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Edgar B. Wills

Edgar B. Wills, 1906, died peacefully in his sleep on May 8, 1955, at his home in Siloam Springs, AK. The Alumni office enjoyed several recent letters from Mr. Wills, one of which was an interesting account of how he happened to come to Wheaton (wrote and delivered the best oration at the Union County Fair in Mendota, IL, and won two-year tuition prize) and of his deep appreciation for what he and others gained at the College. After years of successful farming during which time he showed his progressive spirit by being the first farmer to use a gasoline engine in his well, first to use commercial fertilizer on peaty swamp soil, first to put in a telephone line, first out-of-town farmer to own a car, he retired to live in Siloam Springs. He was the father of Irvin A. Wills, 1927.