Charles A. Blanchard

Charles Albert Blanchard, who was named after the Duke of Sardinia was born on November 8th, 1848 in Galesburg Illinois where his father was president at Knox College at the time. After moving to Wheaton with his father and family he attended Wheaton College, graduating in 1870. Two years later he started his quick rise in authority at Wheaton College, as he was appointed as principal of the preparatory academy at Wheaton, replacing Herman A. Fischer Sr. From this point on till the day he died he was involved the business of Wheaton College, serving in many ways. By 1877 Charles was appointed vice president under his father and fully assumed the role of college president in 1882. During the 43 years of his presidency at Wheaton College Charles managed the college very well and carried the school very far, improving upon the base that his father had started. He acted as teacher, leader, fundraiser, and was greatly remembered for his calm and respectfully attitude towards all the students under him. It was under him that an addition to the main building was done and a new chapel, gymnasium, dormitory, and industrial building were all constructed. In 1890 the Record started up under the direct editorial supervision of Charles himself. Charles suffered the loss of two wives during his lifetime, and was survived by his third wife, Frances Carothers Blanchard. Charles Blanchard was still serving as the president of the college when he died in on December 20, 1925.