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Warren F. Day

Warren F. Day, from Mission Point, Illinois, began his studies at Beloit College and graduated from Wheaton College in 1863 with a bachelor's degree and in 1866 with a master's. He was ordained on May 2, 1866 and served as a Congregational pastor in Bloomingdale and Newark, Illinois, Union City, Galesburg and East Saginaw, Michigan and then Ottawa, Illinois from 1883 to 1894.  Afterward he moved to Los Angeles where he pastored until 1913. At the time this was the fourth largest church in the Congregational fold. While in Michigan he served on the Board of Visitors for Olivet College. He received his theological training at Chicago Theological Seminary, graduating in 1866. The same seminary granted him a Doctor of Divinity in 1895. He was vice-president of the Illinois Home Missionary Society and a trustee of Pomona College for nearly twenty years. On October 4, 1865 he married Rachel C. Beith.