Index to The Record, 1881 (November)-1881 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 1881 Essay Literary The Missouri River 
November 1881 Essay Literary A Few Thoughts on the Play of Hamlet 
November 1881 Article Literary Agreeing to Differ 
November 1881 News Diversions Updates 
November 1881 News Exchanges Journals 
November 1881 Updates College World Campus News 
November 1881 Updates Personals Personal News 
November 1881 Updates Personals Bain on Temperance 
November 1881 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
November 1881 Updates Around Campus Inaugural Exercises 
November 1881 Updates Editorial The Missouri River at High Water 
November 1881 Updates Editorial The Twenty-fifth of December 
December 1881 Essay Literary Nation Development 
December 1881 Essay  Literary A Plea for Christmas 
December 1881 Essay Literary Insanity a Defense for Crime 
December 1881 Updates Editorial College Papers 
December 1881 Updates Around Campus Campus Chit Chat 
December 1881 Updates Around Campus Beltonian Open Meeting 
December 1881 Updates Personals Personal News 
December 1881 Updates Around Campus College World 
Showing 20 items