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Scholastic Honor Society

With its object as "the promotion of scholarship, Christian culture, and helpful activities," the Scholastic Honor Society was inaugurated through faculty action May 27, 1931. It was expected that the initiation of this society would be a preliminary step towards the establishment of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. However, this was not realized as there were not enough Phi Betta Kappa members on the faculty at that time.

Charter members included Lucille Swanson, Natalie Ann Morris, Florence Vouga, Charles Baker, Dorothy Lains, Inez Larson, Harriet Jameson and Willard Aldrich. The class of 1938 included such luminaries as Samuel Moffett, Harold Lindsell, Kenneth Taylor and Carl Henry.

The membership of the society is limited to five percent of the graduating class. Members are given a certificate and a gold key and are expected to give a speech. By 1983 the society had reached a membership of nearly 1,400.