Tuition Freedom Day

Tuition Freedom Day, begun in 2006, is a day set aside to celebrate and thank the many donors that make funding a Wheaton College education possible. It represents the last day that the students "pay" for their education in the school year. Wheaton College has numerous alumni and friends of the college who help reduce a current students’ tuition by 1/3 of what it actually costs the college by donating nearly $5M to Wheaton's annual fund. In recognition of the amazing generosity of some 14,000 alumni and friends of the college, Wheaton celebrates the beginning of the final 1/3 of the academic year, a symbolic gesture to recognize that 1/3 of students’ tuition costs have been subsidized by donors. As a part of the celebration students express gratitude to the donors who make Tuition Freedom Day possible through writing personal thank you notes. About 900 notes were written in 2010.