Index to The Record, 1880 (October)-1880 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 1880 Poem Literary Retrospection 
October 1880 Essay Literary Macauly's Essay on Milton 
October 1880 School Manners Literary The Amelioration of Our School Manners 
October 1880 Updates Editorial News 
October 1880 Essentials Editorial Three Essentials 
October 1880 Rhetoric Eptiome Epitome 
October 1880 Around Campus Epitome Campus Chit-Chat 
October 1880 Around Campus Epitome Personals 
October 1880 Around Campus Epitome Diversions 
November 1880 Poetry Literary Untitled 
November 1880 Politics Literary What Shall Be Done With the Turks in Europe 
November 1880 Essay Literary Goldsmith and His Works 
November 1880 Bigotry Editorial Misc 
November 1880 "Morning Talks" Editorial Talks by President Blanchard 
November 1880 Updates News Epitome 
November 1880 Around Campus News Campus Chit-Chat 
November 1880 Around Campus News Personals 
November 1880 Around Campus News Exchanges 
November 1880 Around Campus News Reviews 
November 1880 Around Campus News Diversions 
December 1880 Poem Literary Treasures 
December 1880 Language Literary Language a Vehicle of Thought 
December 1880 Essay Literary Women in French Politics 
December 1880 Essay Literary Charles Dickens 
December 1880 Around Campus News Reviews 
December 1880 Around Campus News Editorial 
December 1880 Updates  News Epitomes 
December 1880 Around Campus News Campus Chit-Chat 
December 1880 Around Campus News Personals 
December 1880 Around Campus News Diversions 
December 1880 Around Campus  News Exchanges 
Showing 31 items