V. Raymond Edman

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Victor Raymond Edman was nominated as acting President of Wheaton College the same day that Buswell was fired from that post. Edman served in this role for almost one year until January 11th 1941 when he was elected as the fourth President of Wheaton College. Edman started his career at Wheaton College in 1936 as a professor of history and social sciences and by the time he became president he was well known and well liked around campus. During Edman’s quarter century of presidency the college experienced much growth and many memorable moments: 14 buildings were built on campus, the student body increased by 50%, there was a spiritual revival on campus, the office of chaplain was established, Wheaton students fought in three wars, and Wheaton College’s centennial was celebrated, all this amongst many other events. Edman served as president until 1965 when as per his request he was appointed as “Chancellor of Wheaton College” so as to not be in charge of the administrative tasks. Edman served in this role to the best of his abilities, but failing health held him back as he suffered from several heart attacks over the next two years. On September 22, 1967, Edman gave his last Chapel speech. Speaking on being in the presence of God Edman’s heart gave out, and he collapsed on stage, dying at the age of 67 after having served Wheaton College for 31 years.