Faculty Bulletin

"Another evidence of intellectual growth was the appearance of the Faculty Bulletin, under the editorship of Dr. Lauren King, the witty, popular professor of English. At first the Bulletin was a monthly journal of administration announcements, committee reports, book reviews, briefings on what other colleges were doing, and personal notes within the faculty family--"Dr. Wright reports that Marjorie (his firstborn) has begun kindergarten." Emphasis on the college community as a family, sharing concern for each others' needs, was still strong during the Buswell era.

In the First issue of the Faculty Bulletin a brief note from the editor declared: "The one aim of the Bulletin, as I understand it, is to stimulate us all to be better teachers. Since this cannot be accomplished without changes and soul-searching, you may expect that suggestions for change and soul-searching will appear from time to time." As the Bulletin passed from editor to editor through the years, particularly through the 50s and 60s, it became increasingly a scholarly journal, in which professors were encouraged to publish the fruits of their research. Gradually, however, interest in the publication waned; faculty members professed to be too busy to prepare articles; and the Bulletin expired in 1969." [WCAHRp119]