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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1997 November 21 World artisans Front Page It takes Ten Thousand Villages 
1997 November 21 mentally challenged neighbor Front Page Local man's admiration unwelcome: Students get cold feet through uneasy interactions with Daryl 
1997 November 21 radio tower Front Page AT&T seeks to replace WETN tower 
1997 November 21 prayer chapel Etcetera Seniors choose 1998 class gift 
1997 November 21 Russian chuch Etcetera College to offer eight-week course in Russian church history 
1997 November 21 debate tournament Etcetera Wheaton debate sweeps UW-Oshkosh 
1997 November 21 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 November 21 school exodus News Panel debates Christians' roles in public schools: CACE-sponsored forum examines different methods of education 
1997 November 21 cafeteria Spotlight Dishroom Diaries: Behind the Scenes 
1997 November 21 seasons Spotlight Autumn Answers 
1997 November 21 male and female Letters to the Editor Gender translation concerns English words 
1997 November 21 Greek words Letters to the Editor Gender issue has underlying concern 
1997 November 21 Chinese papers Letters to the Editor Media censorship 
1997 November 21 Soccer Editorial Fans of fanatics? 
1997 November 21 Spelling For lack of a better word From 1, 2, 3s to A, B, Cs 
1997 November 21 self-preoccupation Think again What about me? 
1997 November 21 Movie review The Beat Pulp Fiction: wisdom from an unlikely place 
1997 November 21 Mendelssohn The Beat Elijah enjoys packed house: Setting a standard of greatness 
1997 November 21 Letter to Dennis Showbiz Parent wants bananas; Dennis' quick reads 
1997 November 21 Seasonal relaxation CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Your Guide to Wintry Activity 
1997 November 21 football Sports Football slips in ice bowl to North Central 
1997 November 21 Men's soccer Sports Soccer drives over Rhoces, scrubs Wash U.  
1997 November 21 Basketball Sports Young teams aim to develop talent 
1997 December 5 Soccer Special Championship Pullout A closer look at the NCAA Champs 
1997 December 5 The Forum of Bible Agencies Front Page Translation conference postponed 
1997 December 5 NCAA Championship Front Page WETN drops ball on soccer broadcast 
1997 December 5 projects Front Page College deliberates over generous surplus 
1997 December 5 Wheaton College Christmas Festival Etcetera Christmas Festival to air on over 600 radio stations 
1997 December 5 Public safety News the Blotter 
1997 December 5 Uganda Spotlight Selling green bananas 
1997 December 5 Egypt Spotlight The stories I will carry in my heart 
1997 December 5 Sudan, persecution Fly on the Wall The time for action is now 
1997 December 5 Santa For lack of a better word All this for $7.99 
1997 December 5 Championship victories Editorial Something to celebrate 
1997 December 5 Pascual, Priscilla Letters to the Editor Priscilla Pascual, 1953-1997 
1997 December 5 Concert Letters to the Editor Thank you for Elijah 
1997 December 5 Bible and gender Letters to the Editor Translate it literally 
1997 December 5 Community response Letters to the Editor Daryl is a person too 
1997 December 5 Christmas celebration CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Michael Card's The Promise 
1997 December 5 Grisham The Beat Rainmaker drowns 
1997 December 5 women's basketball Sports Women kick off season with 2-and-1 start 
1997 December 5 men's basketball Sports Men fall to U. of Chicago 77-75 in overtime 
1997 December 5 Soccer Special Championship Pullout Shutout nets title 
1997 December 5 Men's soccer Special Championship Pullout Wheaton squeaks past Ohio Wesleyan 
1997 August 29 stolen vehicle Front Page CPO van disappears from loading dock 
1997 August 29 Library Front Page Buswell stacks go high tech 
1997 August 29 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 August 29 Cording, Edward A.  News Unsung college hero dies at 92 
1997 August 29 Arena Theater and Conservatory News Theater joins Conserv for Fiddler production 
1997 August 29 package deliveries News UPS strike leaves cups and comforters in limbo 
1997 August 29 Dr. Jack Lee Swartz News Former coach, mentor dies at 67 
1997 August 29 Freshman survival guide Spotlight Everything You've Ever wanted to know about Life at Wheaton College 
1997 August 29 Freshman survival guide Spotlight what they don't tell you about the campus 
1997 August 29 Freshman survival guide Spotlight How to tell who's new & who's not 
1997 August 29 Student run paper Editorial Both Sides 
1997 August 29 Welcome back Voices The year ahead 
1997 August 29 Gender-inclusive language Voices NIV under siege 
1997 August 29 College Union CU This Weekend Breaking the bubble: Travel Bureau aims to broaden horizons 
1997 August 29 Jazz Awareness Month CU This Weekend Get the goods on Chicago's Jazzfest '97 
1997 August 29 football Sports Wheaton football ready to rumble 
1997 August 29 Soccer Sports Soccer prepares for juggernaut season 
1997 September 5 dance Front Page Litfin lifts faculty dance ban: Professors allowed to dance with spouses, other family members 
1997 September 5 junior class president Front Page Denholm vacates office 
1997 September 5 Office of Christian Outreach Front Page Engel leaves OCO position 
1997 September 5 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 September 5 Library Etcetera Check out the Videos at Buswell 
1997 September 5 Debate on Ethics in Education Etcetera What is a college education for, anyway? 
1997 September 5 Campus food News Stupe hikes prices 
1997 September 5 Wheaton overseas Spotlight the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer? from Garbage to Ice Cream 
1997 September 5 runners Editorial The race marked out 
1997 September 5 Gender-inclusive language Letters to the Editor A waarning against Biblical deconstruction 
1997 September 5 fondue CU This Weekend Dip into the Melting Pot 
1997 September 5 Soccer Sports Women's soccer kicks promising season into high gear 
1997 September 5 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball ready to dig new season 
1997 September 5 Men's soccer Sports Men plaster St John's in soccer opener 
1997 September 12 Computer labs Front Page Dorm labs delayed 
1997 September 12 Stand in the gap Front Page Wheaton men plan bus trip to capital: Promise Keepers to hold day of prayer 
1997 September 12 Wheaton ranking Front Page Wheaton outranks other Christian colleges: College slips 37 places in Money magazine, but remains in top 100 
1997 September 12 Chief of Public Safety News Stevens leaves Public Safety 
1997 September 12 Sisters of Charity News Campus recalls Mother Teresa 
1997 September 12 Chapel control room Etcetera Damage stops songs from Edman tower 
1997 September 12 Dale Warland Singers Etcetera Wheaton hosts "America's best chorus" 
1997 September 12 shuttle Etcetera Goin' places 
1997 September 12 Atiencia, Jorge Spotlight a journey into the soul 
1997 September 12 Marion Wade Center Spotlight The Wade Center: Wheaton's best-kept secret 
1997 September 12 Mother Teresa Editorial Living to remember 
1997 September 12 Gender-inclusive language Letters to the Editor How far do we take the NIV? 
1997 September 12 Dr. Gary M. Burge Voices Professor responds to NIV debate 
1997 September 12 grocery For lack of a better word The morning jewel 
1997 September 12 death in the news Think again Gods among men? 
1997 September 12 Neo-Futurist theater CU This Weekend Neo-Futurist shed light on fun teacher 
1997 September 12 Album review The Beat Oasis' new release sounds familiar 
1997 September 12 Movie review The Beat DeNiro, Stallone arresting in Copland 
1997 September 12 campus renovation News New steam pipe costs thousands 
1997 September 12 professors News Meet the new faculty for 1997-98 
1997 September 12 BANNER News New software disrupts campus operations 
1997 September 12 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer chainsaw Lake Forest 9-0 
1997 September 12 short story Sports Sports Editorial with Bob Clark 
1997 September 12 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer looks past Calvin loss to weekend 
1997 September 12 Men's soccer Sports Men take trophy in runaway victories 
1997 September 19 campus layout Front Page New parking may displace women's teams 
1997 September 19 Howard, Alan J.  Front Page Athletic trainer leaves after 19 years on job 
1997 September 19 Student Government Front Page Low turnout, tight finish mark election 
1997 September 19 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 September 19 Writing and Literature Conference Etcetera The Writer's Voice 
1997 September 19 Goizueta, Roberto S.  Etcetera Hispanic theologian to speak 
1997 September 19 Library News Buswell lights to be doubled 
1997 September 19 Church of the Resurrection, Church of the Great Shepherd News Clashing churches seek resolution 
1997 September 19 Penner foundation, CACE News Koop questions the purpose of college 
1997 September 19 Arena Theater and Conservatory News Working together for Fiddler 
1997 September 19 physical disability Spotlight Through Different Eyes 
1997 September 19 higher education and money Editorial Numbers never lie 
1997 September 19 makeout location Letters to the Editor Take out the "makeout" 
1997 September 19 Gender-inclusive language Letters to the Editor 'Tis for everyone 
1997 September 19 Gender-inclusive language Letters to the Editor The primacy of man 
1997 September 19 chapel and citizenship Under scutiny Politics begins with people 
1997 September 19 Servanthood If Almonds could speak The quality of Kool-Aid 
1997 September 19 clubs Showbiz Everybody dance now: a faculty guide 
1997 September 19 William Wallace, Andy Defrain The Beat Holding out for a hero 
1997 September 19 Theater CU This Weekend Smash hit RENT premiers in Chicago 
1997 September 19 Professors Sports Meet more new faculty for 1997-98 
1997 September 19 volleyball Sports Wheaton nipped by CCIW defending champs 
1997 September 19 football Sports Football loses heartbreaker to Kalamazoo 
1997 September 19 soccer Sports Wheaton seizes first place with 5-2 win 
1997 September 19 Women's soccer Sports Women stage upset in sudden-death thriller 
1997 September 26 Campus crime Front Page Football locker room robber, Nearly $3000 in merchandise taken in heist 
1997 September 26 Student Government, College Union Front Page SG, CU face budget shortfalls 
1997 September 26 Summit Conference Front Page WCF to share vision with other colleges 
1997 September 26 Wheaties in the field Spotlight Footsteps to follow 
1997 September 26 artist dies News Rich Mullins dies in auto accident 
1997 September 26 musician dies Voices Rich Mullins, as best as I remember him 
1997 September 26 schedule and purpose Editorial Chapel needs worship 
1997 September 26 seniors prophesy doom For lack of a better word The words were on the sign 
1997 September 26 short story Think again. Appearances deceive 
1997 September 26 Movie review The Beat L.A. Confidential breaks crime movie formula 
1997 September 26 football Sports Football robbed at Aurora, and at Wheaton 
1997 September 26 Men's soccer Sport Shorts Men's soccer 
1997 September 26 Volleyball Sport Shorts Volleyball 
1997 September 26 Women's soccer Sports Shorts Women's soccer 
1997 October 3 homecoming committee Front Page Homecoming '97 promises delight 
1997 October 3 credit card charges Front Page Bookstore bills held up 
1997 October 3 snoozing, reading, flirting Front Page Chapel disinterest probed 
1997 October 3 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 October 3 nomadic people group News WCF focuses on Beja tribe 
1997 October 3 new committee News Environmental policies subject of SG inquiry 
1997 October 3 Bon Appetit News Stronger security helps lower meal-plan prices 
1997 October 3 Faith By Mail Etcetera Deltiologists' delight 
1997 October 3 Arena Theater Etcetera Season tickets on sale 
1997 October 3 shuttle News SG makes Danada accessible 
1997 October 3 double booked CU This Weekend Count the Crows twice 
1997 October 3 movie theater reviews CU This Weekend Bigger is better: A look at Chicago's biggest movie theaters 
1997 October 3 Essayists Spotlight It's not very sexy (but some people do it - Just ask Professor Alan Jacobs) 
1997 October 3 Gender-inclusive language, NIV Editor's Notebook Spinning the Word 
1997 October 3 Chapel needs worship Letters to the Editor Worship's nature 
1997 October 3 NIV debate Voices Dobson presents account of NIV debate 
1997 October 3 NIV debate Voices And Burge responds. . .  
1997 October 3 thoughtless If Almonds could speak Arf! 
1997 October 3 Movie review The Beat Braveheart's William Wallace: a Christian hero 
1997 October 3 Campus food Showbiz The second annual campus dining review: Bon this! 
1997 October 3 Dale Warland Singers The Beat Exciting performance wows concert goers 
1997 October 3 Jackopierce The Beat Excellent guitars do fun times make 
1997 October 3 women's soccer Sports Women nip Stevens Point 2-1 
1997 October 3 Women's tennis Sport Shorts Women's tennis 
1997 October 3 Track and field Sport Shorts Cross country 
1997 October 3 Volleyball Sports Volleyball improves to 8-11 
1997 October 3 Men's soccer Sports Men gasp past North Park 1-0, Only goal of the match comes from a penalty in defensive slugfest 
1997 October 10 leak in fuel line Front Page BMW bursts into flames in Fischer lot 
1997 October 10 expand student body Front Page College explores feasibility of increased enrollment 
1997 October 10 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 October 10 homecoming parade News Student involvement absent in parade 
1997 October 10 Harvest Hoedown News Saint and Elliot to host Saturday coffeehouse 
1997 October 10 Benson, Aaron Lee Etcetera Guest artist sculpts in Anderson 
1997 October 10 recycle shoes Etcetera New mileage for old athletic shoes 
1997 October 10 President Litfin writes News Postcards from the prez 
1997 October 10 graduate students News Alumni receive service awards 
1997 October 10 Philosophy conference News Philosophers to dialogue on truth 
1997 October 10 Betty Smartt Carter Spotlight take some Smartt advice 
1997 October 10 Betty Smartt Carter Spotlight A book about a college that sounds familiar... The Tower, the Mask, and the Grave 
1997 October 10 polarize the campus Letters to the Editor Ensemble offended 
1997 October 10 Homecoming sports and music Letters to the Editor Musician responds 
1997 October 10 Bon Appetit Letters to the Editor Deveny not fair 
1997 October 10 daily internet Editorial Behind the curve 
1997 October 10 opinions Fly on the Wall Modern-day Pharisees? 
1997 October 10 generation For lack of a better word They said . . .  
1997 October 10 Cinema/Chicago CU This Weekend The 33rd Chicago International Film Festival 
1997 October 10 Volleyball Sports Women drop games to NCC, Moddy and Elmhurst 
1997 October 10 men's soccer Sports Wheaton downs #10 Trinity 3-2 
1997 October 10 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer thrashes Grinnell 3-0 Friday night 
1997 October 10 football Sports Wheaton comeback falls short in 21-16 loss 
1997 October 31 future of chapel Front Page Chapel debate continues 
1997 October 31 parents Front Page Family weekend a chance for involvement, fun 
1997 October 31 SurfWatch Front Page Internet use limited by new software 
1997 October 31 Conference on Christianity and Literature News Students first in writing contest 
1997 October 31 Realism and Truth News Conference tackles tough issues ... and that's the truth 
1997 October 31 Northern Illinois University Debate Tournament Etcetera Debate team advances to finals 
1997 October 31 Elmer, Duane Etcetera New endowed chair in Christian education department 
1997 October 31 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 October 31 Thomas C. Pratt and Donald L. Meyer News Trustees name new chairman, vice-chairman 
1997 October 31 ROTC Spotlight Planes, Trees, and Helicopters 
1997 October 31 Ring by Spring Spotlight The 4-step program for the Intimately Challenged 
1997 October 31 homecoming issue Letters to the Editor Celebrate the variety 
1997 October 31 Bon Appetit Letters to the Editor Lose the lost-key fee 
1997 October 31 Bible translation Letters to the Editor Is gender-inclusivity a moral or semantic issue? 
1997 October 31 study areas Editorial Between a chair and a hard place 
1997 October 31 Promise Keepers Under scrutiny Negativity surrounds PK 
1997 October 31 vulnerability If Almonds could speak Putting Wheaton together 
1997 October 31 Movie review Showbiz Suspenseful Gattaca is refreshing sci-fi 
1997 October 31 Lyric Opera CU This Weekend The best arias in the area 
1997 October 31 Bible translation News Gender-inclusive language debate continues in forum 
1997 October 31 men's soccer Sports Men stave off Rowan 3-2 
1997 October 31 women's soccer Sports Three recent wins poise women for playoffs 
1997 October 31 Football Sports Football Smashes Wesleyan 
1997 November 7 Mendelssohn in Wheaton Front Page Elijah: The prophet gets musical 
1997 November 7 Annual Archeology Conference Front Page Conference to dig up Iron Age 
1997 November 7 students perform Front Page Talent show draws crowd 
1997 November 7 cultural diversity potluck News Week of celebration highlights diversity 
1997 November 7 student health News Treadmills a welcome addition to weight room 
1997 November 7 campus newspapers Editorial Why we're here 
1997 November 7 gender issues Letters to the Editor Don't let translation divide the Church 
1997 November 7 copier Letters to the Editor Copy machines sadly inadequate 
1997 November 7 seniors For lack of a better word Counting down 
1997 November 7 democracy Fly on the Wall Democracy and WCF 
1997 November 7 Starship Troopers The Beat Alien retread not worth your time 
1997 November 7 Garth Brooks, Hurricane Streets Showbiz Double surprise in music and film 
1997 November 7 Paintball CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Discount paintball from the Travel Bureau 
1997 November 7 women's soccer Sports Women win first playoff game 
1997 November 7 men's soccer Sports Men tie goal record with two wins 
1997 November 7 Volleyball Sports Women excel in Oshkosh tourney 
1997 November 7 football Sports Wheaton cruises to win over Carthage 
1997 November 14 Y2K Front Page The Yeay 2000 Problem 
1997 November 14 verbal altercation Front Page Visitor arrested in Smith/Traber lobby 
1997 November 14 copiers Front Page Students find it difficult to copy 
1997 November 14 Craft of Craft News Cafe opens on College Ave 
1997 November 14 Health Center News Sickness comes with the season 
1997 November 14 Telephone Services News Long-distance rates cut 
1997 November 14 Medieval Literature class banquet Spotlight Knights in Tights and Lovely Ladies 
1997 November 14 Fernando Ortega Spotlight Simple Expression 
1997 November 14 absolute truth Under scrutiny Be close-minded 
1997 November 14 exteriors If Almonds Could Speak What is a pillar? 
1997 November 14 copy machines Editorial Hard copies 
1997 November 14 Promise Keepers Letters to the Editor Students make impact 
1997 November 14 criticism Letters to the Editor The 'I'm offended' game 
1997 November 14 study areas Letters to the Editor Efforts being given to ergonomic issues 
1997 November 14 Mendelssohn's Elijah The Beat The worship of the True Artist 
1997 November 14 TV Showbiz Working together to serve you better 
1997 November 14 Breakfast CU Travel Bureau This Weekend A cut above Denny's 
1997 November 14 tennis Sports Tennis takes second in CCIW championships 
1997 November 14 women's soccer Sports Sexism in the stands 
1997 November 14 men's soccer Sports Crusaders splatter Calvin in rain-drenched win 
1997 November 14 football Sports Football spanks North Park 
1997 December 12 urban studies Front Page Semester in city begins in spring 
1997 December 12 Campus food Front Page A look at Bon Appetit . . . The good, the bad and the hungry 
1997 December 12 Gender-neutral Bible translations Front Page Group's dubious tactics reopen Bible debate 
1997 December 12 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1997 December 12 International Studies Program News Business department to sponsor trip to Europe 
1997 December 12 WETN News Christmas Festival to be broadcast worldwide 
1997 December 12 Christian music store closes News True Tunes prepares for final note 
1997 December 12 tuition News Financial-aid change aimed at meeting needs 
1997 December 12 science station Etcetera Mount in Black Hills named after Wheaton 
1997 December 12 Wheaton property Etcetera College receives ownership of University Place 
1997 December 12 2407 Christmas Etcetera WETN ushers in the holiday with Christmas music 
1997 December 12 Conservatory Etcetera Annual music theater performance features great Italian operas 
1997 December 12 Finding God at Harvard Spotlight Ivy-Covered Ivory Towers: reaching the lost at the wheaton of the east, an interview with Kelly Monroe 
1997 December 12 Cultural tradition Spotlight Christmas around Wheaton 
1997 December 12 Middle East Fly on the Wall A eulogy for peace 
1997 December 12 life is short If Almonds Could Speak Hey, Paul Bunyans of life - don't chop down my trees! 
1997 December 12 Bon Appetit Editorial A hunger for change 
1997 December 12 Pentecostal, Charismatic spirituality Letters to the Editor Wheaton College: Evangelical Institution or Fundamentalist Bastion? 
1997 December 12 soccer NCAA playoffs Letters to the Editor WETN apolgizes for lack of broadcast 
1997 December 12 Movie review The Beat Dead Poets Society: A lesson in love 
1997 December 12 Christmas Party CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Curing the Holiday Blues 
1997 December 12 Aiport directions CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Take off! 
1997 December 12 new urban ministry News Rebuilders joining students with city 
1997 December 12 NCAA championship News Community parties on with soccer team 
1997 December 12 Simming Sports Shorts Swimming 
1997 December 12 Wrestling Sports Shorts Wrestling 
1997 December 12 women's basketball Sports Women open CCIW season with blowout win 
1997 December 12 men's basketball Sports Men win 2, lose to Rockford 
1997 December 12 men's soccer Special championship pullout a closer look at the NCAA Champs 
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