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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Women's Building News Editorial 
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Record Editorial Bible Statistics 
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Senior Class Recital News Class-Room Notes 
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Dr. Tashjcan News Personals 
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Board of Education Column Educational Notes 
December, 1896 Chapel Lectures News Editorial Notes 
Sept. and Oct., 1895 Introducing the Cotillon Information The Cruelty of the Cotillon 
December, 1896 Professor Greenwood Educational Rational Regard for the Body 
December, 1896 Adoption of Indian Place Names Column Nehalem and its Beeswax Mine 
December, 1896 Dr. Whitman Column A Visit to a Hero's Grave 
December, 1896 A.T. Martin Column Personals 
December, 1896 Paul Fischer Column Class Room Notes 
December, 1896 Charles A. Blanchard Column Terms Begin, Tuesday, Jan 3; Tuesday, April 4; Tuesday, July 5 
December, 1896 The Joy of a Teacher Column Editorial Notes 
December, 1896 Annual Meeting News The National Christian Association 
December, 1896 Mary Avery Blanchard Column Blessed Memories 
December, 1896 M. Belle Blanchard Column Effects of Philosophy 
December, 1896 Joseph Cook Column Forecast 
December, 1896 J.F. Skeel Column Personals 
December, 1896 E. Albert Cook Column Sunset Musings 
December, 1896 Literary Digest Column An Educational Campaign of the Fifties 
December, 1896 Vergil Class Column Class Room Notes 
December, 1896 The Cantata Editorial Notes Commencement Week 
December, 1896 H.A. Fischer Editorial Notes Treasurer's Report 
December, 1896 Mattle Guild Literary A Traffic 
December, 1896 David C Cook Column Personals 
December, 1896 "Daughter of Jairus" Column Classroom Notes 
January 1898 The Lodge and the Church Editorial  The Men's Church 
January 1898 Pleasant Letters Editorial Letters From Students 
January 1898 After Woman's Building Editorial Another Building 
January 1898 Excelsior Association Editorial The Silver Anniversary 
January 1898 Society and Theory Editorial Sociology 
January 1898 Drunkenness Editorial Disorder in College 
January 1898 Dr. John Broadus Literary Christian Living 
January 1898 M. Elizabeth Kellogg Literary Scars 
January 1898 Stella Laughlin Connell Column Personals 
January 1898 Conference of Teachers of Chemistry Educational Notes Chemists' Conference 
January 1898 Bible Society Educational Notes Missionary Work in Russia 
January 1898 The Indian Witness Educational Notes Methodist Missions in India 
January 1898 D.L. Moody Educational Notes Power of the Roman Church 
January 1898 Olive Clothier Educational Notes Miss Clothier's Death 
January 1898 Chemistry Students Information Class Room Notes 
January 1898 English Literature Class Class Room Notes Chaucer 
January 1898 Chas W. Fletcher Column Do You Believe in Aggressive Evangelism? 
January 1898 N.Y. Independent Column Extracts 
February 1898 E. Whipple Editorial Notes The Cuban Question 
February 1898 Blanchard News President Blanchard's Illness 
February 1898 College Social News College Social 
February 1898 J.B. Lorbeer Literary Inconvertible Paper Money 
February 1898 C.S. Prior Column A Report on "The Sabbath as Recreation Day" 
February 1898 The Ram's Horn Column Points for Parents 
February 1898 Rollin C. Mullenix Column Laboratory Reflections 
February 1898 Trustee George B. Hopkins Column Personals 
February 1898 Chas W. Fletcher Column Do You Believe in Aggressive Evangelism? 
April 1898 E. Albert Cook Literary Personal Power 
April 1898 F. L. Fischer Class Room Notes Sermonette 
April 1898 Churches in Sycamore Column Educational Notes 
April 1898 A. R. Dodd Column Personals 
April 1898 Annual Publication News "Echo '98" 
April 1898 Chas W. Fletcher Column Do You Believe in Aggressive Evangelism? 
June 1898 Record Editorial The Year 1897-1898 is Gone 
June 1898 Fifth Session News The Summer School 
June 1898 Thirty Ninth Annual Commencement Editorial Our Commencement 
June 1898 The Primitive Institution Column The Home 
June 1898 Struggle With Spain Column The American Navy 
June 1898 Edward P. Webster Column Educational Value of Examinations 
June 1898 H. A. Fischer Column Treasurer's Report 
June 1898 Frank E. Herrick Class Room Notes The Eighth-Hour Day 
June 1898 W.B. Guild Column Personals 
June 1898 Woman's Building Information Summer Board 
July 1898 Record Editorial The New Building 
July 1898 Record Editorial Notes Why send students to Wheaton? 
July 1898 Fifth Session of Summer School Editorial Notes The Summer School 
July 1898 Water System Editorial Notes Wheaton Water Works 
July 1898 Ohio Paper Editorial Note Brother C.W. Hiatt 
July 1898 James Freeman Clarke Literary Forward!/ Graduating Oration of Mr. J. B. Lorbeer 
July 1898 Prof Franklin Stead Conservatory of Music Piano, Pipe Organ, Counterpoint, Theory, and History of Music 
July 1898 Miss Nora Lorraine Olin Conservatory of Music Voice Culture, Chorus, Quartet Work, and Harmony 
July 1898 Mrs Franklin L. Stead Conservatory of Music Piano, and Classes in Fundamental Training for Children 
July 1898 Student Support Notes by the Way Self-Helping Students 
July 1898 Profs Mullenix and Russell Notes by the Way Biological Studies 
July 1898 Famine Notes by the Way The Indian Famine 
July 1898 Christian Civilization Notes by the Way The Giving Men 
July 1898 Our Religious Life Notes by the Way Hot Weather Religion 
July 1898 New School Notes by the Way Our Business College 
July 1898 Shaping Young Lifes Notes by the Way Preacher and Teacher 
July 1898 Thomas Davidson Column College Life 
July 1898 W.L. Ferris Column Personals 
July 1898 Woman's Building Information Summer Board 
July 1898 Special Summer Course Information The Moody Institute 
November 1898 Life of Our Lord Editorial Feeding the Multitude 
November 1898 New Year's Work Editorial At the College 
November 1898 Winter Term Editorial The Winter Term 
November 1898 "Educated men in the Army" Editorial Are Colleges Practical? 
November 1898 E. Albert Cook Literary The Student 
November 1898 G.A. Forbes Column War and Christianity 
November 1898 Charles A. Blanchard Column Wheaton College Lecture Course - 1898-1899 
November 1898 Simpson and Philip Column One Value of History 
November 1898 Miss Dow Column Personals 
December 1898 Record Editorial Notes Fifty Years 
December, 1898 National Christian Association Editorial Notes Opposed to Secret Societies 
December, 1898 A.C. Higgins Editorial Notes "A Transition." 
December, 1898 American Youths Editorial Notes The Decay of Law 
December, 1898 The Spanish-American War Editorial Notes National Expansion 
December, 1898 W.H. Guild Literary The Independent Man in Politics 
December, 1898 H.W Cook Literary Jack 
December, 1898 Record Column Courses for Masters Degree 
December, 1898 J.W. Fifield Column The Message of the Old World to the New 
December, 1898 Carl Slusser Column Personals 
December, 1898 Royal Hammond & J.Q. Adams Column Two Valued Friends 
December, 1898 Mrs Horace Johnson Column Promoted 
December, 1898 Young Men's Christian Association Column Resolutions 
December, 1898 Geo. A. Forbes, 99 Literary Physical Training 
December, 1898 Rev. Mr. Atchison Column Personals 
December, 1898 School Laws for Chicago Column Educational Notes 
December, 1898 Chicago Woman's Educational Union Educational Notes Bible Reading in the Public Schools 
December, 1898 Encroachment of Politics on Public Schools Educational Notes Supt. Andrews 
December, 1898 Howard J. Rogers Educational Notes Director of Dept of Education for Paris Exposition 
December, 1898 J.Q. Adams Column Resolutions by the Faculty of Wheaton College on the Death of J.Q. Adams, Adopted Feb. 10, 1899 
December, 1898 John T. Dale of Chicago Column Remarks on Wheaton College 
December, 1898 Dr. E.P. Goodwin of Chicago Column Wheaton College 
April, 1899 Undergraduate Students Editorial Notes A Brief Hisory of Wheaton College 
April, 1899 Timothy Hudson Editorial Notes Mr. Hudson 
April, 1899 Annual Convention Editorial Notes Christian Endeavor Convention 
April, 1899 Chautauqua Type Assembly Editorial Notes The Rock River Assembly 
April, 1899 P.B. Fischer Literary Romanism 
April, 1899 Bible Translation Educational Notes The Philippines and the Bible 
April, 1899 Harnack Educational Notes The Reaction of Biblical Criticism 
April, 1899 University of Paris Educational Notes The Largest University in the World 
April, 1899 Wood Stratton Column Personals 
April, 1899 William Allen Pusey Column University of Illinois/ College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago 
April, 1899 John T. Dale, of Chicago Column Remarks on Wheaton College 
April, 1899 Dr. E.P. Goodwin, of Chicago Column Wheaton College 
May, 1899 Alumni Editorial Notes A Brief History of Wheaton College 
May, 1899 Dedication Editorial Notes The Gymnasium 
May, 1899 Wheaton Summer School Editorial Notes Summer School 
May, 1899 Savagery in the South Editorial Notes Lynch Law 
May, 1899 Edward P. Webster '98 Literary Utility of Mathematics 
May, 1899 N.E. Hannant Column Personals 
May, 1899 William Allen Pusey Column University of Illinois/ College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago 
May, 1899 John T. Dale, Chicago Column Remarks on Wheaton College 
May, 1899 Dr. E. P. Goodwin, of Chicago Column Wheaton College 
June, 1899 Alumni Editorial Notes A Brief History of Wheaton College 
June, 1899 Biography Editorial Notes Mr. Timothy Hudson 
June, 1899 Special Summer Course Editorial Notes Mr. Moody's Bible School 
June, 1899 Wheaton Summer School Editorial Notes Summer School 
June, 1899 Jas C. Mackenzie Educational Honor in Student Life 
June, 1899 Water and Light Column Municipal Ownership 
June, 1899 Instructors and Courses Column Summer Term, Wheaton College July 3 - Aug. 11, '99 
June, 1899 Frank S. Hawley Column Personals 
June, 1899 William Allen Pusey Column University of Illinois/ College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago 
July, 1899 Endowment Editorial Notes $ 100, 000 
July, 1899 Geologic Expedition Editorial Notes Summer School 
July, 1899 Large Enrollment Editorial Notes The Coming Year 
July, 1899 Scattered Faculty Editorial Notes The Faculty 
July, 1899 "Temperance Legislation in Massachusets" Editorial Notes Instruction in Temperance 
July, 1899 Farm, Field and Fireside Column Municipal Ownership 
July, 1899 Wheaton Illinoian Column Commencement Week 
July, 1899 H.A. Fischer Column Treasurer's Report 
July, 1899 William Allen Pusey Column University of Illinois/ College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago 
July, 1899 J.W. Fifield Column A Personal Testimony 
August, 1899 Summer School Editorial Notes Rock River Assembly 
August, 1899 Congress Representation Editorial Notes A Republican Form of Government 
August, 1899 Raid of Cubans and Filipinos Editorial Notes The Filipinos 
August, 1899 Midsummer Announcement Editorial Notes The Moody Bible School 
August, 1899 Chicago Golf Club Editorial Notes Sunday Sports 
August, 1899 Bridgeport Trolley Car Editorial Notes The Plunge to Death 
August, 1899 God or Mammon Editorial Notes Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon 
August, 1899 Fellowship of Suffering Editorial Notes Fellowship with Jesus 
August, 1899 College Ideals Editorial Notes Which School? 
August, 1899 Send the Child Around the World? Educational Where to Educate Children 
August, 1899 Darien A. Straw Column Big Bone Found 
August, 1899 The Chicago Lever Column Temperance 
August, 1899 S.A. Bent '82 Column Personals 
September, 1899 Tragi-comedy Editorial Notes The Dreyfus Trial 
September, 1899 Northfield of Christian Conferences Editorial Notes Northfield in Chicago 
September, 1899 College Endowments Editorial Notes One Hundred Thousand Dollars 
September, 1899 The Physica Laboratory Editorial Notes The Fall Term 
September, 1899 Piano Department Editorial Notes Sight-Reading Class 
September, 1899 The 'Fuhkien Star' Editorial Notes News from China 
September, 1899 Wheaton's Moral and Spiritual Atmosphere Editorial Notes Homes in Wheaton 
September, 1899 Paul B. Fischer Literary It Exists 
September, 1899 The Higher Voices Literary Thoughts for Saturday Night 
September, 1899 Chicago Northfield Conference Educational Transplanting a Northfield Conference 
September, 1899 Dr. Babbit Educational A Dictionary of College Slang 
September, 1899 Frank H. Russell Column Personals 
September, 1899 J.W. Fifield Column A Personal Testimony 
October, 1899 Monuments Editorial Notes Erecting Monuments 
October, 1899 Education Editorial Notes Christian Education 
October, 1899 College as Business Enterprise Editorial Notes Business Requires Capital 
October, 1899 Send the Child around the World? Editorial Notes Where to Educate Children 
October, 1899 Endowment Funds Editorial Notes One Hundred Thousand Dollars 
October, 1899 Rev Edwin S. Carr Literary The College to Which Christian Parents Should Send Their Children 
October, 1899 The 'Collegian' Column Exchange 
October, 1899 John S. Congdon Column Memorial Day, 1899 
October, 1899 Outrageous Football Matches Editorial Notes Clean Athletics 
October, 1899 Endowment Funds Editorial Notes Increased Endowment 
October, 1899 Call for help! Editorial Notes The Winter Term 
October, 1899 Great Britain in Africa Editorial Notes The War in Africa 
October, 1899 The 'Campus' Column Exchanges 
October, 1899 Rev Chas. W. Fletcher Column Purity of the Local Church 
October, 1899 General Association Educational Annual Meeting of the American Social Science Association 
October, 1899 Rev. and Mrs. J.D. Wyckoff Column Personals 
December, 1899 God's Generous Giving Editorial Notes "Open Thy Mouth Wide" 
December, 1899 Call to Contribute Editorial Notes Why Give Money to Wheaton College? 
December, 1899 Go for Quality! Editorial Notes Why Study at Wheaton? 
December, 1899 Article on 'Literary' Editorial Notes War Against the Classics 
December, 1899 The "Ottawa Campus" Column Exchanges 
December, 1899 Maurice Thompson Literary War Against the Classics 
December, 1899 Beauty of Youth Literary Youth 
December, 1899 Minnie Worrell Blachly Column Correspondence 
December, 1899 Charles W. Hadley Column Personals 
January, 1900 Evangelism as a Duty Editorial Notes Winning Souls 
January, 1900 New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools Editorial Notes Education for Men and Women 
January, 1900 Justice will Prevail Editorial Notes National Sins 
January, 1900 Good Start Editorial Notes The Winter Term 
January, 1900 Ewin Erle Sparks Literary Results in the Prussian Gymnasium 
January, 1900 L.M. Hiatt Column Personals 
February, 1900 Mind-Body Relations Editorial Notes Translated 
February, 1900 Charles A. Blanchard Literary Method in Biblical Criticism 
February, 1900 Rational Use of Valentine's Day Literary St Valentine's Day 
February, 1900 Charles R. Hunt Column Personals 
March, 1900 State Teachers Association Editorial Notes High School and College 
March, 1900 Need for Continuous Learning Editorial Notes Why Should a High School Graduate Go to College? 
March, 1900 A Complete and Balanced Culture Editorial Notes Why Should a Student Come to Wheaton? 
March, 1900 Prize Scholarship Offer Editorial Notes Scholarships to High Schools 
March, 1900 The Impact of Training Editorial Notes The Stimulus of a New Idea 
March, 1900 Prof. D.A. Straw Literary Knowing 
March, 1900 MaBELLE SMITH Column "Curia" 
March, 1900 Material and Spiritual Column Ethel C. Olin 
March, 1900 Othello and Luria Column Ellen Kellog 
March, 1900 Mamie Jenks Column Personals 
April, 1900 Make the World Better Editorial Notes To Friends of Christian Education 
April, 1900 Compliments to Wheaton College Editorial Notes An Aurora Lady 
April, 1900 Charles A. Blanchard Column An Open Letter 
April, 1900 J.C. Meyers Column Action of Aurora Association Naperville 
April, 1900 E.W. Huelster Column Action of Elgin Association 
April, 1900 John B. Fairbank Column State Association of Congregational Churches 
April, 1900 Oral Recitation Column The Speaking Voice 
April, 1900 Planting of Schools Column Does it Pay? 
April, 1900 Dress Column Among the Exchanges 
April, 1900 Murry Nelson; Henry M. Hubbard; and Samuel Adams Column Scholarship of the Harvard Club of Chicago 
April, 1900 The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago Column Moody Bible Institute, Chicago 
April, 1900 Christian Culture Editorial Notes 1899-1900 
April, 1900 Dr. F. O. Bates Literary Caesar, or Substitutes for Caesar 
April, 1900 Excelsior Oratorical Contest Column Personals 
July, 1900 President and Mrs. Blanchard Editorial Notes The President's Tour 
July, 1900 Alumni Banquet Editorial Notes The Reunion 
July, 1900 Miss Pinkey at Foo Chow Editorial Notes Our Missionaries 
July, 1900 Faculty and Work Continue Unchanged Editorial Notes Next Year 
July, 1900 Mental Culture Unmixed with Barbarian Manners Editorial Notes College Manners 
July, 1900 Corporal Punishment Editorial Notes Methods of Discipline 
July, 1900 Child Discipline Editorial Notes The Same Principle in National Authority 
July, 1900 Christian Mission in China Editorial Notes The Need of China 
July, 1900 American Method in the Philipines Editorial Notes Government in the Philipines 
July, 1900 Place of Discussion in Determining Truth Editorial Notes Need of Discussion 
July, 1900 The Highest Culture Editorial Notes Courtesy in Public Conviction 
July, 1900 Earnestness is not Ugliness Editorial Notes Woman's Part in Correcting Public Evils 
July, 1900 Record Editorial A Student Paper 
July, 1900 Record Editorial Commencement Week 
July, 1900 Biblical Instruction Column Special Summer Course at the Moody Bible Institute 
July, 1900 Professor Elsie S. Dow Column Educational Topics 
July, 1900 H.L. Kellogg Column Personals 
October 15, 1900 F.E.H. Column The Angel Israfel 
October 15, 1900 A Letter From Our President Column Rambles on Sea and Land 
October 15, 1900 Marie Sphrene Burnham Column An Island Queen 
October 15, 1900 Rev. E.B. Sutton Column Around The College and Town 
October 15, 1900 Rev. Ira D. Stone Column Among Students and Alumni 
October 15, 1900 Gymnasium Work Column General Athletics 
October 15, 1900 Athletic Association News Athletic Notes 
October 15, 1900 Record Editorial A Word From the Editors 
October 15, 1900 J.S.C. Column The New Venture 
October 15, 1900 M.S.B. Column The Commencement Revised 
October 15, 1900 Civilization on the Pivot Column Education and Character 
February 1898 Record Editorial Notes Brief History of Wheaton College/ Progress in all Directions 
April 1898 Record Editorial Notes God Our Strength 
October 15, 1900 Specilalization Column The College For Breadth of Culture 
October 15, 1900 Fred L. Fischer Column The Manager's Word 
November 1, 1900 Marie Sophrene Burnham Column It May Be Weeds 
November 1, 1900 Hattie Louise Whitcomb Column "Wally" 
November 1, 1900 My Vacation Column My Vacation 
November 1, 1900 President Blanchard and Professor Whipple Column Stray Bits 
November 1, 1900 Will Swink Column Why I Should Vote For 
November 1, 1900 Record "Contribution" Box Column Around the College and Town 
November 1, 1900 H.L.W.  Column Hall Notes 
November 1, 1900 John D. Nutting Column Among the Mormons 
November 1, 1900 The Three Ravens Column The Three Ravens 
November 1, 1900 M.S.B. Column Those Seniors 
November 1, 1900 M.S.B. Column Wanted - A Sense of Humor 
November 1, 1900 Arthur Dunham Information Organ and Piano Recital 
November 1, 1900 Preps Column Preparatory Notes 
November 1, 1900 President Blanchard Column A Word About the President, Behind His Back 
November 1, 1900 Scholarship and Biblical Christianity Column Forward 
November 1, 1900 U. of Tenn. Magazine Editorial Editor's Chorus/ Tune - The Hebrew Children 
November 1, 1900 Advertisements Editorial The Manager's Word 
November 1, 1900 Benny and Annie Column What Made Us Smile 
November 1, 1900 Ladies' Hall at Wheaton College Column Address, Charles A. Blanchard, President 
November 15, 1900 B.E.D Column Earth's Music 
November 15, 1900 L.L.S. Column William Henry Starts for College 
November 15, 1900 Marie Sophrene Burnham Column November Storm 
November 15, 1900 M.E.K. Column Alumni Sketches - I. J. W. Fifield, D.D. 
November 15, 1900 Dean Column Rambles on Sea and Land -- II. Switzerland 
November 15, 1900 Halloween Column Around The College and Town 
November 15, 1900 W.B. Lloyd Column Among Students and Alumni 
November 15, 1900 Football Sports Athletic Notes 
November 15, 1900 J.S.C. Editorial Reasons for Subscribing For the Record 
November 15, 1900 M.S.B. Column Manners Make The Man 
November 15, 1900 Alvin Hock Column Preparatory Notes 
November 15, 1900 What Makes a College Column Books and Boys + X = College 
November 15, 1900 Nikomis Column Elements of College Life - I. Chapel 
November 15, 1900 Good Writing Column How To Write For the Paper 
November 15, 1900 Nuggets Column Among Our Exchanges 
November 15, 1900 In "Maria Stuart" Class Column What Made Us Smile 
December 1, 1900 R. und S. Column How I Won a Wife 
December 1, 1900 Pocahontas Column A Wicked Joke 
December 1, 1900 Dean Column Rambles on Sea and Land - III. Switzerland 
December 1, 1900 Karl Column Thanksgiving At the "Dorm" 
December 1, 1900 Tuesdays' Chapel Column Around College and Town 
December 1, 1900 W.D. Nash '99 Column Among Students and Alumni 
December 1, 1900 Conservatory Information Conservatory of Music 
December 1, 1900 Athletics Sports Athletic Notes 
December 1, 1900 Belle M. Petrie Column Elements of College Life - II. College Rules 
December 1, 1900 J.S.C. News President Arrives 
December 1, 1900 M.S.B. Column Sub Rosa 
December 1, 1900 Prof. Mullenix Column Preparatory Notes 
December 1, 1900 P.B.P. Column Alumni Sketches - II Wm. I. Philips 
December 1, 1900 Purpose of Humor Column Grades of Humor 
December 1, 1900 Nuggets Column Among Our Exchanges 
December 1, 1900 Jokes Column What Made Us Smile 
December 15, 1900 Send the Child to College Column Why Should My Child Go to College? 
December 15, 1900 Endowments Column Why Should One Give Money To Endow a College? 
December 15, 1900 Mary Sanderson Wentworth Column Echoes From Bethlehem 
December 15, 1900 Rev A. F. Fehlandt of Creston, ILL. Column How To Live 
December 15, 1900 "Realizing Life's Supreme Purpose" Column Around College and Town 
December 15, 1900 Julia Blanchard, '98 Column Among Students and Alumni 
December 15, 1900 Record Editorial From the Editor's Mail Box 
December 15, 1900 F.E.H. Column Elements of College Life - III. Society 
December 15, 1900 Wheaton College Song Book Information A College Song Special 
December 15, 1900 W.B. Lloyd '71 Column Alumni Sketches - III 
December 15, 1900 Unsettled Dispute Column Our Dogs 
December 15, 1900 M.S.Y.Z. Column Lost 
December 15, 1900 Tit Bits Column Among Our Exchanges 
December 15, 1900 Nuggets Column Stray Bits 
December 15, 1900 The Earlhamite Column Life's Mirror 
January 1, 1901 E.A.K. Column A Purpose 
January 1, 1901 S. Hugh Paine Column Chased by a Runaway Locomotive 
January 1, 1901 F.J. Chitlenden Column Society 
January 1, 1901 W.B.D. Column Elements of College Life - IV 
January 1, 1901 Christianity Column An Apostolic commission 
January 1, 1901 Miss Belle Blanchard, '97 News Among Students and Alumni 
January 1, 1901 M.S.B. Column Assistant Editor Speaks 
January 1, 1901 J.S.C. Column The Wheaton Song Book 
January 1, 1901 F.L.F. Column Manager's Mention 
January 1, 1901 Karl Column "Strolling 'Bout The Town" 
January 1, 1901 Odd Roger Column A Printer's Idyl 
January 1, 1901 R.E.C. Column Philalethean Mention 
January 15, 1901 E.A.K. Column Mindful of His Own 
January 15, 1901 "The Guilty Eight" Column The Guilty Eight 
January 15, 1901 A Bee Encaged Column Imprisoned 
January 15, 1901 Walter L. Ferris Column From the Editor's Mail Box 
January 15, 1901 Baseball Sports Athletic Notes 
January 15, 1901 B.T. Column A Maid 
January 15, 1901 Charles W. Dumper, '00 News Among Students and Alumni 
January 15, 1901 Department of Music News Conservatory Notes 
January 15, 1901 "Just One Girl" Column Preparatory Notes 
January 15, 1901 E.B. Angle Column Elements of College Life - V. The Social Life 
January 15, 1901 J.S.C. Column System 
January 15, 1901 M.S.B. Column "And Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them" 
January 15, 1901 D.A. Straw Column Work and Play 
January 15, 1901 Tit Bits Column Among Our Exchanges 
February 1, 1901 W.B.D. Column A Simple Tale 
February 1, 1901 Ruth Ware Column Wha The Wind Did 
February 1, 1901 Marie Sophrene Burnham Column What Can We Do 
February 1, 1901 August Von Estorf Column From the Editor's Mail Box 
February 1, 1901 President Blanchard's Chapel Talks Column Around College and Town 
February 1, 1901 W.H. Lusk News Among Students and Alumni 
February 1, 1901 E.M.L. Column Elements of College Life - VI 
February 1, 1901 Record Editorial Prospects 
February 1, 1901 J.S.C. Column To Non-Subscribers 
February 1, 1901 Kreitonian Column Among the Societies 
February 1, 1901 D.A. Straw Column Representative Government 
February 1, 1901 Nuggets Column Stray Bits 
February 1, 1901 Tit Bits Column Among Our Exchanges 
February 15, 1901 Campbell Column The Name Unknown 
February 15, 1901 L.L.S. Column Cupid's Vow 
February 15, 1901 Lady of the Tired Eyes Column La Tendresse 
February 15, 1901 R.E.C. Column  The Origin of St. Valentine's Day 
February 15, 1901 A. Co. Ed. Column Elements of College Life - VII 
February 15, 1901 Faithfully Thy Valentine Column Epistula Amatoria 
February 15, 1901 Dear Love, That Star You Are Column Ad Valentinum Meum 
February 15, 1901 Caleb Column What's in a Button 
February 15, 1901 Cupid's Casuistry Column Emerson 
February 15, 1901 G.E. Ross, '96 and Albert Cook, '98 News Among Students and Alumni 
February 15, 1901 The Country, Unexplored Column Then and Now 
February 15, 1901 "Forward Movement" News Around College and Town 
February 15, 1901 I Shall Follow in the Footsteps of My Love Column The Heavenly Footsteps 
February 15, 1901 Second Concert Information Mr. Sydney Lloyd Writghson 
March 1, 1901 Eleanor Column Down The St. John's 
March 1, 1901 Samuel Holmes Column Rev Charles Blanchard 
March 1, 1901 Elsie Storrs Dow Column February 14, 1901. To ______________ 
March 1, 1901 Caspar W. Hiatt Editorial From the Editor's Mail Box 
March 1, 1901 Orvis Ring Column Alumni Sketches - IV 
March 1, 1901 M.E.K. '99 Column A Rose: A Life 
March 1, 1901 Rev Amos J. Bailey, '68 News Among Students and Alumni 
March 1, 1901 W.R.H. Column Chapel 
March 1, 1901 Preparatory School Information A Change in Preparatory Courses 
March 1, 1901 Tit Bits Column Among Our Exchanges 
March 1, 1901 M.M. Brown Column What They Think of It 
March 15, 1901 S. Hugh Paine Column An Interview with the Muses; Or, Why The Student Writes Verses 
March 15, 1901 Ellen Avery Kellogg Column My First Temperance Meeting 
March 15, 1901 Work of Childhood; Play of Manhood Column Pearls From the President 
March 15, 1901 J.H.S. Column The Month of March 
March 15, 1901 Odd Roger Column The Fall of the Mighty 
March 15, 1901 W.L. Ferris '79 News Among Students and Alumni 
March 15, 1901 Good Programs Column Around College and Town 
March 15, 1901 Basketball Sports Athletic Notes 
March 15, 1901 J.B. Russell Column Alumni Sketches 
March 15, 1901 Baseball Sports Athletics 
March 15, 1901 Keeping a Clean Environment Column Vandalism 
March 15, 1901 J.S.C. Column In Appreciation 
March 15, 1901 Conscience is a Matter of Culture Column All Sorts of Conscience 
March 15, 1901 Ecclesiastes 3:4 Column Ecclesiastes 3:4 
March 15, 1901 Mandolins and Guitars Column The Washburn Book About Mandolins and Guitars 
March 15, 1901 News Bits Column Among Our Exchanges 
April 1, 1901 Herbert J. Wrightson Column My Lady/ Quartette for Male Voices 
April 1, 1901 Prof. H. J. Wrightson Column Our Gerizim/ A College Hymn 
April 1, 1901 Ellen Avery Kellogg Column God of Our Highest Hopes 
April 1, 1901 F.E. Herrick Column Sing Softly For Wheaton 
April 1, 1901 Anon Column The Quilting Party 
April 1, 1901 F.E. Herrick Column Wheaton, The School We Love Dearest 
April 1, 1901 Orange and Blue Column Orange and Blue 
April 1, 1901 Rig-A-Jig Column Rig-A-Jig 
April 1, 1901 The Mirror Column The Mirror 
April 1, 1901 E.A. Cook Column Tender Memories 
April 1, 1901 Wheaton Our Home Column Wheaton Our Home 
April 1, 1901 There is Column There is 
April 1, 1901 L.B. King Column For Oh! For Oh! 
April 1, 1901 Hattie L. Whitcomb Column Philalethean song 
April 1, 1901 Spanish Melody Column Sleighing Song 
April 1, 1901 The College Lad Column The College Lad 
April 1, 1901 Kreitonian Fame Column Kreitonian Fame 
April 1, 1901 J.B. Lorbeer and F.L. Tarbell Column Excelsior 
April 1, 1901 Glorious Banner Column Glorious Banner 
April 1, 1901 F.E.H. Column When the Roll is Called in Yonder 
April 1, 1901 F.E. Herrick Column My Old Exelsior Hall - Good Night 
April 1, 1901 Beltionian Alumni son Column Beltionian Alumni song 
April 1, 1901 Beltionian Song Column Beltionian Song 
April 1, 1901 Kreitonian Song Column Kreitonian Song 
April 1, 1901 Co-Ca-Che-Lunk Column Co-Ca-Che-Lunk 
April 1, 1901 Kreitonian Polly-Wolly-Doodle Column Kreitonian Polly-Wolly-Doodle 
April 1, 1901 By Bonnie Column My Bonnie 
April 1, 1901 F.E. Herrick Column Marching to Cuba 
April 1, 1901 F.E.H. Column A Hot Time in the Old Hall 
April 1, 1901 Frank E. Herrick Column The Boys in the Blue 
April 1, 1901 Nearer, My God, To Thee Column Nearer, My God, To Thee 
April 1, 1901 Over The Banister Column Over the Banister 
April 1, 1901 Swanee River Column Swanee River 
April 15, 1901 Marie Sophrene Burnham Column A Spring Song 
April 15, 1901 E.B. Angle Column Flowers 
April 15, 1901 S. Hugh Paine Column The Christian's Heart Song 
April 15, 1901 News Bits Column Around College and Town 
April 15, 1901 News Bits Column Among Students and Alumni 
April 15, 1901 E. Peacock Sports Baseball - Wheaton Vs. University of Chicago 
April 15, 1901 D.D. Fisher, LL.D. Column Alumni Sketches - VI 
April 15, 1901 Baseball Sports Baseball 
April 15, 1901 Wheaton Seems Abandoned News The Oratorical League 
May 1, 1901 G.R.J. Column Translation From Hesiod 
May 1, 1901 Rose E. Clatworthy Column The Woman With The Broom 
May 1, 1901 Record Editorial The Buried Talent 
May 1, 1901 Hugh Cork, '93 Column Alumni Sketches - VII 
May 1, 1901 H.L.W. Column Announcements 
May 1, 1901 J.S.C. Column Stand By Them 
May 1, 1901 Record Editorial A Few Definitions of Baseball Terms 
May 15, 1901 Violet Column After The Storm - A Calm 
May 15, 1901 Ruth A. Ware Column A Visit To A Mine 
May 15, 1901 Marie Sophrene Burnham Column My Right 
May 15, 1901 Edgar B. Wylie Column Alumni Sketches - VIII 
May 15, 1901 News Bits News Around College and Town 
May 15, 1901 Baseball Sports Lake Forest, Wheaton, DeKalb 
May 15, 1901 "Enoch Arden" Column A Unique Recital 
May 15, 1901 Wesley Harrop Column Elements of College Life - VIII 
May 15, 1901 Nuggets Column Among Our Exchanges 
June 1, 1901 S. Hugh Paine Column The Hour of Prayer 
June 1, 1901 Louis O. Lehman, Eureka College, Eureka, Ill. Column The Prohibition Party 
June 1, 1901 Intercollegiate Prohibition Association Column The I.C.P.A. Convention 
June 1, 1901 Belle M. Petrie Column Enoch Arden 
June 1, 1901 News Bits News Around College and Town 
June 1, 1901 J.S.C. Column The Alumni News 
June 1, 1901 The College Bell Column Elements of College Life - IX 
June 1, 1901 Helen Keller Column Economics 
June 15, 1901 As the Snow in the Winter Falls Column The Spirit of Longing 
June 15, 1901 Ellen Avery Kellogg Column The Silence of God 
June 15, 1901 Henry's Mother Column The Value of Education 
June 15, 1901 Hon. O.N. Carter Column Alumni Sketches - IX 
June 15, 1901 News Bits Column Around College and Town 
June 15, 1901 Genevieve Stratton Column BOS 
June 15, 1901 Mental Gymnastics Column Too Many Hobbies 
June 15, 1901 Record  Editorial Announcements, Our Faults, Advantages Here and Elsewhere, Large Colleges 
June 15, 1901 Leonard B. King Column A Message From the Y.M.C.A. 
June 15, 1901 One Cent At 5% for a 1900 Years Column Mathematical Diversions 
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