Index to the Record, 1915 (October)-1918 (March)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 15, 1915 First Meeting News Aelioian 
October 15, 1915 First Meeting News Beltionian Literary Society 
October 15, 1915 Year Opening Program News Excelsior 
October 15, 1915 First Informal News The Y.W.C.A. Informal 
October 15, 1915 Prohibition League News Intercollegiate Prohibition Association 
October 15, 1915 First Meeting News Orpheus Club 
October 15, 1915 Invitation to Students Information Mission Study Class 
October 15, 1915 Informal News Y.M.C.A. Stag Social 
October 15, 1915 Election News Girls' Glee Club 
October 15, 1915 Prof Fischer News Informal Reception 
October 15, 1915 College Social News Senior Reception 
October 15, 1915 Record Notes Campus Locals 
October 15, 1915 Wheaton Vs Lane College Athletics Football 
October 15, 1915 Record Notes Notes of Game 
October 15, 1915 Record Poem Autumn 
October 15, 1915 Record Editorial Editorial 
October 15, 1915 News Bits Notes Alumni Notes/ The Alumni Plan 
October 15, 1915 Chadwick Column Unknown Addresses 
November 15, 1915 Pres. C.A. Blanchard Editorial Modern Football 
November 15, 1915 Capt. Arthur Twigg Editorial A Confidential Word From the Captain 
November 15, 1915 Prof. C.D. Garlough Editorial Football as a College Sport 
November 15, 1915 Prof C.W. Botkin Editorial Football as a Creator of School Spirit 
November 15, 1915 Jake Survives Another Month and Likes It Editorial His Letters Home 
November 15, 1915 Hal Hunter Column Pardon Us a Moment, But - 
November 15, 1915 Record Poem Learn the Yells and Yell Them 
November 15, 1915 Record Editorial Record Policy 
November 15, 1915 Entertainment News Soph-Fresh. Entertainment 
November 15, 1915 "Senior Reception" News Dorm Hallowe'en Party 
November 15, 1915 Coach Turnbull Notes Coach Turnbull 
November 15, 1915 Chicago District Collegiate Conference News Wheaton Wins Championship 
November 15, 1915 Record Notes Notes of the Games 
November 15, 1915 L., '16 Column A Page of Parchment/ Found In the Records Excavated at Wheaton, A.D. 2915 
November 15, 1915 Chicago Student Volunteer Union Information The Student Volunteer Conference 
November 15, 1915 Record Notes Campus Locals 
November 15, 1915 Record Organizations Mission Study Class 
November 15, 1915 Novel Informal News Aelioian Literary Society 
November 15, 1915 Election News Philalethean Society 
November 15, 1915 Fifty-Sixth Annual Informal News Beltionian Literary Society 
November 15, 1915 L.N. Column Excelsior Notes 
November 15, 1915 Entering a Successful Year Editorial Men's Glee Club 
November 15, 1915 Record Notes Exchanges 
November 15, 1915 Record Editorial Editorial 
November 15, 1915 Record Notes Who's Who in the Academy 
November 15, 1915 Beat Northwestern Column Saturday, Nov. 20 - Wheaton vs. Northwestern 
November 15, 1915 Alumni List  Alumni Notes  
December 15, 1915 The Value of Early Religious Training Column  The Chapel Question  
December 15, 1915 Rev. Jonas G. Brooks  Column  Evangelist Miller Comes to Wheaton for Union Revival Meeting 
December 15, 1915 The Convention  Information  Student Volunteer Convention  
December 15, 1915 Life Poetry Happiness 
December 15, 1915 Fish Story A War Story  
December 15, 1915 Schedule Column Record Calendar  
December 15, 1915 Record Editorial Victory in Defeat 
December 15, 1915 G.W., '18 Column The True Christian Spirit 
December 15, 1915 Record Editorial From President Wilson's Message to Congress 
December 15, 1915 Annual Contest Information Short Story Contest 
December 15, 1915 "Boost" Editorial Boost - Idealize 
December 15, 1915 Record Editorial Adopt New Spelling 
December 15, 1915 Record Announcement Subscribers, Take Notice! 
December 15, 1915 Capt. Horace B. Wild News Horace B. Wild's Aerial Travelogue 
December 15, 1915 Mr. A. B. Burgess News The New Office Furniture 
December 15, 1915 Aviation Lecture News Thank You! 
December 15, 1915 Hunter News Learn the Yells and Yell Them 
December 15, 1915 Mabel Vogel Column Wheaton Academy Alumni Association 
December 15, 1915 W.H.B. Column Prof. Turnbull a Printer 
December 15, 1915 L.N. Column Excelsior Literary Society 
December 15, 1915 Miss Dow, "Secret Garden" News Aelioian Notes 
December 15, 1915 H.M. Column Philalethian Literary Society 
December 15, 1915 M.S. Column The Orpheus Club 
December 15, 1915 Record Notes Mission Study 
December 15, 1915 Wheaton vs Northwestern College Athletics Football 
December 15, 1915 Julius Philips Athletics Football Notes 
December 15, 1915 Record Athletics 1915 Football Team 1915 
December 15, 1915 Chicago District Collegiate Conference Athletics Basket Ball 
December 15, 1915 Record Editorial Hard Lines, But  
December 15, 1915 Record Notes A Lost Opportunity? 
December 15, 1915 Jeambey Column Mixed Drinks 
December 15, 1915 Miss Martha Mills News A Chapel Essay 
December 15, 1915 "Caesar" Poem To My Red-Haired Queen 
December 15, 1915 Carl Fischer News Lower California 
December 15, 1915 Mr. Parks News Cover Designs 
December 15, 1915 Record Notes Exchanges 
December 15, 1915 Record Editorial Will You Be One? 
January 30, 1916 Olive Johnson Column The Panama Pacific International Exposition 
January 30, 1916 Effie J. Wheeler Column An Interesting Experience 
January 30, 1916 Record Poem To Wheaton College 
January 30, 1916 Alfred E. Bunnel Column From the Class President 
January 30, 1916 Record Poem "Is this Life?" 
January 30, 1916 Record Poem Ditty? 
January 30, 1916 Record Poem The Death of Love 
January 30, 1916 "B." Poem Dreams 
January 30, 1916 Alvin Anderson Editorial Editorial 
January 30, 1916 John Underhill Fish Column A College Swimming Tank 
January 30, 1916 Prof T.W. Shannon News "Did God Make Women to Be Morally Superior to Men?" 
January 30, 1916 Inter-Society Contest News Open Meeting 
January 30, 1916 College Debating Team News Debaters Selected 
January 30, 1916 Fish Column Give the Debaters Your Support 
January 30, 1916 Apologies to Cornell Widow Column A'la'Gippe 
January 30, 1916 Record Notes Feb 11- Wheaton-Greenville Debate 
January 30, 1916 Record Notes Give the Debaters Your Support 
January 30, 1916 Record Notes Who's Who About the College Building 
January 30, 1916 Wheaton Lost Two Games Athletics Basketball 
January 30, 1916 Monmouth vs Wheaton Athletics Basketball 
January 30, 1916 Record Notes of Game Basket Ball 
January 30, 1916 Crane vs Wheaton Athletics Basket Ball 
January 30, 1916 Record Editorial The Wheaton Academy of Science 
January 30, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
January 30, 1916 Epictetus Column Experiences of a Stoic 
January 30, 1916 M.C., '18 Poem For the Benefit of the Freshite 
January 30, 1916 Neil Baskett Column An Indian Dance 
January 30, 1916 Record Editorial France 
January 30, 1916 B.K., '16 Column In Finland 
January 30, 1916 The Academy News Athletics 
January 30, 1916 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
February 30, 1916 Record Editorial Student Responsibility 
February 30, 1916 John Whtaker, President Column Wheaton College Oratorical Association 
February 30, 1916 Harold Hunter Column Prohibition Association 
February 30, 1916 Louise Meebold, President Column Y.W.C.A. 
February 30, 1916 P.J. Eckhoff, Teacher of Y.M. Bible Class Column Y.M.C.A. 
February 30, 1916 C. Farnham, President Column Student Volunteer Band 
February 30, 1916 Chas. Farnham, President Column Beltionian Literary Society 
February 30, 1916 Leroy Nelson, Vice President Column Excelsiors 
February 30, 1916 Minnie Grage, President Column Philalethean Literary Society 
February 30, 1916 Ethel Meyers, President Column Aelioian Literary society 
February 30, 1916 Abbie Ludgate, President Column Mission Study Class 
February 30, 1916 Record Information Free Scholarships/ Review of Reviews Awards them for Summer Work 
February 30, 1916 Wheaton College Students Information Resolution Adopted by Student Body and Sent to Evangelist E. C. Miller 
February 30, 1916 The Evangelistic Party News Visits from Evangelistic Party 
February 30, 1916 Pay Up Announcement Attention 
February 30, 1916 Mrs Whittemore News An Interesting Chapel Talk 
February 30, 1916 President and Mrs Blanchard News The Miller Party Entertained 
February 30, 1916 Student Chapel News Evangelist Hart in Chapel 
February 30, 1916 Chapel talk by Missionary from Constantinople News Dr. Chambers in Chapel 
February 30, 1916 Record Notes College Night 
February 30, 1916 Altho defeated Notes Our Coach 
February 30, 1916 Phippin J. Shaw Column Our Trip 
February 30, 1916 Record Notes Who's Who In Wheaton 
February 30, 1916 The basketball season Sports Basketball 
February 30, 1916 A spectacular game Sports Games 
February 30, 1916 Record Sports Notes of the Games 
February 30, 1916 Poem Notes Campus Locals 
February 30, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
February 30, 1916 Record Poem To A Flaxen-Haired Youngster 
February 30, 1916 Record Editorial Idiotorial By Our Chief Idioter 
February 30, 1916 F.S. Heathfield Column What We Can And Should Do For A Greater Wheaton 
March 30, 1916 President Chas. A. Blanchard  Column Preparedness 
March 30, 1916 Martha Mills Column The Cure 
March 30, 1916 G.F., '17 Column School Spirit 
March 30, 1916 E. J Poem To The College Tower 
March 30, 1916 Bessie Vogel Column Senior Class 
March 30, 1916 P.J. Eckhoff, President Column Junior Class 
March 30, 1916 John Conley, President Column Sophomores 
March 30, 1916 Alfred Bunnel, President Column Freshman Class 
March 30, 1916 Record Poem Campus Locals 
March 30, 1916 Record Notes Preparedness 
March 30, 1916 The annual oratorical contest Information Northern Illinois Oratorical Contest 
March 30, 1916 Inter-class basketball games News Class Spirit 
March 30, 1916 To the Students of Wheaton College Letter E.C. Miller 
March 30, 1916 New Y.W officers News Y.W.C.A 
March 30, 1916 G.L.S News Freshman Party 
March 30, 1916 Officers of the Y.M.C.A News Y.M.C.A 
March 30, 1916 The injured man News Perplexing Case To Come Up In Beltionian Court, April 21, 1916 
March 30, 1916 L. N Record Excelsior 
March 30, 1916 Basketball Athletics Basketball Tournament 
March 30, 1916 Basketball Athletics Inter-Collegiate Basketball 
March 30, 1916 Baseball Athletics Baseball 
March 30, 1916 Football Athletics The Spirit of the West 
March 30, 1916 Class Tournament Athletics Sophomores Win Class Honors 
March 30, 1916 Record Poem The Winds 
March 30, 1916 Academy Basketball Athletics Basketball 
March 30, 1916 Record Editorial Editorial 
March 30, 1916 Record Editorial What We Can Do For A Greater Wheaton 
March 30, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
March 30, 1916 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
April 30, 1916 E.S.D. Column Ivy Ode 
April 30, 1916 Maurice E. King Column Athletics 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial Love is Blind 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial How God Speaks, or Three-Quarters of a man To a Square Mile 
April 30, 1916 E.J.W., '19 Column A.H.S. Freshman's First Basketball Game 
April 30, 1916 A Verdant Freshman Poem "Spring Has Come" 
April 30, 1916 V., '16 Column Just College Girls 
April 30, 1916 L-'16 Column His Letters Home 
April 30, 1916 News Bits News Campus Locals 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial The Fever "Will Get You if You Don't Watch Out!" 
April 30, 1916 Living Monument to Lives of Sacrifice Editorial Do We Consider? 
April 30, 1916 Use of Land Editorial Agricultural Progress 
April 30, 1916 W.F.R. Column President Blanchard's Autobiography 
April 30, 1916 W.F.R. Column The Library and Its Needs 
April 30, 1916 Prof. C. Garlough Column Course In Surveying 
April 30, 1916 Piano Recital News Students Recital at College 
April 30, 1916 Carl Anderson Column Just a Word 
April 30, 1916 C. Tucker, Capt. Column Baseball 
April 30, 1916 Wheaton vs Aurora Athletics Basketball 
April 30, 1916 Belt-Celt Series Athletics Belt-Celt Game 
April 30, 1916 Spring Practice Athletics Baseball 
April 30, 1916 Inter-Class Athletics Track 
April 30, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
April 30, 1916 Translation from Mahmud-al-Ullah Exchanges Proverbs 
April 30, 1916 Annual Oratorical Contest Editorial The Fifteenth Annual Contest 
April 30, 1916 Judge Jones' Court News The Coppersink vs Hamm Case 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial Just Out - New Ford Joke 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial Going Some 
April 30, 1916 Record Editorial The Theory and Practice of Good Manners 
April 30, 1916 John Greenleaf Whittier Editorial An Appreciation of Whittier 
April 30, 1916 Away With the Dandelions Editorial A Reform at Wheaton College 
April 30, 1916 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
June 15, 1916 P.  Column A Bird Day 
June 15, 1916 Nong Ga Song (Nong Ga) Or A Korean Farm Song 
June 15, 1916 S.A.D. Column La Pampera 
June 15, 1916 Record Editorial Editorial 
June 15, 1916 Rev Leon Tucker News Rev. Tucker's Chapel Talks 
June 15, 1916 Alvin Anderson Column Annual Oratorical Contest of the Northern Illinois League 
June 15, 1916 Record Editorial Athletics 
June 15, 1916 S.N. Column The Excelsior Society 
June 15, 1916 Record Notes Aels 
June 15, 1916 Coppersink vs Hamm News The Case of Hamm 
June 15, 1916 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. 
June 15, 1916 Mrs Miller Column What Did She Mean? 
June 15, 1916 Good Times College News Y.W. Entertain High School and Academy Seniors 
June 15, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
June 15, 1916 News Bits News Campus Locals 
June 15, 1916 Record Poem Deserted 
June 15, 1916 Mabel C. Vogel Column Venemus, Videmus, Vicemus 
June 15, 1916 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
October 30, 1916 Record Editorial College Women and the New Social Consciousness 
October 30, 1916 Author of "Love Is Blind." Column Circumstantial Evidence 
October 30, 1916 Record Editorial Editorial 
October 30, 1916 Reception News Y.M.C.A. STAG. 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Why Join the Y.W.C.A.? 
October 30, 1916 Record  Information Philalethians 
October 30, 1916 Record News Aels 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Belt Notes 
October 30, 1916 Meetings News Excelsior Notes 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes A Brand New One 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Another One 
October 30, 1916 G.W News Musical Organizations 
October 30, 1916 The first social News Mission Study Social 
October 30, 1916 Arion Moses King Poem Dedicated To Maud Hunt 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Campus Locals 
October 30, 1916 Movement News Silent Chapel 
October 30, 1916 Exchange list Record Exchanges 
October 30, 1916 A coach Sports Football 
October 30, 1916 Hal Hunter, C. L Coumn "Pep" Means Victory 
October 30, 1916 The first game of the season Sports Defeat, Oct 7. 
October 30, 1916 The team won Sports Victory! 19 To 6 
October 30, 1916 The omens for basketball Sports Basketball 
October 30, 1916 Track team Sports Track 
October 30, 1916 A hearty welcome Notes Academy 
October 30, 1916 Debating team Notes About Debates 
October 30, 1916 Joining a literary society Notes The Literary Societies 
October 30, 1916 The best story News Story Contest 
October 30, 1916 This contest Information Christmas Story Contest 
October 30, 1916 Improving every year Sports Academy Athletics 
October 30, 1916 L. G Column Fourth Preps 
October 30, 1916 F. E. H Column Third Preps 
October 30, 1916 S. H Column Second Preps 
October 30, 1916 K. S. M Column First Preps 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Obituary 
October 30, 1916 A Junior Poem The Budding Bud 
October 30, 1916 Having a High School Department Record High School 
October 30, 1916 The football game Sports The Woodstock Game 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes School Notes 
October 30, 1916 Record Notes Alumni Notes 
November 30, 1916 Frank E. Herrick Poem The New Sisterhood 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Editorial 
November 30, 1916 Political enthusiasm News Politics 
November 30, 1916 At Lawson field Sports Football 
November 30, 1916 Best and scrappiest game Sports The De Paul Game 
November 30, 1916 The deadlock arose Sports Basketball 
November 30, 1916 Record Poem Aelioian 
November 30, 1916 A. R Notes Celt Notes 
November 30, 1916 M. M. P Poem Phils 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Campus Locals 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Proverbs 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
November 30, 1916 Thoughts turn to home Notes Thanksgiving 
November 30, 1916 J. Pierpont Morgan Notes Character 
November 30, 1916 A personal notebook Notes Notebooks 
November 30, 1916 Anna Bond Column Our National Flag 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Orbituary 
November 30, 1916 Sammy E.W.C. Column The Football Champeenship 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Pet Sayings of Teachers 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Ginger 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes A Syllogism 
November 30, 1916 Record Notes Athletic Notes 
November 30, 1916 Basketball Athletics Glen Ellyn vs Wheaton 
November 30, 1916 Football Athletics Wheaton vs Downers Grove 
November 30, 1916 Football Athletics Batavia Game 
November 30, 1916 Football Athletics The Dupage Champion 
November 30, 1916 Coach Berry Athletics Basketball 
November 30, 1916 Coach Berry Athletics The Banquet 
December 15, 1916 Record Poem The Message 
December 15, 1916 Record Editorial Report of the Fifth Annual Convention of the Chicago Volunteer Union 
December 15, 1916 Record Editorial Editorial 
December 15, 1916 Grid Contests' Season Athletics All's Over in Football 
December 15, 1916 Inter-Class Games Athletics Basketball 
December 15, 1916 Cross-Country Run Athletics First Annual Cross-Country 
December 15, 1916 Phils, Celts, Aels, and Belts Organizations Open Meeting 
December 15, 1916 Ael Meetings Organizations Aelioian 
December 15, 1916 News Bits News Campus Locals 
December 15, 1916 Record Notes Exchanges 
December 15, 1916 Record Editorial A Christmas Story 
December 15, 1916 A Senior Attempts Something "Deep" Poem Love 
December 15, 1916 Record Notes Athletic Notes 
December 15, 1916 Football Game Editorial Thanksgiving 
December 15, 1916 E.W.C. Column The Folly of Espionage 
December 15, 1916 B.R. Poem Feelings of a Reep 
January 15, 1916 Myrtle E. Rounds Poem The Praire Rose 
January 15, 1916 S.D.N. Column Faces 
January 15, 1916 S.D.N. Poem To Mother 
January 15, 1916 A Philalethian Column Years After 
January 15, 1916 S.D.N. Poem Sunset 
January 15, 1916 G.S. Column The Dragon Boat Festival 
January 15, 1916 Record Poem Tappanzee 
January 15, 1916 Record Editorial Editorial 
January 15, 1916 S.D.N. Column Belt Notes 
January 15, 1916 Record Notes Phils 
January 15, 1916 A.R. Column The Excelsiors 
January 15, 1916 Abbie M. Ludgate Column Report of Missionary Giving Campaign 
January 15, 1916 Student Volunteers Organizations The Band 
January 15, 1916 Football Editorial Athletics 
January 15, 1916 Football Athletics Academy vs Academy Alumni 
January 15, 1916 News Bits News Campus Locals 
January 15, 1916 Record Notes The Optomistique Freshman 
January 15, 1916 Record Notes By a Freshie 
January 15, 1916 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
January 15, 1916 L.H.  Poem High School 
January 15, 1916 Record Poem All that Glitters is Not Gold 
January 15, 1916 Alumni Christmas Athletics Basketball 
February and March, 1917 L.W.R. Column Thomas Mott Osborne 
February and March, 1917 Helen E. Barnes Column The High School Sorority 
February and March, 1917 Record Editorial Editorial 
February and March, 1917 Record Editorial A Word With Our Registrar 
February and March, 1917 Record Editorial The Library and Its Needs 
February and March, 1917 Record Editorial Why We Came to Wheaton College 
February and March, 1917 Record News The B.B. Season 
February and March, 1917 Wheaton College Glee Club News Glee Club Concert 
February and March, 1917 News Bits News Campus Locals 
February and March, 1917 News Bits News Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Reach their Field 
April, 1917 Maurice E. King Column The March of Democracy 
April, 1917 Helen E. Barnes Column Jimmy 
April, 1917 J.N. Column Fido's Prank 
April, 1917 K.C. Column The War Groom's Gloom 
April, 1917 Record Editorial Exchange Department 
April, 1917 Record Editorial Editorial 
April, 1917 Literary Societies Notes Organizations. Societies 
April, 1917 "Backward" Social News Mission Study Class 
April, 1917 Mrs Theresa Highlight Cummings News The Empire State Club 
April, 1917 Greenville and Aurora Debates Editorial Our Debates 
April, 1917 Maurice King News Oratorical Contest 
April, 1917 Record Notes On the High Cost of Living 
April, 1917 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
October, 1917 Charles A. Blanchard Column A National Army 
October, 1917 Record Poem Unprepared 
October, 1917 Robert Eckvall, '20 Column Tsamba 
October, 1917 Amy Winsor, '20 Column Starlight, the Indian Maiden 
October, 1917 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
October, 1917 Record Editorial Athletics 
October, 1917 S.D.N. Column David Newberry 
October, 1917 Informal Organizations Aelioian Informal 
October, 1917 Election Organizations Philaletheans 
October, 1917 Raymond Fischer, '18 Poem Indian Summer 
October, 1917 Frank Heathfield, '17 Column The Meetings 
October, 1917 Record Editorial The Need of Adjustment in the Schools 
October, 1917 Honorary Degrees News The Second Autumn Convocation 
October, 1917 Geo H. Rogers Column Student Soldier List 
October, 1917 Pastor Jonas G. Brooks Editorial Miss Effie J. Wheeler 
October, 1917 Paul A. Thompson Editorial Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois 
October, 1917 Corporal W.C. Vining Poem For Me and You 
October, 1917 D.A. Straw Column With the Jackies 
October, 1917 Frank E. Herrick Poem The Khaki Hosts 
October, 1917 Record Editorial A Graphic Anecdotal History of Wheaton College 
October, 1917 Effie J. Wheeler - Eunice Polk Editorial Editorial 
October, 1917 Pearl Geddes Organizations Beltionian Society 
October, 1917 Vincent Harbeck News Excelsiors 
October, 1917 Prof Cumming Notes Girls' Glee Club 
October, 1917 Social News Christian Endeavor Hard Time Social 
October, 1917 David Newberry Column Athletics 
October, 1917 Faculty Athletics Basketball 
October, 1917 Wheaton vs St. Viators Athletics Football 
October, 1917 Reverend Amos Weaver Column An Appreciation 
October, 1917 Jennie Ludgate Notes Exchanges 
October, 1917 News Bits News Gladys Wagner 
October, 1917 President Blanchard's Home News Senior Social 
October, 1917 Dormitory Hallowe'en Party News Hallowe'en Party at Ladies Hall 
October, 1917 Meebold Home News The "Outside" Hallowe'en Party 
October, 1917 Prof Fischer's News The Freshmen Hike 
October, 1917 Record Poem A Fragment - Sunset 
October, 1917 News Bits News College Graduates Work in New Fields 
December, 1917 Raymond Fischer Poem The Message of the Bells 
December, 1917 Miss E. L. Fenton Column The Chrstmas Gift 
December, 1917 The Class of 1918 Column Seniors 
December, 1917 A.J.G. Poem Juniors/ An Evil Day 
December, 1917 M.E.R. ('20) Column Sophomores/ My College 
December, 1917 Party at Lower Chapel News Sophomore-Freshman Party 
December, 1917 Record Notes Sophomore Locals 
December, 1917 Marg. Adams. Column Freshmen/ My Marine 
December, 1917 Guy F. Lee Column The Stayers 
December, 1917 Lola Macy Column Others 
December, 1917 Ethelwyn Fischer Column My First Day Out 
December, 1917 D.A. Straw Poem Revulsion 
December, 1917 Dorothy Stanley Column The Gold Tree/ Acadamy Forth Year 
December, 1917 V.M. Column Remains of the War Reports 
December, 1917 A.E. Antisdel Column A Winter Dream 
December, 1917 Record Notes In Algebra Class 
December, 1917 Record Notes Latin 
December, 1917 H. Ludgate Column The Value of Mail to the Sammies 
December, 1917 Election News First Preps 
December, 1917 O. Hallgrimson Column A Class Field Trip to an Esker 
December, 1917 A. Gregory Column Prevention of Wrecks on the A.E. & C.R.R. 
December, 1917 J. Fredricks Column The American Flag 
December, 1917 Charles V. Farnum Column Impressions/ Our Boys in Camp and Field 
December, 1917 Effie J. Wheeler - Eunice Polk Editorial College and the Red Cross 
December, 1917 Record Editorial Christmas and the War 
December, 1917 Record Library Gifts 
December, 1917 Pearl Geddes Column Organizations 
December, 1917 Attendance Notes Philalethean Society Notes 
December, 1917 Elizabeth Osborne Column Aelioian Notes 
December, 1917 Record Notes Beltionian Society 
December, 1917 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. 
December, 1917 "The Lure of Africa" Notes Mission Study 
December, 1917 David Newberry Athletic Notes Athletics 
December, 1917 F.L. Rice Column A Soldier's Thanksgiving 
December, 1917 Annual Birthday Spread News The Ladies Parlor Birthday Party 
December, 1917 Jennie Ludgate Notes Exchanges 
December, 1917 A.E.A. Column Athletics - Academy/ Inter-Academy Class Games 
December, 1917 Ruth Marie Worrell Column Dame Du Brill and the Rabbits Tail 
December, 1917 Edna Farnham Column To Mother 
December, 1917 Dear Little Violet Poem To a Late Violet 
December, 1917 Despise not Poem The Future 
December, 1917 All things of beauty Poem The Beautiful 
December, 1917 Charles V. Farnum Column Impressions/ Our Boys in Camp and Field 
December, 1917 Record Editorial A Graphic Anecdotal History of Wheaton College/ Part Three 
December, 1917 A.E.A. Column Class Yell 
December, 1917 Edna Matson Poem Autumn 
December, 1917 Record Editorial Woman's Standard 
December, 1917 Record Editorial Knitting 
December, 1917 Elizabeth Osborne Organizations Aelioian Notes 
December, 1917 Record Notes Beltionian 
December, 1917 Record Organizations Philalethean Notes 
December, 1917 Record Organizations Excelsior 
December, 1917 Literary Societies Organizations Open Meeting 
December, 1917 Basketball Sports Athletics 
December, 1917 Record Notes Locals and Laughs/ Innocence Personified 
December, 1917 Record Notes The Library/ Gifts 
December, 1917 Record The Library How to Use the Catalog 
December, 1917 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1917 Eva Rose York Column The Finest of the Wheat 
December, 1917 Record Editorial Sample page from Professor Straw's New Note Book on Bible Doctrines 
December, 1917 Corporal Warren C. Vinning Song Songs of a Sammy 
December, 1917 S.D. Newberry Poems Sunrise in Summer & Sunset in Winter 
December, 1917 Effie J. Wheeler Column When Peggy Went to College/ Booster "Ael" Story 
December, 1917 Professor Herman A. Fischer Column A Graphic Anecdotal History of Wheaton College/ Part Four 
December, 1917 Marguerie Overman Poem The Children's Crusade 
December, 1917 Miss Harriet S. Strong Column Chicken Feeding Time 
December, 1917 "Raw" Poem Being One in Forty-Nine 
December, 1917 Boost Zoology Column From Various Departments 
December, 1917 Record Notes Expression Department 
December, 1917 Record Notes Music Department 
December, 1917 Record Notes Opinions of Seniors as to the Study of Psychology 
December, 1917 Eunice Polk Column Boost for the College 
December, 1917 Charles Beck Column Our Boys in Camp and Field 
December, 1917 Game Sports Wheaton Beats Lewis 
December, 1917 R.E. Column Vacation 
December, 1917 Record The Library How to Use the Catalog 
December, 1917 Record Editorial School Activities 
December, 1917 Record Editorial Patronize Our Advertisers 
December, 1917 Winter Time Editorial Booster "Eds" 
December, 1917 William E. King Poem Mother 
December, 1917 Record Notes Girl's Glee Club 
December, 1917 Record Notes Locals and Personals 
December, 1917 Record Notes Exchanges 
March, 1918 Erwin R. Worrell, '85 Poem What Shall I Render? 
March, 1918 Record Editorial A Freshman "1917" 
March, 1918 Frank E. Herrick Poem Herod and Pilate 
March, 1918 Harriet G. Fischer Column Crossing the Emanus Mountains 
March, 1918 Effie Wheeler Column The Heroic 
March, 1918 Baldwin Sears Animal Anecdotes The Stepmother; Homesick 
March, 1918 Lola Macy Animal Anecdotes Four Thieves and Their Abettoir 
March, 1918 Ruth Base Animal Anecdotes Billy 
March, 1918 George H. Assink Column The Fox and the Goat 
March, 1918 Martha Nystrom Column The Jelly Fish 
March, 1918 Anna Bond Column Peter 
March, 1918 A. Instanes Osborne Column The Swimming Lesson 
March, 1918 Record Editorial A Graphic Anecdotal History of Wheaton College/ Part Five 
March, 1918 Edmund S. Delancy Poem A Tribute to Wilson 
March, 1918 Elizabeth Lawrence Fenton, '14 Column Opportunity 
March, 1918 E.S.D., Yorkville, Illinois Poem Despised, But Exalted 
March, 1918 E.R.V. '16 Poem E.R.V. '16 
March, 1918 J.I. Whitaker '17 Editorial Editorial 
March, 1918 Record Editorial Freshman Sleigh Ride 
March, 1918 David Newberry Column Athletics 
March, 1918 Record Organizations Philalethean Notes 
March, 1918 Record Organizations Y.W.C.A. 
March, 1918 Record Organizations Ael Notes 
March, 1918 Raymond S. King Column The Celts 
March, 1918 S.C.S., '20 Column Botany Excursion 
March, 1918 Record Locals and Personals The Sleigh Ride That Wasn't 
March, 1918 Record Locals and Personals In Education Class 
March, 1918 Record Notes The College Party 
March, 1918 Howard Cork Column "The Woman's Part" 
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