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Helen Louise Safford

Miss Helen Louise Safford of Antioch, IL graduated from Wheaton College in 1912 with an A.B. degree in General Science.  She was born on December 3, 1890, at Rock Falls, Whiteside County, Illinois to Albert Walter (A.W.) Safford and Martha Eliza Foote.  Her two older siblings were George Chester and Clara Mildred.  Helen graduated from the Rochester Academy prepatory school in Rochester, WI in 1908. Her father, A.W. Safford, was the pastor of the Millburn Congregational Church from 1905-1919, founded by Blanchard associate Flavel Bascom in 1841.  She died on November 23, 1976 in La Grange Park, IL.  She was survived by her nephew, Donald S. Wheaton and older sister Clara, who married Ralph Lowrie Wheaton, son of F.E. Wheaton and founder of F.E. Wheaton & Company.