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Thomas Bade

Thomas A. Bade was a speech major at Wheaton College (class of 1952).  After graduation he worked for Young Life for 18 years, initially in the Chicago suburbs while a Wheaton College student and then out West on staff. Tom was hired by founder Jim Rayburn first in Colorado Springs and later as Southern California Regional Director until leaving in 1966. Tom had been mentored by his own Young Life regional director in his hometown of Park Ridge, IL. (Rev.) Bob Mitchell '49, former president of Young Life brought Bade out to Colorado's Star Ranch during his college summers as part of the entertainment team. Bade married Jane Meyer '54 following his graduation, whom he'd known from Maine Township High School and who also attended Wheaton for two years. Together they had four daughters: Carol, Fasha, Amy, and Donna. After moving to Los Angeles, Tom began earning a PhD in Fuller Seminary's Graduate School of Clinical Psychology. Before beginning his second career, Bade worked for a year doing speaking engagements at metro LA school assemblies, women's groups, civic clubs as an expert on teenage behavior and culture. He then went on to a lengthy private practice as a consulting psychologist for the State of California in its prison system. Thomas Bade died July 5, 2007 in Pacific Palisades, CA just short of age 77.