Forward Movement Campaign

The Forward Movement Campaign came to a successful conclusion on December 20, 1929 after being launched in May 1928. It had as its original focus in 1928 to raise $1,000,000 for the endowment, which had never exceeded $600,000. Soon this became a more attainable goal of $100,000 with the "modest object of raising $100,000 in Wheaton and vicinity." (Alumni Quarterly, January 1930, p. 9). In late 1928 that figure was raised to $500,000 nationally. A second $500,000 was then sought from new friends. One impetus for this drive was a rule put in place by the North Central Association requiring a certain level of endowment per student. When Wheaton began the process of gaining accreditation it feel below the requirement and needed to raise additional funds or enroll fewer students.

According to George V. Kirk, response to the appeal, there seemed to be a call to "Enlarge the place of they tent ... lengthen thy cords and strengthen thy stakes," until the final goal of one million dollars was reached and the cause presented in all parts of this country and beyond its borders.
Thirty-six contributors gave $5000 or more, nineteen of which had never given to the college before that campaign. The proportion of new donors giving lesser amounts was larger still.