Joseph M. Weaver

Joseph Marion Weaver was born April 15, 1868 near Pierceton, Indiana. Weaver attended Hillsdale College, receiving his bachelors and masters. Afterward he taught at Lincoln Memorial College in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. It was there that he met Mary Belle Blanchard, daughter of Charles A. Blanchard. She was teaching in the prepartory department of Lincoln (Harrow school).  They were married December 24, 1900.

In 1905 the Weavers moved to Panama when Joseph received a federal appointment in the auditing department for the canal zone. They stayed there for nearly sixteen years. In 1918 Mary Belle Weaver and the children moved to Wheaton so the eldest boys could begin college. Mr. Weaver joined them in 1920 and began work as the college treasurer, a post he held until 1933. Afterward the family moved to Bradenton, Florida.

Weaver died March 12, 1937 in Bradenton, Florida.