Address titles/themes

Jonathan Blanchard - 1860

[no known inauguration]

Charles A. Blanchard - 1882

[no known inauguration]

J. Oliver Buswell - 1926

"A Christian College" – need for distinctively Christian education

“We must courageously walk in the light which we have, and confidently affirm the same.”

V. Raymond Edman - 1941

"For Christ and His Kingdom"

“In such an hour of uncertainty, we do well before moving forward to adopt the custom of the sea, namely, to check on our chart, our compass, our equipment, our supplies, our guiding stars, to see whether or not we are on our course.”

Hudson T. Armerding - 1965

"Entrusted with a Vision" – reaffirmation of fidelity to historic faith

“Christian theism is the philosophical system which enables us to approach the data of exacting scholarship and identify that which is not only true but also important and meaningful.”

J. Richard Chase - 1982

Freedom for Excellence – balancing governance and administration

“Inaugural addresses are ceremonial in nature. One must paint with a broad stroke in attacking ignorance, addressing society’s ills, praising excellence, complimenting all segments of the academic community, while committing one’s self to heroic fund-raising efforts, compassionate leadership, and, for a Christian institution, biblical fidelity….I intend to stretch the limits of ceremony on this occasion. I do have something to say.”

A. Duane Litfin - 1993

[no title] – The barbarians (pluralism/relativism) are at the gates (C.F.H. Henry)

"First, the barbarians are coming; in fact, they are already within the gates. Second, Jesus also is coming, which is the blessed hope of the Christian. And third, the church, unfortunately, often does not know whether it’s coming or going.”

Philip G. Ryken - 2010

Number of visiting delegates

Year Delegates Academic Associations
1926 24 0
1941 149 19
1965 122 16
1982 124 16
 1993  92  6