The Billy Graham Center is sinking

It is not uncommon to hear among Wheaton students that the Billy Graham Center is sinking and sinking at a rate of one quarter inch per year. The Billy Graham Center is built upon an ancient aquifer and upon land that was known to become swampy with great amounts of rain. When the building was built the ground needed to be prepared to handle a building of its size. Local residents and older faculty can remember the hours of pounding as pylons were driven deep into the ground to support the building. As with many legends this one seems, on its face, as plausible. However, when one steps back and does some simple math the plausibility comes into question. The building has been in place for 31 years. This figure divided by 4 would indicate that the building will have sunk into the ground nearly eight inches, or three-quarters of a foot. Simply put, this would mean that a stairway step would have to have been removed on the front of the building (since one walks up to the main entrance) and one would have to have been added downward to the rear of the building (since the entrance was a grade level). None of these building modifications have been made to the building since its completion.