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Louis Allen Higley

Dr. Louis Allen Higley, 84, former head of the Chemistry Department at Wheaton College, died at his home in Bridgeport, CT. He was survived by his wife, Charlotte, two sons, Leonard and Daniel, Academy 1941, and two daughters, Florence and Evelyn Higley Cleveland, 1927. Dr. Higley was born in Wilmot, OH, and attended Ohio Northern University. He earned his BS and Ph.D degrees at the University of Chicago in chemistry and geology. In 1924 he was invited to Wheaton College by President Charles Blanchard, teaching chemistry and serving as dean of men until 1932 when he was named head of the chemistry-geology department. In 1934 Dr. Higley, with the help of the late Prof. John W. Leedy, established the Wheaton College Black Hills expedition to South Dakota, Wheaton's "western campus." Here the new fully-equipped science laboratory is named "Higley Laboratory." Dr. Higley left Wheaton in 1939 to head the chemistry department at The King's College, Newcastle, DE, and retired in 1947.