Index to the Record, 1881 (March)-1898 (June)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March, 1881 Record Exchanges North Western 
March, 1881 Record Exchanges Presbyterian College Journal 
March, 1881 Record Exchanges Southern Collegian 
March, 1881 Record Exchanges The Oracle 
March, 1881 Record Reviews The Studio and Musical Review 
March, 1881 Record Reviews St. Nicholas 
March, 1881 Record Reviews The Atlantic Monthly 
March, 1881 Record Reviews Scribner's Monthly 
March, 1881 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
October, 1881 C.L. Blanchard Literary "The Mission of American Statesmen 
October, 1881 K.B. Literary Seclusion 
October, 1881 L.W. Lewis & J.A. Parkhurst Column Resolutions on the Deat of James A. Garfield 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Editorial 
October, 1881 Memorial Meeting Editorial Excelsior Society 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Songs and Character 
October, 1881 Record Editorial College Education and Self-Confidence 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Endowment Fund 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Literary Union 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Teachers who Attend Summer School 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Five Weeks' Drill 
October, 1881 Record Editorial Alumni Copies 
October, 1881 Record Editorial The College Record 
October, 1881 Prof. F.G. Baker News Memorial Service 
October, 1881 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
October, 1881 Record Notes Personals 
October, 1881 Record Notes College World 
October, 1881 Record Notes Diversions 
October, 1881 Record Notes Exchanges 
October, 1881 Record Exhcanges Heidelberg Monthly Journal 
October, 1881 Record Exchanges The Dartmouth College Courier 
October, 1881 Record Exchanges The Alabama University Monthly 
October, 1881 Record Reviews The Atlantic Monthly 
October, 1881 Record Reviews The Scribner 
October, 1881 Richard Stoddard Reviews "The Sonnet in English Poetry" 
October, 1881 Record Reviews "Poetry in America" 
October, 1881 "Little Assunta" Reviews St. Nicholas 
October, 1881 Record Reviews The Heidelberg Journal 
October, 1881 Record Reviews The Knox Student 
October, 1881 Record Reviews The Illini 
June, 1882 Record Literary Almost Persuaded 
June, 1882 Record Editorial Characteristics 
June, 1882 Pres. L.N. Stratton of Wheaton Theological Seminary Column Decoration Day Address 
June, 1882 Alumni Reunion Editorial A General Reunion 
June, 1882 Record Editorial Wheaton Theological Seminary 
June, 1882 Record Editorial The College Record 
June, 1882 Record Editorial Commencement 
June, 1882 Record Editorial Art Exhibits 
June, 1882 Record Editorial Commencement 
June, 1882 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
June, 1882 Record Notes Personals 
June, 1882 Record College World Knox College 
June, 1882 Record College World The Concord School of Philosophy 
June, 1882 Western College Press Association Editorial The Press Association 
June, 1882 Record Exchanges The College Echo 
June, 1882 Record Reviews The Century for June 
June, 1882 Record Reviews The June Atlantic 
June, 1882 Record Reviews The St. Nicholas for June 
March, 1883 Pres't C.A. Blanchard Column Students Received at My Time 
March, 1883 L.N. Stratton, '60 Literary Our Sampson 
March, 1883 Syne. Literary A Fragment 
March, 1883 W.R.H., '77 Column The Pedagogue 
March, 1883 Prof. R.T. Morgan, '74 Column The Stripped Squirrel 
March, 1883 Wilber F. Baker, '79 Column Beltionian Public Meeting 
March, 1883 Prof. Jordan Notes Scientific Notes 
March, 1883 Record Editorial Slave Power 
March, 1883 Record Editorial Thinkers Control World Events 
March, 1883 Record Editorial America's School Children 
March, 1883 Record Editorial Thanks to Record Printers 
March, 1883 Record Editorial Easy to Speak but not Easy to be Understood 
March, 1883 Record Editorial World's Toilers and Producers 
March, 1883 Record Editorial It Pays to Polish 
March, 1883 Novel Invention Editorial Portable Electric Lighter 
March, 1883 Record Notes Personal 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges The Badger 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges "Our Exchange man flunked this month" 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges The Alabama University Monthly 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges The Campus 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges The Electric Light 
March, 1883 Record Exchanges The Argosy 
March, 1883 Record Notes College World 
March, 1883 Record College World State Oratorical Contest Association 
March, 1883 Record College World Philadelphia Graduating Class 
March, 1883 Record College World Germany has Twenty-One Universities 
March, 1883 Varsity College World English and American Universities 
March, 1883 Record College World New Orleans 
March, 1883 Record College World Gift of Private Individuals to US Education 
March, 1883 Record College World Southern Methodist Denominations 
March, 1883 Record College World Rutger's College 
March, 1883 James Laughlin College World Pennsylvania Female College 
March, 1883 Scientific Expedition College World Williams College 
March, 1883 Bachelor of Arts Degree Examination College World University of London 
March, 1883 Record College World Washington, Jackson ... Did Not Obtain College Education 
March, 1883 Mr. Geo. Darwin College World Cambridge University 
March, 1883 Record Reviews St. Nicholas 
March, 1883 Rose Terry Cooke Reviews "The Wrong Coat" 
March, 1883 Lucretia P. Hale Reviews "Mrs. Peterkin Faints on the Great Pyramid" 
March, 1883 E.S. Brooks Reviews "The Field of the Cloth of Gold." 
March, 1883 Record Reviews The March Century Justice 
March, 1883 H.H. Reviews "The Village of Oberammergan" 
March, 1883 Dr. Leonard Bacon Reviews "A Good Fight Finished" 
March, 1883 Record Notes Diversions 
March, 1883 Record Notes Diversions 
December, 1883 Pres't C.A. Blanchard Column Students Received at My Time 
December, 1883 L.N. Stratton Literary Storms and Stars 
December, 1883 W.R. Hench, '77 Column The Attitude of the German American Can Press Toward the Temperance Question 
December, 1883 Juanita Breckenridge Column Laughter 
December, 1883 C.W. Hiatt Column Consecrated Might 
December, 1883 Record Notes Editorial 
December, 1883 Record Notes Personal 
December, 1883 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
December, 1883 James Russell Lowell College World Cornell University 
December, 1883 Professor Dwight or Professor Day College World Phi Beta Kappa 
December, 1883 Mr. Paul Tulane College World Tulane University 
December, 1883 "Greek not a College Fetich" College World Kent Club at Yale 
December, 1883 Duke of Argyle College World 300th Anniversary of the University of Edinburgh 
December, 1883 Catholic Faith College World University of Upsata, Sweden 
December, 1883 Professor Arnold Guyot College World Princeton, New Jersey 
December, 1883 R.E. Marx Column Mr. Editor 
December, 1883 University of Toronto Exchanges The Varsity 
December, 1883 Desire for Criticisms Exchanges The Gleaner 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges Kings College Record 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges The University Mirror of March 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges The College Courier 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges Educational Quarterly 
December, 1883 Record Exchange The College Rambler 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges The Richmond College Messenger 
December, 1883 Record Exchanges The Undergraduate of March 
May, 1884 Pres't C.A. Blanchard Column Students Received at Any Time 
May, 1884 A.J. Chittenden Literary The Candidate Fair 
May, 1884 W.R. Hench, '77 Literary Honor the Patriotic Brave 
May, 1884 Cora L. Tatham Literary Literary Criticism 
May, 1884 Record Editorial Consolidation of the College Record 
May, 1884 Record Editorial "Five and Forty Couples" 
May, 1884 Record Editorial Where Does the Record Stand Politically? 
May, 1884 Record Editorial Decoration Day 
May, 1884 Record Editorial Rev. De La Matyr 
May, 1884 Record Editorial The Undergraduate 
May, 1884 Record In Memoriam Prof. P.V. Livingston 
June, 1885 D.A. Straw, '81 Literary To an ASA Grey Geranium 
June, 1885 J.B. Russell, '85 Literary Eulogy on Charles Sumner 
June, 1885 Hattie E. Childs, '86 Literary Beltionian Open Meeting 
June, 1885 '86 Literary The Beautiful in Nature 
June, 1885 Record Editorial The Manager 
June, 1885 Record Editorial The Revision of the Old Testament 
June, 1885 Richard Grant White Editorial Recent Death 
June, 1885 Record Editorial Coalition Against Gladstone or Peace Party 
June, 1885 One by One Stars Fade from View Editorial The Literary World 
June, 1885 Leveling of Liquor License Editorial Bill before the Legislature 
June, 1885 Record Editorial The Cultured Man 
June, 1885 Means to Self-Culture and Advancement Editorial Every Student Should Be a Critic and Court Criticism 
June, 1885 Determination and Ceaseless Toil Editorial In Order to Succeed 
June, 1885 Record Editorial The Fine Arts 
June, 1885 "Books are not absolutely dead things ..." Editorial Milton 
June, 1885 "Aelioian Musical Entertainment" Editorial The Record 
June, 1885 Record College World Ohio Has More Colleges than all Europe 
June, 1885 Iceland College World A University will be Opened in Iceland 
June, 1885 Record College World The Chautauqua 
June, 1885 Record College World Harvard 
June, 1885 Shanghai, China College World An American College to Be Established 
June, 1885 Salt Lake City College World The Mormons to Erect College 
June, 1885 Yale College World Freshman Class 
June, 1885 Private Study College World Harvard 
June, 1885 Average Salary College World American College Professor 
June, 1885 Williams College World Garfield's Memorial Window 
June, 1885 Union College College World Ex-President Arthur 
June, 1885 Young Ladies Received Degree College World Royal University of Ireland 
June, 1885 US 1884 College Graduates College World United States College Graduates Statistics 
June, 1885 Work on College Papers College World Harvard 
June, 1885 First College Opened to Women College World Wesleyan Female College 
June, 1885 Universities Open to Women College World Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark 
June, 1885 German College World Yale 
June, 1885 President White College World Cornell 
June, 1885  Record College World Alabama University 
June, 1885 Study of Spanish College World Princeton & Columbia 
June, 1885 Dr. Ridpath College World DePauw 
June, 1885 Centennial College World University of Heidelberg 
June, 1885 Royal Commisioners of England College World Technical Schools of the University of California 
June, 1885 Old men in European Education College World German Universities 
June, 1885 College Papers of the United States College World University Courier 
June, 1885 Joseph Cook College World Students and Prayer 
June, 1885 Record Exchanges Acadia Athenaeum 
June, 1885 Record Exhcanges Students' Journal 
June, 1885 Record Exchanges The Southern Collegian 
June, 1885 Record Exchanges The Rockford Fem. Sem. Mag. 
June, 1885 Record Exchanges Volantic 
June, 1885 Academia Exchanges Intercollegiate Press Association 
June, 1885 Record Exchanges Queen's College Journal 
June, 1885 American Academies Employed Professors Exchanges Heidelberg Monthly 
June, 1885 Current state of Civilization Exchanges The College Courier 
June, 1885 College Paper Exchanges Carletonia 
June, 1885 Record Notes Personals 
June, 1885 Record Notes Chit-Chat 
June, 1885 Record Editorial Quarter Centennial at Wheaton College 
February, 17, 1894 Record News Mrs. Jennie Carothers Blanchard 
December, 1894 Stuart Sterne Poem To-Morrow 
December, 1894 Chicago Heral Editorials Racing at Wheaton 
December, 1894 Record Editorial Capt. Bray of Oakland Cal. 
December, 1894 Supt. Blodgett Editorials Wheaton Public School 
December, 1894 College Fraternities Editorial One Hundred American Colleges 
December, 1894 Football Sports Yale, 12: Harvard, 4 
December, 1894 Clara Pratt, '97 Literary The Educated Girl 
December, 1894 C.D. Clark. '86 Literary The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle 
December, 1894 The Senior Class Notes Class-room Notes 
December, 1894 "Chinese Recorder" Notes A Shrewd Inteference 
December, 1894 Record Notes Personals 
December, 1894 Evil Influence of Secret Societies Editorial Danger Signals 
December, 1894 Stephen Merritt, in King's Messenger Editorial Christian Alliance 
December, 1894 The School Record Educational Notes E.O.T.A. 
December, 1894 Record Editorial Dull Pupils 
April 1896 Spring Term Editorial Notes Our Spring Term 
April 1896 Record Editorial Notes A Personal Word 
April 1896 Student Employment Editorial Notes Our Janitor Service 
April 1896 Moral Faculties Editorial Notes What is Education 
April 1896 Christian Intelligence Editorial Notes The Pastoral Visit 
April 1896 "Moral Courage" Editorial Notes Our Wednesday Lectures 
April 1896 Plan to Start the Academic Year Editorial Notes Commencement '96 
April 1896 Andrew Murray Editorial Notes Humility 
April 1896 N.H. Welch Column The Challenge of the Future 
April 1896 Record Class-Room Notes Bad Spelling 
April 1896 Record Class-Room Notes Memorizing 
April 1896 Record Notes Personals 
April 1896 Men Love Power Editorial Notes Source of Power 
April 1896 The Axis of Character is Moral, Not Mental Educational Notes Dr. Parkhurst on Obedience 
March, 1896 Ferishtah's Fancies, Robert Browning Poem The Eagle 
March, 1896 Mrs. Blanchard Editorial Editorial Notes 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Far South 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Hospitality of the South 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Lack of Mutual Sympathy Between North and South 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Caste Prejudice in the South 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Our Financial Needs 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Rev. George A. Conrad 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Profs. Whipple and Fischer 
March, 1896 Record Editorial Notes Our Printing Office 
March, 1896 Spring Term Editorial Notes Our Next Term 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mr. Osborne 
March, 1896 Record Personals Rev. Braddock 
March, 1896 Record Personals Jay Blount 
March, 1896 Record Personals Wylie Johnston 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mr. N.S. Straw 
March, 1896 Record Personals Rev. Moses Jr. 
March, 1896 Record Personals Israel Brown 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mrs. Maria Fischer 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mr. Parsons 
March, 1896 Record Personals Father of R.D. and V.I. 
March, 1896 Record Personals President Blanchard 
March, 1896 Record Personals Rev. Barton 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mr. Mullenix 
March, 1896 Record Personals W.F. Baker, '79 
March, 1896 Record Personals J.N. Davis, '95 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mrs. Katharine P. Biggers 
March, 1896 Record Personals Lillian and Grace Kessler 
March, 1896 Record Personals Rosa Ward 
March, 1896 Record Personals Mrs. Clare Beach Edwards 
March, 1896 Record Personals Prof. J.B. Russell 
March, 1896 Record Personals Rev. F.H. Russell, '91 
March, 1896 E. Albert Cook Poem Euterpe's Visit 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Canadian Churchman Poem Only 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Editorial Women's Building 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Editorial The Cruelty of the Cotillon 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Class-room Notes The Senior Class 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Dr. Tashjcan 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Miss Nora Donaghho 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Rev. T.C. Moffatt 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Mrs. Juanita Breckenridge Bates 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Cora L. Tatham 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Julia E. Whiting 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals LaVerne Marsh 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Fred Smith 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals C.P. Nedelkoff 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Wesley Chadwick 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals J.N. Davis 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Dr. C.R. Hunt 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals C.F. Ristow 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Joliet 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Luther L. Hiatt. 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Mrs. Belle Gunn Russell 
Sept. and Oct. 1895 Record Personals Mrs. Anna Jones Lynn 
May, 1897 Good Output from a Student Editorial Notes One of the Great Pleasures of a Teacher 
May, 1897 Record Editorial Notes Summer School 
May, 1897 Record Editorial Notes Action of the Congregational Ministers Union of Chicago 
May, 1897 Record Editorial College Library 
May, 1897 Record Editorial  The National Christian Association 
May, 1897 Mrs Mary Avery Blanchard Editorial Blessed Memories 
May, 1897 M. Belle Blanchard Literary The Effects of Philosophy 
May, 1897 Joseph Cook Poem Forecast 
May, 1897 Record Personals J.F. Skeel, '83 
May, 1897 Record Personals Hattie Muench 
May, 1897 Record Personals D.A. Grant 
May, 1897 Record Personals David Bryant 
May, 1897 Record Personals Rev. A.J. Chittenden 
May, 1897 Record Personals J.L. Williams, '78 
May, 1897 Record Personals Rev. J.N. Bedford 
May, 1897 Frankie Wheaton Synder  Information Personals 
May, 1897 Rev. E.B.Wylie  Information Personals 
May, 1897 Rev J.W. Fifield  Information Personals 
May, 1897 Rev. C. H. Corwin Information Personals  
May, 1897 Mr. Medelkoff  Information  Personals 
May, 1897 Chauncey L. Hayes  Information Personal  
May, 1897 Prof. Greenwood  Information Personal  
May, 1897 Rev. George Croker  Information Personal  
May, 1897 Miss Mattie Guild  Information Personal  
May, 1897 E.Albert Cook  Poem Sunset musings 
May, 1897 literary Digest  Educational notes  An educational campaign of the fifties  
May, 1897 Vergil Class Editorial  Class room notes 
June 1897 Editorial notes  Information Commencement week  
June 1897 H.A.Fischer  Information Treasurer's Report  
June 1897 Literary  Editorial  A Traffic  
June 1897 David Cook Information Personals  
June 1897 Celestia E. Shirley Information Personal  
June 1897  Herbert J.Dunton Information Personal 
June 1897 Enos. W.Shaw Information Personal  
June 1897 Rev. Chas.W.Fletcher Information Personal 
June 1897 Pres. S.W. Bond  Information Personal  
June 1897 Rev.J.G.Brooks  Information Personal 
June 1897  Mrs. May Plumb Harris  Information Personal  
June 1897 J.Imon Ellsworth Information Personal  
June 1897  Belle Wilson, B.F. Olson, and L.L.Lloyd  Information Personal  
June 1897 Supt. F.H. Palmer  Information Personal  
June 1897 Professor Fox Information Personal  
June 1897 May Stoddard Fifield  Information Personal  
June 1897 Judge O.N. Carter Information Personal  
June 1897 W.D. Gates  Information Personal 
June 1897 Rev. L.N. Stratton, D.D. Information Personal  
June 1897 Rev. W.L. Ferris  Information Personal  
June 1897 Dr. E.K. Bailey  Information Personal  
June 1897 L.W.Lewis Information Personal 
June 1897 Rev.Wm.Pinkney Information Personal 
June 1897 Mrs.Maria Blanchard Cook Information Personal  
June 1897 Rev. J.Kitterdge Wheeler  Information Personal 
June 1897 Rev.A.R.Dodd Information Personal 
June 1897 Rev. O.C. Bedford Information Personal  
June 1897 Mrs.Emma Hawley Paine Information Personal 
June 1897 Linus H.Park Information Personal 
June 1897 Julia Blanchard Fischer Column Blessed Memories 
January 1898 Editorial notes Editorial The Men's Church 
January 1898 Editorial notes Information Letters from students  
January 1898 Editorial notes Information Another building  
January 1898 Editorial note  Information The silver Anniversary 
January 1898 Editorial notes Information Sociology 
January 1898 Editorial notes Information Disorder in College  
January 1898 Literary  Column Christian living  
January 1898 M. Elizabeth Kellogg Column Scars 
January 1898 Stella Laughlin Connell Information Personals  
January 1898 Chemists' Conference Information Educational notes 
January 1898 Missionary work in Russia  Information Educational notes  
January 1898 Methodist missions in India  Information Educational notes  
January 1898 Power of the Roman Church Information Educational notes 
January 1898 Miss Clothier's death  Announcement  Educational notes 
January 1898 Class of '95 Column Class room notes  
January 1898 Note books of English literature Editorial Chaucer 
January 1898 Chas W. Fletcher Column Do you believe in Aggressive Evangelism  
Febuary 1898 The Cuban Question Editorial Educational notes 
February 1898 President Blanchard  Information President Blanchard's illness 
February 1898 Last College Social Information College Social 
February 1898 Incovertible paper money Editorial Literary 
February 1898 C.S.Prior Column A report on " The Sabbath as recreation day" 
February 1898 The Ram's Horn Announcement  Points for parents 
February 1898 Rollins C. Mullenix Editorial Educational notes 
February 1898 Trustee George B. Hopkins Information Personals 
February 1898 President Blanchard Information Personals 
April, 1898 Record Editorial God Our Strength 
April, 1898 E. Albert Cook Literary Personal Power 
April, 1898 F.L. Fischer Class Room Notes Sermonette 
April, 1898 Elizabethan Literature Class Room Notes English Criticism 
April, 1898 Satires Class Room Notes Horace Class 
April, 1898 Record Educational Notes Churches in Sycamore 
April, 1898 When the Centuries meet to compare Educational Notes Wendell Phillips 
April, 1898 New Century Educational Notes Neal Dow 
April, 1898 Record Educational Notes Moses and Israel 
April, 1898 Record Personals Rev. A.R. Dodd, '77 
April, 1898 Record Personals Pamelia Hand 
April, 1898 Record Personals Lottie Porter 
April, 1898 Record Personals Eva Robinson 
April, 1898 Record Personals Rev. Geo. H. Croker, '93 
April, 1898 Record Personals Rev. S.W. Strong 
April, 1898 Record Personals Cora Smith 
April, 1898 Record Personals Dr. Alba Johnston 
April, 1898 Record Personals Dr. A.B. Tashjean 
April, 1898 Record Personals Maud Whipple Park, '92 
April, 1898 Record Personals Maggie Carrie Root 
April, 1898 Record Personals Miss Pratt 
April, 1898 Record Personals Brother John Bradley 
April, 1898 Record Personals Mrs. Whitcomb 
April, 1898 Record Personals Mr. Andrew Erickson 
April, 1898 Record Personals Brother John Nutting 
April, 1898 Record Editorial "Echo '98." 
June, 1898 Record Editorial The Year is Gone 
June, 1898 Fifth Session Editorial The Summer School 
June, 1898 Thirty-Ninth Annual Commencement Editorial Our Commencement 
June, 1898 The Primitive Institution Editorial The Home 
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