Brave Sons and Daughters True

Dr. V. Raymond Edman from the 1945 Armed Forces Tower:

The old Tower of Blanchard Hall symbolizes Wheaton. Lovely for sight, tall in height, it is the delight of every true Wheaton heart; and toward it you desire your steps to turn. With the patience of the years it waits for your coming. If the Tower were articulate, it would say to you and me: "Lay deep the foundation of life in learning and labor, especially in the things of the spirit whose cornerstone is the Lord Jesus Christ. Live among your fellow men with ordered and consistent ways that show forth the excellencies of the indwelling Christ, and seek those things that are above. Have a goal, and keep climbing the winding steps to libraries of learning and to golden bells of home and fireside, and to victories through Him that loved us. Most of all, reach heavenward and point others thither, with glow of heart that shines in this dark world and shows afar the Light of the World. Be deep and sweet, steady and strong, by His grace and goodness."