Edman Chapel

During the 18th year of V. Raymond Edman’s term as president of Wheaton College a new chapel was completed. The second of the Centennial projects, the new chapel was built to accommodate audiences too large for Pierce Chapel. It had been in use for a couple of months when on June 10th, one year after the groundbreaking, it was suggested by the board of trustees that the building be named after the president, Edman. Eventually, during homecoming weekend of Wheaton’s centennial year in 1960, Edman presided over the dedication of the new chapel named in his honor. The need for a new chapel and auditorium had been of importance for the administration for many years, and finally their vision had been realized, a new chapel that could seat upwards of 2500 people. Weekly chapel started meeting in Edman in May of 1960, and the building has housed countless conservatory performances, Artist Series concerts, scholarly talks, and nearly 50 commencement ceremonies.

In 1964 he retired from the presidency and assumed the office of Chancellor.  On the morning of September 22, 1967 Dr. Edman collapsed and died while delivering a chapel sermon on the topic "In the presence of the King."