Index to The Record, 1882 (January)-1882 (July)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 1882 Poem Literary A Fragment 
January 1882 Essay Literary German Influences in the United States 
January 1882 Essay Literary The Excelsior Open Meeting 
January 1882 Essay Literary Letting Him Go 
January 1882 Sermon Literary Angels 
January 1882 Updates Editorial Journals 
January 1882 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
January 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
January 1882 Updates College World College News 
January 1882 Updates Exchanges Journals 
January 1882 Updates Diversion Quotes 
January 1882 Poetry Review Reviews An Oration, Horace N. Jones 
January 1882 Speech Review Reviews J.L.W. 
January 1882 Essay Review Reviews The Natural Order 
February 1882 Essay Literary The Poetry of Ossian 
February 1882 Updates Editorial Notes 
February 1882 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
February 1882 Updates College World College News 
February 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
February 1882 Journal Review Reviews Journals 
February 1882 Updates Exchanges Journals 
March 1882 Poetry Literary By the Rose Tree 
March 1882 Essay Literary Popular Clamor 
March 1882 Essay Literary German Influences in the United States 
March 1882 Essay Literary Aelioian Open Meeting 
March 1882 Sermon Literary Epitome of a Sermon 
March 1882 Essay Literary True Manhood 
March 1882 Updates Editorial Notes 
March 1882 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
March 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
March 1882 Updates College World College News 
March 1882 Updates Diversions Quotes 
March 1882 Updates Exchanges Journals 
March 1882 Essay Review Reviews The Century and St Nicholas 
April 1882 Poem Literary At Wheaton College 
April 1882 Essay Literary Macbeth 
April 1882 Essay Literary Might and Right 
April 1882 Essay Literary Toleration 
April 1882 Essay Literary Beauty of Person 
April 1882 Updates Editorial Notes 
April 1882 Voting Editorial Where Shall Students Vote? 
April 1882 Essay Editorial Secretarianism 
April 1882 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
April 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
April 1882 Updates College World College News 
April 1882 Journal Review Reviews The Century and St Nicholas 
May 1882 Essay Literary  Writings of Oliver Goldsmith 
May 1882 Essay Literary Was the Execution of Charles I justifiable? 
May 1882 Essay Literary Plagiarism 
May 1882 Essay Literary Our Ruling Class 
May 1882 Essay Literary Epitomae of Discourse 
May 1882 Updates  Editorial Journals 
May 1882 Updates Editorial Campus Chit Chat 
May 1882 Updates College World College News 
May 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
May 1882 Updates Exchanges Journals 
May 1882 Journal Review Reviews The Atlantic 
June 1882 Essay Literary Almost Persuaded 
June 1882 Essay Literary Characteristics 
June 1882 Essay Literary Decoration Day Address 
June 1882 Updates Editorial A General Reunion 
June 1882 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
June 1882 Updates Personals Personal News 
June 1882 Updates College World College News 
June 1882 Updates Exchanges Journals 
June 1882 Journal Review Reviews The Century 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Updates The Commencement Exercises 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Updates The Sixth Annual Commencement of Wheaton Preparatory School 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Updates Alumni Supper 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Updates Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheaton College 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Updates Beltonian Farewell 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Baccalaureate Sermon 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Society of Inquiry Meeting 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Preparatory Graduation 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Literary Union 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Trustees Meeting 
July 1882 Commencement 1882 Commencement Week Treasurer's Report 
Showing 77 items