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Fischer Hall

Due to increased enrollments, by the 1960s the common trend of students living in local homes had to come to an end. After it was built in 1966 the trustees wished to honor their long-time chairman, Herman A. Fischer, Jr., by naming the new men's dormitory after him. He accepted only on the condition that the building also be named in honor of his father, Herman A. Fischer, Sr.  The elder Fischer married the sister of his Wheaton classmate, Charles A. Blanchard. In addition to maintaining a small farm (located near Crescent and President streets) the elder Fischer was Professor of Mathematics, German, and Astronomy. He also served as College Treasurer until his death in 1925.  The younger Fischer graduated from Wheaton in 1903 and taught school in Indiana before entering Harvard to study law. He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees under three presidents from 1927 to 1970.

Fischer Hall was a men's dormitory until it was integrated at the suggestion of Dr. Henry Nelson in 1969.