions lack aggressive and bold scholarship 
1993 December 3 Melvin Banks Front page Banks joins Board of Trustees as newest member 
1993 December 3 Robert L. Heilbroner Front page Aldeen lecturer addresses 21st century capitalism 
1993 December 3 Minority fellowship group News Koinonia strives to activate the Asian-American community on campus by building foundations 
1993 December 3 Melvin Banks Feature Melvin Banks appointed as newest member of trustees 
1993 December 3 Homelessness Feature Jonathan Blanchard Society tackles problem of homelessness 
1993 December 3 Gender Editorial A final word on gender-specific language 
1993 December 3 Christianity Opinion American Christians are sheltered and apathetic 
1993 December 3 Ross Perot Opinion The Perot Syndrome strikes America Again 
1993 December 3 Politics Opinion Conservative politics are on the return in America 
1993 December 3 Tom Howard Letters Kilby Professor, Dr. Tom Howard, clarifies posittion on Anglican Church 
1993 December 3 First impressions Feature CareerFest '94 
1993 December 3 Trustees Feature Board of Trustees serves in several capacities 
1993 December 3 Music review Arts Michael Card shares music and wisdom 
1993 December 3 Movie review Arts Some great male-bonding films 
1993 December 3 Musical celebration Arts Christmas Fantasia to celebrate Christ's birth 
1993 December 3 Movie review Arts British-produced film The Remains of the Day is well-acted but lacking a plot 
1993 December 3 Crew Sports Crew finishes up fall season and prepares for spring 
1993 December 3 Basketball Sports Basketball teams continue to work hard 
1993 December 3 Football Sports Three Crusader teammates receive academic nominations 
1993 November 19 Parking Front page College employees fail to pay parking tickets 
1993 November 19 Housing Front page New Housing Cooridinator discusses life at Wheaton 
1993 November 19 Walking area Front page Franklin mall plans will become reality 
1993 November 19 Third World craft sale News Self-help sale held tonight and tomorrow 
1993 November 19 Supporting families News Adopt a family 
1993 November 19 Dr. Steve Duck Feature Dr. Steve Duck speaks about personal relationships 
1993 November 19 God Editorial Student describes God as a tyrant 
1993 November 19 Diversity Letters Role of Student Government's Director of Diversity inaccurately defined 
1993 November 19 Being politically correct Opinion PC police on patrol 
1993 November 19 Dating Opinion Roulette disaster discourages further dating 
1993 November 19 Corrections Letters Corrections made to BGC Archives article 
1993 November 19 Campus life Letters Student suggests an MSC Loading Zone 
1993 November 19 Movie review Arts Every moment counts in My Life 
1993 November 19 Movie review Arts Decking the halls with Christmas movie classics 
1993 November 19 Music review Arts Guardian packs Judson gym despite lead singer's lost voice 
1993 November 19 Football Sports Notre Dame beats Florida State for #1 
1993 November 19 Abortion National Supreme Court upholds parental notification in abortion for youth 
1993 November 19 Free Trade Agreement National NAFTA passes House 
1993 November 19 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball holds promise 
1993 November 19 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball prepares for opener 
1993 November 19 Wrestling Sports Wrestling team kicks off season 
1993 November 12 Religious freedom Front page Religious freedom guaranteed by Senate ratification 
1993 November 12 Debate team Front page Debate team continues another successful year 
1993 November 12 Study in Egypt Front page Coalition establishes Cairo campus 
1993 November 12 Women in the Bible News Professors discuss biblical passages on women in SBE 
1993 November 12 Pattern identification News Loophole found in GRE 
1993 November 12 World church News The Church around the World 
1993 November 12 National Free Trade Agreement National Perot and Gore debate NAFTA on Larry King 
1993 November 12 Sexual harassment National Supreme Court defines sexual harassment with unanimous vote 
1993 November 12 Senator's diaries National Packwood's release of diaries causes debate 
1993 November 12 Pre-law program Feature Pre-Law Society seeks pre-professional status 
1993 November 12 Billy Graham Center archives Feature E-mail expands BGC Archive accessibility 
1993 November 12 Ward Kimball Feature Creator of Disney's Jiminy Cricket visits Lake Forest 
1993 November 12 Academia Feature Need help writing? Visit the Writing Center 
1993 November 12 Date rape Editorial A look at date rape: for the woman's sake 
1993 November 12 Type-casting Letters Wheaton women refute Sherman's extreme theory 
1993 November 12 Marshall Letters Marshall's life remains in the memory of many 
1993 November 12 Good coverage Letters Noll commends Clemen's coverage of Canadian elections 
1993 November 12 International politics Opinion Nuclear Ukraine best deterrent against imperialist Russia 
1993 November 12 Television Opinion Student awaits moment of 'Great Television Drop' 
1993 November 12 Jill Opinion Reality questions appearance: everybody thought they knew her 
1993 November 12 Christian music Etc. Second Saturday hosts big-name Christian musicians and speakers 
1993 November 12 Music review Etc. Wake-up Call disappoints Petra fans 
1993 November 12 ROTC women Feature A look at Wheaton women in ROTC 
1993 November 12 Student travel Feature Dr. Lindblade visits HNGR interns in Central America during summer 
1993 November 12 Movie review Arts Rudy gives inspiration but lacks realism 
1993 November 12 TV review Arts ABC's NYPD Blue stirs up controversy 
1993 November 12 Men's soccer and volleyball Sports Wheton's men's soccer, volleyball finish seasons 
1993 November 12 Football Sports Conference championship, NCAA playoffs within reach 
1993 November 12 Music review Arts Whiteheart does not disappoint its fans with its new Highlands release 
1993 November 12 Intramurals Sports Athletes show dedication to winter intramurals 
1993 November 5 Dry-ice bombs Front page Dry-ice bombs explode at various campus locations 
1993 November 5 Diversity issues Front page SG appoints Shane Scott as the first Director of Diversity Issues 
1993 November 5 Scholarship News Committee discusses endowed scholarship campaign 
1993 November 5 Senior banquet News Senior class holds banquet 
1993 November 5 The Chases News Dr. and Mrs. Chase tour 16 days in Far East 
1993 November 5 Christian faith Features Wheaton Philosophy Conference celebrates 40th anniversary 
1993 November 5 John Fischer Feature John Fischer returns to Wheaton to deliver Staley Lecture series 
1993 November 5 Student life Editorial Students admonished for chapel behavior 
1993 November 5 Gender Opinion Professor disagrees with Clark about gender-specific language 
1993 November 5 Slave life Editorial Parallels drawn between slavery and modern sanctity of life issues 
1993 November 5 Carl Olson Opinion Olson challenged regarding issue of chapel requirements 
1993 November 5 Relationships Opinion Male student claims that females like extremes 
1993 November 5 Community Prof's Perspective Wheaton community blessed with great network of support 
1993 November 5 Foreign policy Opinion Clinton should not keep American troops in Somalia 
1993 November 5 Life Opinion 'Inside' realities of life confronted and examined 
1993 November 5 Christians and politics Opinion Grad student at University of Maryland addresses religious right 
1993 November 5 Slacking Opinion Many are called to be slackers, but few are able 
1993 November 5 Dr. P.J. Hill Feature Wheaton professor works with Nobel prize winners 
1993 November 5 Truth Feature Reflections on the Word 
1993 November 5 ROTC Feature ROTC honors Veterans Day 
1993 November 5 Ronald Sider Feature CACE hosts Ron Sider 
1993 November 5 Mascot National University of Massachusettes explodes over mascot dispute 
1993 November 5 School choice National Californians vote "No" on school voucher initiative on Tuesday 
1993 November 5 World Church National The Church around the World 
1993 November 5 Elections National Republicans win big 
1993 November 5 Canadian politics National Canada replaces Conservative Party with liberal prime minister 
1993 November 5 Music review Arts Bride rocks Larkin High 
1993 November 5 Theatre review Arts Shear Madness lacks depth 
1993 November 5 Concert series Arts Fox Valley Concert Band begins indoor concert series 
1993 November 5 Movie review Arts The Good Son is exploitive 
1993 November 5 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse team begins trek to spring season 
1993 November 5 Fans Sports Swimmers bring fun and support to football team 
1993 November 5 Football Sports Arruza crushes rushing record in 56-12 victory 
1993 November 5 NBA Sports The 1993-94 NBA season previewed--Knicks in six 
1993 November 5 Intramurals Sports Bambinos and Blazin' Bandits win IM's 
1993 October 29 Mark Noll Front page Dr. Noll eats breakfast with President Clinton 
1993 October 29 Worship service broadcasted Front page BBC airs world wide from Wheaton 
1993 October 29 Student telephone service Front page Telephone service changes policy 
1993 October 29 Steve Green Front page Steve Green sell-out concert edifies Wheaton 
1993 October 29 Gil Dodds News Gil Dodds celebrated as recent inductee into Wheaton Hall of Honor 
1993 October 29 Student center News SG discusses student center 
1993 October 29 Leadership conference News Wheaton students attend Christian Leadership Conference in D.C. 
1993 October 29 David Aikman Feature Senior Foreign News Correspondent for Time magazine speaks at Wheaton 
1993 October 29 Dr. Tom Howard Feature Dr. Tom Howard joins the Wheaton faculty as 1993 Kilby Professor 
1993 October 29 Marshall Devotional "Marshall is gone" 
1993 October 29 State officials Letters "Eight is Enough" calls for term limits in the state of Illinois 
1993 October 29 Gender Editorial Professors encouraged to practice discretion when discussing issues of gender 
1993 October 29 Free trade Opinion Watkin's stance on NAFTA criticized 
1993 October 29 Loss of language program Letters Students express regret over loss of Chinese program at Wheaton 
1993 October 29 Laws Opinion Christians challenged to acknowledge source of law and apply it in their lives 
1993 October 29 Chapel Opinion Wheaton College questioned about motivations behind chapel requirements 
1993 October 29 Student life Feature Christian Ed major prepares for ministry 
1993 October 29 Dr. Phyllis Mitchell Feature Dr. Phyllis Mitchell joins Wheaton staff 
1993 October 29 Prayer Feature 40 days of prayer begin Monday 
1993 October 29 Dr. Bob Stickney Feature Head of HNGR department heralds hallmark year 
1993 October 29 Music Arts Biblical case presented in support of thowing away secular music 
1993 October 29 Theatre review Arts Caucasian Chalk Circle debuts this weekend 
1993 October 29 Football Sports Crusaders roll over North Park, 41-7 
1993 October 29 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer team clinches conference 
1993 October 29 Hockey Sports Wheaton hockey hopes still riding high despite first loss 
1993 October 8 Student jobs Front page Students left without jobs due to depletion of work study funds 
1993 October 8 Worship Front page Large attendance causes WCF to move to Perce Chapel 
1993 October 8 Student center News Long-term plans for new student activities center are in the works 
1993 October 8 New computer systems News Advanced computer systems are purchased by biology department 
1993 October 8 Student dancing News Dancing proposal discussed by SG 
1993 October 8 Dr. Bruce Metzger News Bible scholar Metzger gives lecture 
1993 October 8 Student discipline News Administration decides on discipline for spring incident 
1993 October 8 Missions conference News International missions conference to be held in Champaign-Urbana, IL 
1993 October 8 Devotional Feature Devotional corner 
1993 October 8 Dr. Carla Waterman Feature New mother Waterman joins Christian Education staff 
1993 October 8 Student society Feature William Osborne Society has new plans for a new year 
1993 October 8 Student life Arts CU Air Jam to include lip sync contest 
1993 October 8 Radio Arts Clay and Matt air as variety show 
1993 October 8 Movie review Arts Problem Child thrills viewers 
1993 October 8 Movie review Arts The Program tackles serious issues 
1993 October 8 Music review Arts Fear Not beats the best of Christian rock 
1993 October 8 Music Letters Out of the Grey enjoyed by all ages 
1993 October 8 America Letters America today is better than yesterday 
1993 October 8 God and humans Editorial Divine sovereignity and human responsibility are able to co-exist 
1993 October 8 Faith Opinion Perspective... 
1993 October 8 Russia Letters Clarify religious situation in Russia 
1993 October 8 Opinions Letters Record staff encouraged to use wisdom with words 
1993 October 8 Gender issues Opinion SBE seeks to calrify position 
1993 October 8 Christian life Opinion Wheaton's sheep called to follow the Shepherd into 'un-green' pasture 
1993 October 8 Christianity Opinion Hemry relays involvement in religious liberty court case 
1993 October 8 Free Trade Opinion NAFTA criticized as a sham 
1993 October 8 Grass Opinion Lake asks, "Why can't we stay off the grass?" 
1993 October 8 Sitting Opinion Guidelines suggested to master the finer art of sitting styles 
1993 October 8 Concert review Arts Out of the Grey concert given top ratings 
1993 October 8 Music review Arts Geoff Moore and the Distance release redeeming Evolution 
1993 October 8 Bill Clinton Opinion Clinton's economic policies are predicted to lead to another national recession 
1993 October 8 Dinning Etc. Little-known Saga secrets 
1993 October 8 Students Etc. Water Balloon victim presses charges 
1993 October 8 Michael Jordan Sports Michael Jordan's retirement provokes mixed emotions 
1993 October 8 Women's sports Sports Wheaton women win big this week 
1993 October 8 Homecoming Sports Homecoming brings victories: football, soccer keep on winning 
1993 October 8 Hall of Honor Sports Hall of Honor inducts seven new members 
1993 October 1 Writing and literature conference Front page Conference examines Middle Ages 
1993 October 1 Party Front page Fajiti-Rita rocks Wheaton 
1993 October 1 Recruiting Front page Over 130 students attend Connection 
1993 October 1 Russia News Religion in Russia continues to develop 
1993 October 1 Dr. Mark McMinn Feature Professor Profile: Dr. Mark McMinn joins psych team 
1993 October 1 Radio Arts They're back: Chris-n-Jeff returns to air 
1993 October 1 Club Med Feature Pre-health students launch Gross Anatomy Club 
1993 October 1 Devotional Feature Is our commitment to God or dreams? 
1993 October 1 Health care Letters Socialist medicine makes me sick 
1993 October 1 World view Editorial Christians challenged to develop a distinctly Christian World View 
1993 October 1 Christian life Opinion Women and men commanded to submit to Christ's authority 
1993 October 1 Punishment Opinion Watkins' encouraged to stress Christ's love instead of hate 
1993 October 1 Christianity Opinion Where's our commitment? 
1993 October 1 Government Opinion Government fails to provide for citizens 
1993 October 1 American history Opinion America needs to examine its Christian heritage 
1993 October 1 America Opinion The State of the Union is declining 
1993 October 1 Chapel Opinion Lake encourages chapel attendance 
1993 October 1 Music review reaction Opinion Review of Steve Camp's new album criticized 
1993 October 1 Homecoming Sports Homecoming festivities plan to spice up weekend and involve community 
1993 October 1 Music review Arts King is a prince 
1993 October 1 Tennis Sports Tennis team wins big and seeks title 
1993 October 1 Women's volleyball Sports Freshmen bring freshness to team 
1993 October 1 Jeff Finn Sports Time out for God and sports 
1993 September 24 Health care Front page Clinton addressess health care 
1993 September 24 Homecoming Front page Homecoming parade replaces dorm contest 
1993 September 24 Recognizing service Front page Awards chapel honors faculty's years of service 
1993 September 24 Music students Front page Conservatory crowding causes concern 
1993 September 24 Health care News Campus political parties comment on health plan 
1993 September 24 Student life News Minority student offended by off-hand comment on campus 
1993 September 24 Abortion News CACE raises ethical issues 
1993 September 24 Dr. Nadine Folino Feature Professor Profile: Dr. Nadine Folino joins Biology Department 
1993 September 24 Sports Letters Naked of Ability not due credit 
1993 September 24 Reaction to Nathan Schock's article Letters Schock chooses poor examples 
1993 September 24 Abortion Opinion Pro-life, by what definition? 
1993 September 24 Student life Opinion The eSSSence of developing better study habits 
1993 September 24 Student life Opinions Prof's perspective...Nostalgic reflections on a Wheaton experience as a student 
1993 September 24 Justice Opinion Reflections on a spineless American judicial system 
1993 September 24 Gender issues Letters Biblical equality exists 
1993 September 24 Theatre review Arts For a good time, leave your lungs at the door 
1993 September 24 Media Opinion Media blitz causes insanity 
1993 September 24 Movie review Arts Five films stand out in the field of dating 
1993 September 24 Music review Arts Dentes' Shape of Grace emerges Out of the Grey 
1993 September 24 Music review Arts A kinder, gentler Steve Camp 
1993 September 24 Football Sports Football team drops game against Dayton 
1993 September 24 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer topples nationally ranked teams in Diadora Invitational 
1993 September 24 Sports Sports Sports obsession can be spiritually unhealthy 
1993 September 24 Cross country Sports Men's and Women's harriers start the season with strong showings 
1993 September 24 Soccer Sports Out with the old and in with the new 
1993 September 17 Allen Duane Litfin Front page Wheaton inaugurates seventh president 
1993 September 17 Psychology degree Front page Grad school establishes doctorate in psychology 
1993 September 17 Student government Front page Freshmen elect SG leaders for coming year 
1993 September 17 Christian ethics  News CACE brings national leaders on activism issue to Wheaton 
1993 September 17 Concerned Women of America Feature CWA launches new chapter at Wheaton 
1993 September 17 Student life Feature SBE seeks an area of discussion 
1993 September 17 Student travel Feature Wheaton students experience Holy Land 
1993 September 17 The Record Editorial '93-'94 Record to provide platform 
1993 September 17 Diversity Opinion Unity within Diversity 
1993 September 17 Freedom of Religion and speech Opinion Rewriting the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution 
1993 September 17 Values Opinion Lessons learned from a three-year-old's manners 
1993 September 17 Government Opinion Meditations on the origins of government 
1993 September 17 Music reveiw Arts Guardian rocks 
1993 September 17 Movie review Arts Sixties show revived, Ford a smash in 'The Fugitive' 
1993 September 17 Movie review Arts Clint Eastwood 'makes my day' 
1993 September 17 Music review Arts Empire Brass a delight to the ears 
1993 September 17 Soccer Sports Crusaders in for kickin' year 
1993 September 17 NFL Sports Da who? Da Giants! 
1993 September 17 Football Sports Crusader's crushing squad starts big 
1993 September 17 Intramurals Sports "And the last shall be first" 
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