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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1997 May 2 Study in Chicago Front page College to offer semester in the city 
1997 May 2 Student ministries Front page Students catch vision for five new ministries 
1997 May 2 Baroness Caroline Anne Cox Front page English baroness, activist to speak at graduations 
1997 May 2 Diversity News SG hosts forum to discuss diversity 
1997 May 2 Campus news News etc. 
1997 May 2 Prayer News Day of Prayer to focus on suffering church 
1997 May 2 Washington news Live from Washington... Capital Predictions 
1997 May 2 Preferred Mating Traits survey Spotlight And the survey says... 
1997 May 2 Public safety Spotlight What really happens at public safety 
1997 May 2 Parking Spotlight Here's the deal with parking... 
1997 May 2 Lessons from being the Record Editor Editorial Group dynamics 
1997 May 2 Being an adult Voices How to use chainsaws 
1997 May 2 The goals of Wheaton college Voices For Christ and whose kingdom? 
1997 May 2 Movie review The Beat Keaton's Batman echos Christians' inner life 
1997 May 2 Music review Showbiz Blue light special: Bono on center stage 
1997 May 2 Being a class clown The Beat Memoirs of a class clown 
1997 May 2 Wheaton Bagel Shoppe The Beat Holey bagels, Batman! 
1997 May 2 Life lessons The Beat From the files... 
1997 May 2 Music review The Beat New Kodon CD mixed bag 
1997 May 2 The Beat Editor's note From the editor of The Beat 
1997 May 2 Bollards Bollards! Bollards around the world 
1997 May 2 Comics Time Out Dilbert and Frick 
1997 May 2 Dr. Jeanette Hsieh News Hsieh takes deanship at Trinity International 
1997 May 2 Student life Letters Air Jam lacked judgement 
1997 May 2 Baseball Sports Baseball team splits with NCC, drops two to Carthage 
1997 May 2 Softball, Golf and Men's tennis Sports Crusader Notes 
1997 April 25 Daniel Baumann Front page Baumann recalls time in Iranian prison 
1997 April 25 Reviving the Christian Mind Front page Conferees think about linking faith, learning 
1997 April 25 Susan Bergman Front page 'Labyrinth of Memory' 
1997 April 25 Environmentalism News Earth week highlights stewardship of creation 
1997 April 25 Campus life News etc. 
1997 April 25 Li-Young Lee Spotlight Unveiling the God-Mind 
1997 April 25 Theatre preview Spotlight A slice of Johnny Pye 
1997 April 25 Persecution Editorial Don't just stand there 
1997 April 25 Recycling Letters When recycling isn't good stewardship 
1997 April 25 U2 Letters Pop review is inane 
1997 April 25 Psychology and Theology Views & Reviews Calvin and Freud Talk things over? 
1997 April 25 Dr. David Powlison Views and reviews Personal Collision: Coming to know Christ causes author to study history of a movement 
1997 April 25 Christian counseling Views and reviews Misinterpretation: Christian counseling often has problems in hermeneutics 
1997 April 25 Psychology and theology Views and reviews Connecting Disciplines 
1997 April 25 Dr. C. Hassell Bullock Views and reviews Winding down at Wheaton 
1997 April 25 Diversity 99 Lead Balloons Multi-what? 
1997 April 25 Student life Taken out of context Reflections on 4 a.m. conversations 
1997 April 25 Movie review The Beat Jesus in film-the Shawshank connection 
1997 April 25 Skateboarding Wacky on the Junk In support of thrashers across Wheaton 
1997 April 25 Golf Sports Golf finishes 2nd at North Central triangular 
1997 April 25 Baseball Sports Rockness and co. sweep Elmhurst Bluejays 
1997 April 18 Edee Schulze Front page Schulze named dean of student life 
1997 April 18 New Century Challenge Front page Awareness week seeks 100% participation 
1997 April 18 Campus life News etc. 
1997 April 18 Joo-Jin Ong and Rachel Krumsieg News History students honored at regional conference 
1997 April 18 Mark O. Hatfield News Hatfield fields questions 
1997 April 18 Theatre review Spotlight Rich Mullens brings Canticle of the Plains to Wheaton 
1997 April 18 Theatre Spotlight Backstage with the Plains folk 
1997 April 18 Purpose of college Voices From e-mail......Why we're here 
1997 April 18 Public safety Letters Thanks, Public Safety 
1997 April 18 Eucharist Letters The blood will never lose its power 
1997 April 18 Poverty Letters Give it up 
1997 April 18 Monasticism Laocoon's Alter Reflection on monasticism 
1997 April 18 Fictional writing Triple cropping The little man 
1997 April 18 Poverty Letters "I'm rich, please pray for me" 
1997 April 18 Student government Letters Clarity on the Hearing Panel 
1997 April 18 U2 The Beat Mofo your listening pleasure 
1997 April 18 Christianity and the cinema The Beat Learning about God from a cartoon Hunchback 
1997 April 18 Baseball Sports Baseball splits with North Park in round two 
1997 April 18 Softball and Tennis Sports Crusader notes 
1997 April 11 Michael Horowitz Front page Horowitz speaks for persecuted church 
1997 April 11 Student government Front page Lewis ousts Diaz in sophomore re-vote 
1997 April 11 Peter Front page 'Prophet' disrupts chapel 
1997 April 11 Student government News SG names hearing panel after debate 
1997 April 11 Summer courses News Philosophy gen ed offered at Black Hills 
1997 April 11 Campus life News etc. 
1997 April 11 Dr. Koop News Ethics center hosts dinner, forum for M.D.s 
1997 April 11 New council News New board of visitors pays first campus visit 
1997 April 11 Healing Spotlight Hard-core healing 
1997 April 11 Loving people Editorial Christ, not culture 
1997 April 11 Diversity Letters Increase diversity to increase perspectives 
1997 April 11 Postmodernism Views and reviews Truth on Trial 
1997 April 11 Karl Barth Views and reviews Is Karl Barth an Evangelical? 
1997 April 11 Individualism Views and reviews Individualism in the classroom 
1997 April 11 Self-centered evangelicalism Views and reviews Stuck on ourselves 
1997 April 11 Postmodernism Views and reviews The Bob Marley Brush-Off 
1997 April 11 Dr. Lundin Views and reviews Picking the brain of Dr. Lundin 
1997 April 11 Student life From the files... Betty's baccalaureate blues 
1997 April 11 Humor Taken out of context Laughing under the knife 
1997 April 11 Academy of music The Beat Academy makes informed music history 
1997 April 11 Christianity and the cinema The Beat Art's insight can nuture our spiritual lives 
1997 April 11 Christopher Lee The Beat Homage to a Legend 
1997 April 11 News from the Capitol Live from Washington... Paper tigers 
1997 April 11 Christianity Wacky on the Junk Winning, losing and the Christian witness 
1997 April 11 Softball Sports Softball squeaks past UC 
1997 April 11 Baseball Sports Baseball team slams its way past North Park 
1997 April 11 Golf, Track and women's tennis Sports Crusader Notes 
1997 April 4 Graduate school Front page College closing grad comm program 
1997 April 4 Student government Front page Incumbents sweep campus elections 
1997 April 4 John Ortberg Spotlight No Compromise 
1997 April 4 Computer lab News Dorm lab open around the clock 
1997 April 4 Dr. George Arasimowicz News Arasimowicz named dead on Conservatory 
1997 April 4 Campus parking News Parking appeals process simplified 
1997 April 4 Campus life News etc. 
1997 April 4 Graduate program Editorial Lack of communication 
1997 April 4 Dancing Letters The dance issue 
1997 April 4 Diversity Letters Reverse persuasion 
1997 April 4 Life lessons Laocoon's Alter The meaning of life (of experience) 
1997 April 4 Bible and theology department Triplecropping Who the hey is the Egg-Giver? 
1997 April 4 Diversity Letters Minority enrollment requires action 
1997 April 4 Initiatives Letters A sixth Initiative? 
1997 April 4 Graduate Communications program Letters A tribute to grad comm 
1997 April 4 Book review The Beat Jesus I Never Knew convicts and inspires 
1997 April 4 Movie review The Beat Independents' Day: low budgets, high praise 
1997 April 4 Bollards The Beat Bollards around the world 
1997 April 4 Literature Wacky on the Junk Da Sports Guy on Lit 
1997 April 4 Track Sports Wheaton hosts track invitational 
1997 April 4 Tennis Sports Crusaders fall in CCIW action 
1997 April 4 Baseball Sports Crusaders split 2 with Robert Morris 
1997 April 4 Swimming Sports Swimmers place at Nationals 
1997 April 4 Softball Sports Wheaton crushes TCU, splits 2 with Aurora 
1997 April 1 Humor Front page Glut of freshmen overloads resources 
1997 April 1 Humor Front page Trustees close all departments 
1997 April 1 Humor News Shellhamer arrested at February Formal 
1997 April 1 Humor News Bookstore replaced by new 'Vend-a-Book' machines 
1997 April 1 Humor News Public Safety bought by Oscar Mayer, Inc. 
1997 April 1 Humor News Engagement goal: 85% 
1997 April 1 Humor All the Lee That's Fit to Print... Arrrrrgh! 
1997 April 1 Humor News Student found drunk in bar 
1997 April 1 Humor Wacky on Lacoon's Albatross Steroids-why not? 
1997 April 1 Humor News Deatholz joins Gaither Trio 
1997 April 1 Humor News Bollards around the world 
1997 March 21 Student costs Front page Cost of attendance to increase 4.9% 
1997 March 21 Student government Front page Presidential tickets address campaign issues 
1997 March 21 Student government News Four seek election to new vice presidencies 
1997 March 21 Plowshares club News New club seeks dialogue regarding peace issues 
1997 March 21 Faculty enhancement initiative News Initiative to aid faculty in faith, learning, bill-paying 
1997 March 21 Recycling Spotlight Recycling Staying on top of the trash problem 
1997 March 21 Recycling Spotlight Talkin' Trash 
1997 March 21 News from the Capitol Live from Washington... A Tale of Two Cities 
1997 March 21 Loving our neighbors Letters Are the Initiatives in keeping with Christ? 
1997 March 21 Diversity Letters Living up to our motto 
1997 March 21 Diversity Letters Diversity is intrinsic to the body of Christ 
1997 March 21 Student life Letters Baldwin and Nichols defend their claims 
1997 March 21 Gender and sexuality 99 Lead Balloons Love and order 
1997 March 21 Strong women Taken out of Context Female role models 
1997 March 21 Music review The Beat Caedmon's Call sent out to wider audience 
1997 March 21 History of Wheaton Letters A voice from the past 
1997 March 21 Campus life News etc. 
1997 March 21 Daniel Baumann News Missionary alumnus Baumann freed from prison in Iran 
1997 March 21 Puzzles and comics Time Out! Dilbert, Frick and Bollards around the World 
1997 March 21 Movie review Wacky on the Junk The ideal agent 
1997 March 21 Softball Sports Softball successful down south 
1997 March 21 Baseball Sports Baseball squad labors under Florida sun 
1997 March 21 Wrestling Sports Elsen repeats as national champion 
1997 March 21 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops wraps up great run 
1997 March 21 Tennis Sports Tennis comes through the fire in Florida 
1997 February 28 Campus telephones Front page Hundreds lose phone service in storm 
1997 February 28 Tenure Front page Litfin fields questions about tenure decision 
1997 February 28 Student government Front page 21 offices up for grabs in SG elections next month 
1997 February 28 Campus radio News WETN radio turns 50 
1997 February 28 Campus life News etc. 
1997 February 28 Initiatives News College begins challenge of paying for initiatives 
1997 February 28 Sports and Recreation Center News Center to provide room for fun and games 
1997 February 28 News from Washington Live from Washington... Holding Court 
1997 February 28 Self-defense News Detective tells how to be 'tough target' 
1997 February 28 A Palestinian perspective Spotlight An American Arab Speaks out 
1997 February 28 Loving others Editorial Do you love? 
1997 February 28 Diversity Letters Baldwin and Nichols are misinformed 
1997 February 28 Diversity Letters Addressing the root of the problem must precede "diversity" 
1997 February 28 Student life Laocoon's Altar Metamorphosis 
1997 February 28 Student life Triplecropping Yeah, well-shoot 
1997 February 28 Music review The Beat Whipple Tree Band releases debut album 
1997 February 28 Public Christian testimony Letters A call for walking the talk 
1997 February 28 Student life The Albatross Grab Bag 
1997 February 28 Movie review Showbiz Bat-child makes screen debut, details inside 
1997 February 28 Comics Time Out! Dilbert and Ballards around the World 
1997 February 28 Cars and Campus life Wacky on the Junk Autos and buildings 
1997 February 28 Men's basketball, Tennis and wrestling Sports Sports shorts 
1997 February 28 Women's basketball Sports Women to slug it out with Millikin 
1997 February 28 Swimming Sports Wheaton swim team sweeps the Midwest Invite 
1997 February 21 Tenure Front page Board of trustees upholds tenure denial 
1997 February 21 Diversity Front page Litfin seeks diversity within student body 
1997 February 21 Ski retreat News Freshmen hit slopes 
1997 February 21 Parking tickets News SG suggests changes in parking appeals process 
1997 February 21 Campus life News etc. 
1997 February 21 Promise Keepers Spotlight Keeping Promises 
1997 February 21 Theatre review Spotlight Getting out: Arena Theatre breaks loose 
1997 February 21 Graduate student life Spotlight Getting a Grip on Graduate Studies 
1997 February 21 Diversity Editorial Take the initiative 
1997 February 21 Diversity Letters Diversity efforts deserve praise 
1997 February 21 Diversity Letters "Community" is an empty euphemism 
1997 February 21 Gender issues 99 Lead Balloons Fischer: frame two 
1997 February 21 Student life Taken out of Context Ich bin eine Columnist 
1997 February 21 Artie Terry The Beat Terry enters new frontier with online novel 
1997 February 21 Music review The Beat The best albums of the ' far 
1997 February 21 Book review Radiofree Toronto, eh A pleasant winter's read 
1997 February 21 Comics Time Out! Dilbert, Frick and Bollards Around the World 
1997 February 21 Pro-life movement News Officers attend pro-life weekend 
1997 February 21 Intramurals Letters Sportsmanship lacking in IMs 
1997 February 21 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball in homestretch of title race 
1997 February 21 Coaching Wacky on the Junk Let coaches coach 
1997 February 14 Tenure Front page Tenure decision protested by students 
1997 February 14 Student government Front page Student Government considers restructuring 
1997 February 14 Technology on campus News Network links dorms, offices 
1997 February 14 Presidential Prayer Breakfast News Mr. Wood goes to D.C. 
1997 February 14 Pew Younger Scholars Program News Alumna awarded $39,000 Pew fellowship 
1997 February 14 Campus life News etc. 
1997 February 14 Student life Editorial The crucible 
1997 February 14 Dr. Brian Miller Letters Oh, captain, my captain! 
1997 February 14 Student life Laocoon's Alter Untitled 
1997 February 14 Love Triplecropping Love, schmlove 
1997 February 14 Diversity Letters College needs more diversity 
1997 February 14 Valentine's Day Spotlight Love...Wheaton style 
1997 February 14 Jerry Maguire The Beat Jerry Maguire bucks the Oscar trends 
1997 February 14 Trout The Albatross Trout-a-rama! 
1997 February 14 25th edition of Showbiz Showbiz A veritable silver anniversary for Showbiz 
1997 February 14 Comics Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1997 February 14 Dennis Rodman Wacky on the Junk Go away, Dennis 
1997 February 14 Track Sports Track season opens at U of Chicago 
1997 February 14 Wrestling Sports Wrestling hosts Invite 
1997 February 14 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops lose clash with Titans 
1997 February 14 Women's basketball Sports Women finish sweep of IWU 
1997 February 7 Campus life Front page Matchless fire ignites Mac 3 room 
1997 February 7 Sabbatical Front page 15 professors granted sabbaticals for next year 
1997 February 7 Library News Library initiative targets holdings, technology 
1997 February 7 Student life News Class of 2001 takes shape 
1997 February 7 Campus life News etc. 
1997 February 7 Student Government News Clubs awarded additional funds 
1997 February 7 Washington Banquet Spotlight Mystery & Mystique: a february adventure 
1997 February 7 Urban Missions in Focus Spotlight Get the Real Picture MIF takes us to the city 
1997 February 7 Geoff Allen Spotlight Hockey hero comes out of hiding 
1997 February 7 Recycling Letters Do we recycle or do we save money? 
1997 February 7 Inclusive language Letters One more time... 
1997 February 7 Discrimination Letters Affirmative action is discrimination 
1997 February 7 Christianity Letters Another take on integrity 
1997 February 7 Poetry Letters And you thought Mr. Spock was bad! 
1997 February 7 Politics From the files... Politics, schmolitics 
1997 February 7 Relationships Taken out of context Love is in the air (but we hadn't noticed) 
1997 February 7 Student life 99 Lead Balloons The first meeting 
1997 February 7 Ballards Voices Bollard-spotting can't wait a week 
1997 February 7 News from the Capitol Live from Washington... The state of the Union 
1997 February 7 Star Wars The Beat America is captivated by Star Wars once again 
1997 February 7 Star Wars The Beat Raisin' the stakes 
1997 February 7 Theatre The Beat Getting Out- it's about time (The stage within the stage) 
1997 February 7 Movie review The Beat Great Dane Branagh's Hamlet is superlative 
1997 February 7 Comics Time Out Dilbert and Bollards Around the Universe 
1997 February 7 Hockey Wacky on the Junk S.O.S. from the ice 
1997 February 7 Swimming Sports Swimmers defeat conference rivals 
1997 February 7 Men's volleyball Sports Men's volleyball beats Rosary 
1997 February 7 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball poleaxes North Park 82-69 
1997 February 7 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops rebounds 
1997 January 31 New scholarship program Front page Donor funds full rides for minorities 
1997 January 31 McManis Lectureship Series Front page Lecture series explores evangelical spirtual life 
1997 January 31 Park Vending News New vending company updates service 
1997 January 31 Don Smarto News Smarto seeks new ministry 
1997 January 31 Campus life News etc. 
1997 January 31 Theatre review Spotlight The Tender Land hits home 
1997 January 31 The Pledge From the files... An essay on highest criticism 
1997 January 31 Life Triplecropping The persistence of regret 
1997 January 31 Commercials Showbiz Not so super 
1997 January 31 Integrity Editorial Chameleon Christians 
1997 January 31 Initiatives Letters Get a feel for the initiatives 
1997 January 31 Gender inclusive language Letters And the debate rages on 
1997 January 31 Campus revival Laocoon's Alter Do you believe in revival? 
1997 January 31 Student life The Albatross The end of the world as you know it 
1997 January 31 Movie review The Beat Jerry Maguire fights '90s cynicism 
1997 January 31 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball beats Carthage 
1997 January 31 Swimming Sports The Crusaders hang tough at Illini Classic 
1997 January 31 Women's basketball Sports Women own first place with 7-0 in CCIW 
1997 January 24 Campus bookstore Front page Bookstore management remains in-house 
1997 January 24 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Front page Holiday events celebrate King 
1997 January 24 Campus housing Front page Smith women move Jan. 31 
1997 January 24 Debate team News Debate team gets a hearing in L.A. 
1997 January 24 Norris A. Aldeen News Aldeen remembered 
1997 January 24 Recycling News Recycling program reaches plateau on campus 
1997 January 24 News from the Capitol Live from Washington... Inauguration '97: $43 million can't all be wrong 
1997 January 24 Walter C. Kaiser Jr. News Trustee named seminary president 
1997 January 24 Hudson Armerding Spotlight Presidential Advice: a conversation with Hudson Armerding 
1997 January 24 Student life Editorial Forest for the trees 
1997 January 24 Gender Letters Politically correct may be spiritually correct 
1997 January 24 Role models Letters Women need more role models 
1997 January 24 Christian life 99 Lead Balloons Playing pagan 
1997 January 24 Music review Taken out of context Captain Kirk can sing? 
1997 January 24 Generation X Views and reviews Crumbled authority causes killer freedom 
1997 January 24 Generation X Views and reviews Aquiring the fire is the death of "x" 
1997 January 24 Exhibit The Beat Ben Mahmoud exhibit showing in Adams Hall 
1997 January 24 Movie review The Beat The English Patient: A Panegyric (of sorts) 
1997 January 24 Entertainment Showbiz Gettin' serious: the Showbiz triple treat! 
1997 January 24 Movie review The Beat Crucible still spellbinding after 43 years 
1997 January 24 Movie review The Beat Secrets & Lies reveals deception's damage 
1997 January 24 Comics Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards around the World 
1997 January 24 Child athletes Wacky on the Junk Calm down, pops 
1997 January 24 Swimming Sports Swimming has mixed results versus NU and NIU 
1997 January 24 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops prove resilient in win over Big Blue 
1997 January 24 Women's basketball Sports Women dominate Augustana 
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