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Arthur Johnson

Arthur Johnson graduated from Wheaton College in 1949 as a philosophy major. He enrolled in 1942 and was drafted before the end of his freshmen year. Johnson returned to campus in the fall of 1946. During his time at Wheaton he served two years on the Student Council and played football. During his years at Wheaton Graduate School he met and married Muriel Thompson, a nurse. Together they had five children, Beverly, Stephen, Carole, Thomas, and James. He obtained his PhD in 1969 from University of Strasburg, France. Arthur Johnson is known for emphasizing evangelism; his published works are “The Battle for World Evangelism” and “World Evangelism and the Word of God.” He was an avid church planter, involved in many churches and served on the board of Billy Graham Evangelism Association since 1983. Johnson founded the Tyndale Seminary in Holland in 1985 and served as president for 15 years. As pertains to Wheaton College he served on Alumni Board of Directors, was president of the Alumni Association and served on the Board of Trustees. Arthur Johnson died on February 25, 2009 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.